Predictions on 9-7-15

Ironically almost all of these predictions are expected at a later date. Sorry for all the posts today, very busy day.

I had a visual of the US flag being stretched out and blanketed.

I had a visual of a tank rolling down a field then one of its wheel broke. It sat in the mud.

A horrible surge is coming in October, Hurricanes, storms, floods, all run rampant.

Through invention and innovation a change is coming. In this decade and the next, a new, better, type of toilet arrives, the system and structure below changes with it.

Eric’s Comments: The US flag could represent the passing of a leader, or it could go another direction and represent a rescue or help by the US. It came across as a reminder, perhaps a previous prediction is about to happen.
The tank could be a literal message, however it is more likely it is symbolic to a war or battle that is stuck, stalemate.
Yes a toilet invention is coming. One could make the comparison of a microwave to the oven, a record player to an I-pod, and this toilet to the invention coming.

In other news:

Last night I had a visual of the number 787

It has come to my attention that some of these numbers Spirit presents have no ties to the actual prediction but instead are codes. If you look at Notes on 3-11-14 that talks about the Pope glowing while holding his Moses like staff, the number 787 is presented. It is my belief these odd numbers are codes, messages that are their to remind me at a later date that ‘this’ prediction is about to happen.

Thank you everyone for sharing the page ‘most accurate predictions’ it was an impressive push! If you haven’t done it yet please share ‘most accurate predictions’ page. By making people aware of Spirits accuracy their is a much better chance of individuals heeding our warning in the next major tragedy predicted. The Spirits have an eye for October and November. They want to accomplish our goal of change through awareness by the end of the year, even if its in a very small way. But to do that I need your help.


117 thoughts on “Predictions on 9-7-15”

  1. hey eric is this hurricane or water damage, the florida one, or the one to hit nj, ny, ? on a higher note, does the council, work with higher realm, like the angels realms? there is much different energies, forming, changing, will this help people, or rush the bad people, to do very bad things? always always, thank you for all you do and the group!

    1. I’ve looked up on internet. Boeing 787 Dreamliners is nearly new. It’s designed by the electrical system thru the battery which is most common problems. :/

      1. Well, you did mention before of the passing of”c”, who will be remembered for his humanitarian work. Now with Jimmy Carter announcing his cancer struggle (brain, I think) maybe this is about his passing?

      2. Sounds like the flag stretched and laying it down as a blanket on the coffin. I truly hope not. It will be like a “repeating” history of Abraham Lincoln. 😦 it will be hard to cope with grief.

        1. I don’t think so, I will be honest the impression was a poke or reminder of an existing prediction. Carter? Their predicted rescue? The passing of the political woman? All existing predictions.

      3. I have great respect for Jimmy Carter. He’s one of my favorites. May God be with him and his family for healing time.

  2. Actually eric thank you for sharing your wonderful gift im grateful that you take the time and effort for it and hopefully like your prediction said comes true where it spreads like a wildfire keep up the hard work.

  3. Eric if no one else is going to say it i will….i cant wait…is about time ..i have raved to my family about this for years though i didnt know what kind it would be…A new toilet..seriously its got to be a great change to enviornment issues …its a new loo…i have no idea why the old ones have bugged me so much but they have …this is ridiculous how excited i am..oh dear…so there you have it the secret is out Rhona’s a crap head…

    1. Rhona, Thanks for being so sincerely silly. I am laughing so hard! You made my night. Think I am getting excited now too about this new loo. Blessings 🙂

      1. I’m not so sure what the new loo is like. Will it vacuum like the example of the airplane’s toilet? Any idea how it will operate? Where it will go?

        1. The impression was it opens a clear available option for nations and people with very limited access, like India, Africa, etc. Unlike us here where we are spoiled with 1,2,3 toilets they will be happy to have anything in walking distance.

      2. Jules 104 your welcome ..good to have a laugh..joking aside im sure spirit had a special reason for mentioning it….though this decade or next is a long wait…wish they could fast track it…blessings always…

        1. Was thinking along the same lines Rhona. Spirit has a reason for mentioning this. Either way I hope it is environmentally sound. Perhaps a way that it instantly turns into a bio fuel for your home and/or other energy needs. Should be interesting…

          1. The impression was more about a system and option for countries that don’t have easy access to toilets, places where the houses don’t really have them. We will have to wait and see.

            1. Sorry Eric it hadn’t even entered my mind to think of the countries and people who have no public sanitation system available to them. When I think of it now I can only imagine what a blessing something like a toilet would mean to them. We who have so much tend to forget about what little others have. Thank You for reminding me. Blessings Always.

      3. Hi Harvey no none of us know what it looks like …well i dont think we do…ive gone off the idea if its anything to do with vacuums…

        On a more serious note i have been wondering if 787 is for spirits use and we may never know the answer was pointed out by Jules 104 “there is a pattern in memory” any thoughts on this ..

    2. Its actually a big deal for those countries that really don’t have a system in place like parts of India or Africa. I understand the prediction is bizarre and of no concern to the western world where we have everything available to us.

      1. I meant thanks Eric for consideration for others that don’t have as what we have. We are spoiled and forget to be grateful.

      2. Eric i dont find the prediction bazzare at all my first thoughts and joy are genuine and i too have wanted this kind of system to develop for these countries since i was a teenager …it can bring an enormous shift in the way of life for these countries…i for one am looking forward to it as answer to prayer …blessings and thank you….

  4. Eric could these numbers be related to the post on 3-24-15, when you asked Spirit , “Spirit can you explain these odd number riddles? “There is a pattern in memory.” — Spirit responded

  5. On 3-11-14, the post had, “The volcano will erupt soon ..787”. Could this be a reminder about the volcano erupting, or were those numbers meant for the Pope?

      1. Jules 104 contrary to my thoughts i mentioned to harvey ,it does link the volcano blowing and the popes.message inthe form of a time mark….maybe Cotoplaxi or sukurajima maybe a surprise eruption from another volcano…i think your an track

        1. Hi Rhona, I know right? I can’t help but feel there is a “pattern in memory”, like the Spirits said. Maybe like when we see these numbers this will occur again someplace? Or, this type of history will repeat itself? Or like you said a, “time mark”, brilliant idea. Someone out there has the answer I just know it. We need a Mathematician or Binary Code type of person. Or maybe just a regular old blogger/fan of Eric’s Website who is paying attention and good at this sort of thing. Prayers and Blessings Your Way

      1. Hi Harvey. I don’t know. I get the feeling the numbers are just that, numbers, but with a code in the making, what’s gone before, so that we will know what the Spirits are trying to tell us. Like, when you remember certain older predictions/posts that are connected with the more recent ones. Somehow it will be easier to connect all the dots. Or what Rhona said, a time marker. The timing is one of the things we can’t seem to get an exact on. But who knows maybe it has to do with the Boeing 787. I certainly hope it’s not a volcano taking one out. That would be horrible.

      1. I don’t think so, I believe they would let me know that. They do have a tendency to really inform me of things happening in my own back yard, even some of the trivial stuff like who the next mayor or governor would be.

    1. Nope … nothing to do with the park. They simply picked a name to reflect the project and that name was Yellowstone. Now, there is a Yellowstone Trail in Washington State and perhaps they are doing like some companies and naming projects, etc. after rivers or what ever but nothing in the Boeing documents indicate the YNP. However, the name could reflect the nature of the Yellowstone Trial being a path or new route and that is what Boeing is doing with their new designs.

    1. Finally, Star48! You are BACK!! I was a little worried about you as others mentioned of you. Hope all is well with you!

  6. 787 how about this interpretation? from the glossary, 7 by itself equals a date or time frame. 8 is the time frame plus 1. (one year?). 7 is the event, counted from the anniversary of the prediction in months? Are there any other number sequences in the predictions 7-8- fill in the final number?

    1. Yes I thought it was a date too. But they presented it last Sunday in big bold numbers. I thought to myself; August (8) is already over? Why are their 2 sevens? Then I heard about the Pope talking about the refugees of Syria and immediately remembered the prediction where the pope had a staff with white fire only to see that number again 787. This actually happened once before, but at that time thought it was just a coincidence.

  7. Star 48 thank you for the article ….an eye opener ..Air stikes will be taking place on Syria on the weekend ….when we read articles such as these it can be discouraging to say the least…move a rock that has not been moved for along time and all kinds if nasties crawl out from under it exposed to to the light they scatter and panic …it seems the more uncovered the more there are …love light and prayers i offer to all involved and who are and wil be personelly affected by this onging battle..which is all of us we are in this together the whole planet …blessings ti you and yours…

  8. Hi Eric everyone im having a go qt 787 with alot of reservation but here goes

    rep a year ………. rep a year
    7 8 7
    Date time Date time
    One year on one year on
    Pope/volcani Pope/Vol
    eight months
    takes us to approx November 2015 seeing as 3-11-14 was march and the idea of history repeating itself so to speak …elaborate i know but just trying…


    1. Sorry it didnt turn out in layout i typed hope it is not too hard to hard to follow..blessings and stay safe everyone

      1. Hi Rhona. I’m not quite understanding your meaning. Can you explain in more detail? Sorry I should probably be getting/seeing it but… :/

    2. August too, the good news is its a dying process. Now that we are switching to ‘now ‘ predictions they will show the gap of time from when they predict the event and when it happens. Timeframes was the biggest reason for shifting to ‘now’ predictions.

  9. Thanks rhona, that was my general line of thought. I was thinking taking the second 7 as literal months making it October 2015. Eric indicated he saw the numbers bold which might be a psychic “louder”, this is important.

  10. Jules 104 hi …well here we go….
    The predictiin on 3-11-14 mentioned…The Pope and Volcano and 787 ….
    7 representing one year
    8 in the middle represents months
    7 one year latter
    so you add 8months to the 3 in the original 3-11-14 ie March + 8 ( 3+8) = 11 November .one year on in November 2015 the predictions are basicly a similar theme.. Both

    1. About the Pope and Volcano …if spirit mentions 757 it refers to a prediction about Israel…and check the i. Think 6-3-14 if you add 6+5 Nivember 2015 a year on…and Israel is talking big guns ti Syria again and they are worried about Russian infuence…i hope i expkained that more clearly Jules 104 but as Eric said its all changing now anyways…

      1. Rhona , hi. Just a note.
        The Jewish year date is 5775 which is ending , and the new year is 5776,
        Could it add to the discussion?

  11. I am not affiliated with any organised religion, but when I read that the number had been tied to the Pope, I had a quick look at the Catholic catechisms – number 787 states that Jesus ‘revealed the secrets of the Kingdom’ to his disciples – ‘I am the vine, you are the branches’. Probably no connection, but I thought it might be an interesting addition to the discussion. I found them here if you want to read it in more detail

  12. Star 48 hi….it most assuredly ciuld add to the conversation…numbers! Oh ! I have studied numbers a reasonable amount in past years just scooping the me its more a feel a vibration that resonates with so many other variables, ei , belief systems..astrology number ..birth number vibe and this can be applied personelly and fir countries …it is facinating ..having said that for interest i have added a link ine of coarse of many of the year 7556… Isreal in common numerology has just finishing or transitioning from a 5 (change) 7 (divinity..compassion) thats in brief…when you add the numbers to single digits in 7556 and so forth you have to take into acount the overall vibe of each number and their coupled up vibe for a more complexed view..also the collective consciousness of the present and past mind sets of those involved….here is the link ..sorry for such a long incomplete reply i actually am not fond of numbers…

    1. Rhona, FYI
      Jewish new year is Rosh Hashanah 2015 begins in the evening of
      Sunday, September 13
      and ends in the evening of
      Tuesday, September 15

      Then the Jewish year will 5776

      The Jewish year starts on Rosh Hashanah, “the Head of the Year,” the day when Adam and Eve were created. The number of any given year (at the time of the writing of this article, the year is 5775 (2014-2015. )), is the amount of years which have elapsed since creation.

      Interesting that 9/11 is close to the 13 th? Food for thought..

    2. Rhona , just got a chance to read your comment and article you posted
      Lots to chew on.,.. Let me reflect on material will get back to you…
      By the way blessings…

      1. Star48, many thanks for the beautiful prayer of “the Warriors Prayer”. It’s real and say it with all your heart and soul. We are here for a reason and be delighted to serve our Creator. We are facing the crisis at this time and it’s getting worst but time and trails will soon fade in two decades.

        Travis, I smiled when you asked Star48 and Rhome if they talk to the spirit. Every soul has an angel or spirit was watching over. It’s their duties to protect and guide them. Travis, your spirit can hear and see you but you can’t. It’s like you are looking at yourself in the mirror an d they see you from behind the mirror. You look right at your face, the spirit or angel is looking at you as imagine from behind the mirror.

        The prayer is a very powerful tool. It makes the Spirits stronger to help you to their very best. They have been there since you were born till to the end. Their duties will be relief when the souls passed on.

        I’m continue to be amazed every time my car broke down, out of gas or had flat tire. Just a couple of times, my rescues arrived. I realized that it’s the promise that I’ll be protected. I can’t see my angel but I know he or she is always there to protect me. They’d appreciate to hear your saying “Thanks” for their services to you once in awhile. 😉

        Shalom to you and be not afraid for Jesus is always with you.

      2. I am a very firm believer about us all having a spirit guide im just very desperate to meet mine cause im going through a very hard time right now with all the fear

        1. Travis,
          it sounds as if you recognize you need to quiet your mind.. Have you tried meditation?
          See if can create your affirmations that can encompass a goal.. Of letting your fear go, also another to keep you positive!

      3. Yeah i try meditation and haven’t been successful yet but im gonna keep trying cuase im at the point like im paranoid and frightened and im also stuck at this very bad place where i am afraid of death but in way to much distruat of pain and suffering with each waking hour. I know theres lot of good people in the world but i also know theres super amount of evil i try to get my mind away from all the events that get published as well as all the youtube videos and articles people have bout this stuff but my mind fights me to believe it which keeps the fear in me also whats this about jubilee and all this bout end of jewish year or something can anyone shed some light on those

      4. Travis, have you ever been to a charismatic church that filled by the power of the Holy Spirit? I wish I could help you which one to go to in your area without any strange belief unlike the “snakes faith” which is unnecessary.

        I pray that you will be filled by the Holy Spirit like the waterfalls that pour above you. You will experience everything like you never experience before. It’s anointed and humbled. Do not be afraid and open your heart and mind to invite the Holy Spirit enter your life. Say like “I am ready. I am here for you. Please come into my life with open heart and mind. Say anything from your heart.” Say it in a very quiet place without distractions. You will sense and feel the presence of the Holy Spirit as your guidance and loyal friend. Everyone experienced in many different ways. Some may feel tingling. Some may feel warmth. Some may feel electrical in gentle ways. If you are not sure what’s going on…don’t stop…keep saying thanks and praise for welcoming the Holy Spirit into your life. You desire to have a relationship with the Holy Spirit.

        I hope it helps to start yourself by meditate. It may take instant, 5 mins, 15, 30 mins or to an hour. It depends on your desire and open your heart and mind to the Creator and Holy Spirit.

        I don’t want to make it sound like a lecture. I just know it from my personal experiences. I hope you find a place or church that believes in spiritual thing you can and will feel the power of presence in your life to remove all your ” fears” and satisfied with the Spirit guides.

        Blessings to you!

      5. Thanks harvey for the suggestion i really appreciate it and by no means i take it as a lecture lot of times lately i find myself praying even though im not good at it but say things from heart i just want whats best for the world and mankind

    3. Rhona, this article is very important …( my opinion)

      I think you found an opinion that has merit.
      The Jubilee, blood moon( 400 yrs), and the time of the Jewish rebalancing…
      In my opinion is an interesting thread between 1967-1914-this coming year 5776 …
      Which leads to the thought of a profound event., I am taking a big breath, and letting it out.
      I can only keep a positive position that spirit has put forward…and to keep my armor clean and bright..

      I was reminded about a prayer a friend sent me …I would like to share with you.
      It is ONE version…of a positive prayer… Certainly not the only ONE.

      *The Warrior’s Prayer*
      Heavenly Father,
      Your Warrior prepares for battle.
      Today I claim victory over Evil by putting on
      The whole Armour of God!
      I put on the Girdle of Truth!
      May I stand firm in the truth of Your Word
      So I will not be a victim of Evil’s lies.
      I put on the Breastplate of Righteousness!
      May it guard my heart from evil
      So I will remain pure and holy,
      Protected under the blood of Jesus Christ.
      I put on the Shoes of Peace!
      May I stand firm in the Good News of the Gospel
      So Your peace will shine through me
      And be a light to all I encounter.
      I take the Shield of Faith!
      May I be ready for Evil’s fiery darts of
      Doubt, denial and deceit
      So I will not be vulnerable to spiritual defeat.
      I put on the Helmet of Salvation!
      May I keep my mind focused on You
      So Evil will not have a stronghold on my Thoughts.
      I take the Sword of the Spirit!
      May the two-edged sword of Your Word
      Be ready in my hands
      So I can expose the tempting words of Evil.
      By faith your warrior has put on
      The whole Armour of God!
      I am prepared to live this day in spiritual victory!

      1. Star 48 exactly keep the pisitive veiw spirit has put forward..we can do no less …i thank you with syncronicity at presenting this poem …i asked and recieved ….you delivered the message ….yes the article is a direct response from guidence from the fellas ( my guides) they keep saying yes there is going to be a great hullabaloo un the middle east …..but keep affirming Isreal is changing to keep the energy andturn the light up…no pre empting what the light will do put no conditions in it ..just give it freely very brightly…keep the faith .. What are your thoughts star blessings

        1. Rhona,
          light has no shadow., (I actually have a picture of a lighted candle not far from a wall..)
          and you know The Lord IS light.
          I am with you in spirit…blessings

        1. Travis, I talk to them…all the time.

          They do not answer, as a conversation. Sometimes it is a word or phrase.

          Usually they send me “signs” to confirm I am following my inquiry.
          Or direct me to the information I request..

          I have at certain times in my life requested that they also give me information or messages when I am asleep,- dream or vision

          I have been more than fortunate to actually have had them appear. The last time in front of 8 other people..

          So spirit has been very influential throughout my life. And I am a true believer …as I have seen the positive and ” good” results over a long period of time. That is why I was drawn to Eric , as I desire to assist him and spirit in anyway I am able….
          I hope that answers your question about me, if not please let me know.

      2. Very cool star ever since i found this site i been trying to get in touch with my spirit guide as well but not sure how to go about it successfully cause my anxieties and depression its really hard for me but im trying desperately to see if any hope for me cause im very broken down and scared

        1. Travis,
          that is the time they are closest to you.. Try to remember that you are being watched over..
          Try just before you go to sleep say a prayer out loud, and than ask for guidance in your dreams.
          Keep doing that for a week..

          Write an affirmation —specific to you — say it 10 times out loud. Everyday for a month
          Here are some examples..
          “I call above to my angels for complete protection”
          “Today I accept Great Miracles”
          This will help …blessings to you…wishing you serenity…

        1. Travis, my dreams and visions are unique to me. They are if you will, coded for me..symbols or visuals that are specific to my understanding.
          So I have to say …communication from spirit to me — is formed so that I understand.
          E.g. Family events, personal events or messages, events that are going to effect me that are wide reaching..
          A message to be aware of changes coming..that will affect all above.

          Eric, is unique…more robust — I cannot control the frequency, the content,or direct request for specific information for others…plus other gifts that are his —given to him
          For the benefit of the world….

          So Eric, is a Master Guide…His spirit guides are helping the world, and The Lord

          We need to support their endeavor.. I know others on this site feel the same..
          Blessings to you and yours….my thoughts are with you.

            1. Eric, spirit says it will happen.
     will…the community you are gathering under your shield, will save many….I have no doubt.
              I am your service… more of your warrior clan….

      3. Great Warrior’s Prayer. Thanks Star48. It is my hope that we All, “put on the shoes of Peace and be a light to All we encounter”… no matter which religion or beliefs embraced. Blessings Everyone

      1. Hi twiceblessed. I hope they catch this person/persons before anyone gets killed. It makes me wonder whether this is related to the recent shootings that happened up here in June in the Loveland, CO area, resulting in 2 of 3 deaths. Previously to that there were car windows being shattered by what they only described as projectiles here in the West Denver area. It all sounds very familiar now since it is happening in the Phoenix area. Here is a link for the Colorado shootings.

  13. Travis blessings…everything Star 48 said reflects my own journey…and Harvey mentioned what i call (the flat tyre syndrome) when things go wrong and your pushing to do what you want and your blocked all the way to latter find out beyond doubt you were being being watched over…Harvey brought up useful tried and tru methods….Affirmation is a huge tool ti use as Star stated..” I am well fit and healthy …”Make your own up just keep saying it…I believe first hand experience certain foods are amazing for stress release…Almonds…Turkey…Salmon..Avocado…Bluberries mixed in yoghur…..b vitamins work …as does Passion Flower not your doctor but check with them first….i just have seen these things work of you eat or take.them regularly..turn away from utube give it up
    finally you are not alone though you feel very alone…one final tip you may never see your guides many of us dont but throygh my experiences they are there and joy and laughter lifts the veil ..we bij it with depression and wory and fear…i do i laugh and find joy you ask…feed your body properly ..sleep..drunk water and know you make a difference being here your not even aware of or just dont see….try the nutrition first ..and the rest will become easier..only you can do this for you its hard but i wish you success you want his for you …you are asking and are aware of what you want now do it….

    1. Thanks for sharing, Rhona! I learned something new from you today. The flat tire syndrome. Never thought of that.

      Blessings to you!

      1. Harvey we all must have a wealth of experience and amazing stories how guides and spirit has helped us out….your journey must be full.of inspiring happenings……blessings to you and yours…

  14. Eric i hope im not overstepping my boundaries here!.Tthis message is for Travis.
    Travis i asked Archangel Michael on behalf for you about your anxieties, fear and depression he said youwill see a sign from him today in the form af a Monkey! Know that all will be ok!!! Do not go on computer or tv….do not look for this as it will come when you least expect it..God Bless!

      1. I havent come across a sign of a monkey yet 😦 but im hoping and praying that i can meet my spirit guides in my dreams and be at peace with myself blessings to you guys

    1. KikimoniqueE and Travis, (I hope you get this message Travis). Yesterday I held back on commenting over your apparent distress, for I saw that you had many other’s on the site who were giving you excellent advice and much needed Spiritual uplifting. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that I was thinking of you during the day and praying for you. I have in the past prayed to the Archangel Michael, and so can only wonder if this message was to be confirmed/relayed through myself to You. I won’t even try to pretend I understand how all of this works, but after reading KikimoniqueE’s message for you, l later began to see monkeys everywhere. I took out some books for my one year old grand-daughter which I haven’t taken out in a while due to her eating them, and immediately saw that she had turned to a page which had only a monkey on it. Then received two emails which included people speaking about monkies. All of which seemed very strange. I could only laugh at that point. I wanted to wait and see if you had received a sign yourself but now seeing that you haven’t, (maybe not directly anyway)…I wanted to share this with you. I sincerely believe this is to be passed onto you for confirmation. Perhaps so that others can see that it actually happened? I know God works in mysterious ways. Blessings Always

      1. Thank you jules that is amazing your the one that seen monkies that is very cool i do believe god works in mysterious ways thanks for being concerned thats how we all should be for each other cause i believe were all family in this so called life im not gonna stop believing as i hope i will get confirmation blessings to you to

      2. Jules104…YES..YES..YES..I BELIEVE you are right as Travis values and raspects your opinion and doesn’t not know me from Adam!…Travis when reading Jules104 response and your Body got CHILLS!!!!!……. just know everything will OK!……Beautiful Day 😉

    1. That would be wondeful news for the planet and everyone on it Star48. Thanks for sharing that article. Very interesting. Blessings and hope all is well for you.

    2. Star 48 thank you for the article so much to look forward to…so many inovative people working on inventions to bring change to this planet …this one ia amazing will be watching the development closely….blessings

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