Predictions on 8-31-15

Australia: I had a visual of jets, then ships, then generals. The generals or military leaders discussed options, made plans, an option to securing its sovereignty.

They mentioned the Canadian Navy but I need to get the details.

I had a visual of a college age group of people taking drugs. Then it became twisted, women where being held against their will, violated, and kept there. The youthful individuals acted like wild animals. They pointed to the U.S. and added what I believe to be the mid west.

The ‘devil’ will come out of no where, on a war path, snuck around, later he will kill thousands and blame it on the necessities of war.

I had a visual of an area burnt down, as if a bomb of some kind destroyed it.
Explosion military men
Philippines 56

Alex will pass.

In January CERN will have a massive discovery.

I had a visual of a big tree being examined. In the past a tree represents life, but in this case it has something to do with CERNs work. They also implied it was silly to believe that scientist could destroy the world, which is being talked about over the web.

In other news: These predictions are expected in about a months time. We discussed the ‘now’ or ‘next’ predictions and how it would be difficult to produce in such a short amount of time but slowly we will move away from predicting events at a distance. They will focus on predictions happening ‘next’ and once we nail it down, then we will refocus on predicting timeframes.

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  1. Anne Amato Avatar

    With regard to CERN…(Acronym is French) and it originally meant “European Organization for Nuclear Research”. It is not just European, however….there are currently about 32 world nations involved in CERN.
    The word “nuclear” was used because initial experiments focused on the structure of the atom….but has now progressed far beyond that….studies are focusing on the relationship between matter, anti-matter, (dark matter), the newly discovered 5-quark particle….much more….
    It is the scientist’s hope that they can discover what holds the universe together (thus…the reference in the media to terms such as the “God particle”).

    This research has spawned much speculation (aka…”conspiracy theories” for lack of better description) on the internet trying to play on fears…..religious symbolism, “end times”, the CERN logo design, the ancient location, the ancient gods…etc).
    The particle physicists hope to discover “a new energy frontier” through this research.

    As far as the “tree”….at the World Summit on Information Technology, (CERN is the birthplace of the “web”)….the “science stand” displayed by CERN was in the form of a “tree” with a single server trunk and basically four branches with many computer screens attached (like leaves)which showed
    the achievements of CERN research in many areas.

    Perhaps they will discover a new “energy frontier” in coming experiments…and thus be able to add a “new branch” to their scientific “tree”.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar
      1. Anne Amato Avatar

        No problem….have been reading about CERN for a long time. The concept of a new energy frontier is especially interesting to me as I have always loved science fiction. It would be neat if they could discover a method to use a new type of energy to enable (for example) much faster probe exploration of space….and perhaps real-time communication…instead of waiting years for current technology to return info to us. The other changes in the world from a discovery like this could also be enormous. The collider experiments are not without risk…but then all scientific experiments….all the unknown….carry an element of risk.

  2. Anne Amato Avatar

    Additionally to CERN….it is said that “science fiction of yesterday becomes science fact of today” and this has oroved true in many areas.
    So…science fiction…travel in the Star Trek style of “warp speed” (beyond the speed of light)…it is currently said that this is impossible because the speed would destroy the object and the travelers.
    Scientific speculation, however, suggests and hopes that perhaps with adequate research and knowledge that this could become possible sometime in the future.

  3. travis Avatar

    Friends i have couple things to ask for one if this devil comes out of nowhere wouldnt god have to come to face it also im very sick lately and cant sleep or eat and in a constant state of fear because of all said rumors like jade helm is a implementation of martial law un having foriegn soildiers on our soil to get us economy crashing fears of so called elite wanting the one world government and list goes on im sure you all have heard of them could anyone shed some light on how they feel what they think please.

    1. Jack Avatar

      Travis, you might need some anti-anxiety assistance. The devil isn’t coming and all of these rumors are just crap that are posted by people with wild imaginations and too little time on their hands, all designed to frighten people and get hits on their Youtube channels.

      Let the elite want what they want and fuck them and for God’s sake don’t be frightened of them. There are far more of us and most people are armed to the teeth with absolutely no intention of being disarmed, voluntarily or otherwise.

      Living each day takes a bit of forethought and patience and, in a way, it is kinda like sitting down to eat an elephant. You can actually do it but you have to eat it one bite at a time and you chew your food. Don’t get in a rush or worry.

      Take it easy, get a little help for your fears or anxieties and if you trust God, as you should, then relax. No entity or government, etc., is after you any more than it’s after any one else so don’t consider yourself so important or as a target.

      It’s usually said of worry that 99% of the things you worry about don’t happen and it’s the same in the case of all the rumors that you fear. Take a deep breath, relax and go do something you enjoy.

      1. Rosemary Avatar

        Well said Jack!

    2. A Avatar

      Take a deep breath. Life is great and wonderful. So many good positive things going in the world. My suggestion…focus on the beauty around you. Take a walk in a park and focus on what you see…ducks, dogs, people jogging, trees, leaves, flowers….focus on the good. Everything is temporary….which means your fear will pass. Don’t give that fear power…give the good in the world power by focusing on it and then watch the good multiply and grow.

    3. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      The ‘devil’ is his nickname, and is used in another prediction, he is not in any way the actual devil nor is he here to destroy the world, it will be more likely connected to a nickname. Spirit has compared him to Al Assad, Gaddafi.

      1. Harvey Avatar

        Really, that the devil’s nickname. I didn’t know that. I thought it’s also a name for satan. That’s interesting.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          You would have to look at the previous prediction to understand. Notes on 2-24-15, I should have linked it.

    4. Caseyatthebat Avatar

      Travis, the best thing to do for peace of mind, is to disconnect from the Internet, TV news ( cable & local).
      Focus on those things that make you happy, take a trip to the beach if you can (or a lake, river, whatever).
      And just pray. definitely pray and ask God’s help to put everything in prespective. Good Luck and God Bless 😊

    5. Harvey Avatar

      Travis, I was like you for a little while then I realized I worried for nothing. It’s played trick in my mind that feeds the “fears”. Really, it’s all in the head so just focus positive like do the garden, take for a walk and find something you enjoy as a hobby to eliminate the negative thoughts. Don’t waste your energy on fears. It consumed your joy and happiness. Hope it helps.

      1. travis Avatar

        Like i said thanks harvey i try to be rational about things but the fear sucks me in so i try to focus away from it and it comes and go

      2. Harvey Avatar

        Read the bible and meditate. The word of God gives you the power of peace and confident. The word of God abide with the Holy Spirit to boost your spirit confident. It works. You will be surprised when you do that. 🙂

  4. Manny Avatar

    “Alex will die”. I am assuming spirit means, Willem Alexander, King of Netherlands or someone this community knows.?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Or it could be someone connected to the explosion.

    2. Malin Avatar

      I was thinking of Sir Alex..the former fotball manager of ManU.

    3. anton2a Avatar

      It is a possibility, I remember that I read in the past by a Yearly prediction about the queen and the old queen Beatrix that they have a argue over the princesses, who is going to be a regent. I do not think it was by Eric. But I hope Alex does not die.

  5. travis Avatar

    Thanks guys i really try to be at peice in my life and i didnt mean to cause any anger or anything like that i just gullible and am led into believing things real easy im sorry for misinterpintation eric just when you said devil it really scared me lol i just want whats best for us all god bless you guys

    1. Anne Amato Avatar

      Travis, I do not think there is any anger involved…perhaps a strong concern for your well being though. I do understand what you mean about anxiety, however….and….the others are correct in saying that a lot of the so-called “news” is speculation, sensationalism, exaggeration, hype….fear-mongering…. to obtain the most readers. It has gotten so prolific that even the old Boolean type search on the internet brings up “conspiracy theory” type reports on some issues before any true or concrete information.
      Eric does an excellent job trying to keep us informed with advance information on incidents that perhaps we would never learn about (even after the fact) on the news media.
      So….agree…the internet and news (hype or real) can contribute to anxiety. We live in a big world and troubled times and the “instant” news and being constantly bombarded with it, can make all of us anxious. So…yes…diversion is the key….hobbies, being outdoors, charity or other work…all these can help. And if still anxious, please see a reputable physician as meds can help.

  6. Donna Avatar

    The best thing we can do is be the very best we can be; be kind to one another and be kind to the earth and animals. Leave a very small footprint, and be thankful for our gifts and our protectors and angels! Yeah, and the news can make you freak out, I agree. There is more good in life than evil. The evil gets more press!

  7. travis Avatar

    I wanna thank you guys your points are very valid and muchly appreciated im glad you guys are more grounded and understanding i take a medication for my anxiety but things do get the best of me one trait of mine that i try to keep in prospective is my kindness and i am very greatful for eric and his gifts means the world also i agree sure there is lot of good but you put it well how its reported to us fast and overwhelming im trying to get better thank you guys.

    1. Anne Amato Avatar

      Travis….I do understand where you are “coming from” because have had an anxiety disorder since I was a child (eons ago,… / 🙂 Most people mean well, but they do not understand that those of us with anxiety disorders cannot process “don’t worry”. For whatever reasons, some of us live with “free-floating” anxiety and it is probably a result of a trauma or maybe even how we were raised…if our parents were always anxious…then…we could be also.
      At any rate, I have learned over the last year that I cannot read much that passes for “news” anymore.
      Just think of this….if anyone should be anxious….it woukd be Eric. And…he will let us know about things. I try to stay away from a lot of the internet “news” and kind of depend upon Eric now if anything major is headed our way. I will let him do the worrying. ( :
      (Sorry, Eric…but it is true that you have helped me get this under control.)

      1. travis Avatar

        Thanks yeah id say my brig problem is youtube which did terrible things to me cause i dont have the mind capable to think things rational because it races and its like scattery cause the anxieties.

      2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        I am not worried. There are so many great people out there. So many people helping humanity through charity, righteousness, love, kindness, and compassion. We are all guests here and one of our goals before we leave is to help make this world better than what it was. Ask yourself have you done that? Because if you haven’t now is the best time to start. Remember there are so many great people and they aren’t going away.

  8. tonyabrooks306 Avatar

    A new explosion in China and a chemical plant was nearby.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I saw that, this really does sound like terrorism.

      1. tonyabrooks306 Avatar

        Three explosions can’t just be accidents. I do believe they are being sabotaged.

      2. Anne Amato Avatar

        This is another example of reports that are either not making the news in the USA…or are extremely limited in coverage (some of which may be due to China’s media policies). Originally found it on your site, Eric….so…thank you.
        There have been 3 explosions now…but understand the 3rd was in Gansu province at a fireworks plant. The other two (a hazardous chemical storage facility and then a chemical plant) are very worrisome. Especially in light of the massive amounts of toxic substances released into the air.

        At the original explosion (Tianjin, which is a key port city) the levels of cyanide are 356 times acceptable levels. At Shandong (a chemical plant) the blast resulted in release of hundreds of thousands of tons of a colorless, odorless toxic gas.

        The reports (especially the Shandong report) are rife with claims of “fake permits”, etc…but this may be government “cya” reaction. Am seriously wondering why (in the case of Tianjin) a “hazardous chemical storage area” would be located at a major seaport.

        Perhaps terrorism…but…have a feeling this may be something other that is related to internal Chinese issues.

  9. rhona Avatar

    Travis … sensitive and caring you are to worry so much…everyone has given solid advice and please remember to focus on the joy your loved ines bring…we are all in this together sharing fears and happiness…another acronym for fear…False
    meaning it is not real most of the time it all works out at the end of the day…blessings in abundance to you and yours..

  10. Jessica Avatar

    Just saw an interesting Facebook post about possible military activity in Australia.

    1. Popi Avatar

      Alex……Could be Alexis Tsipras?

    2. Anne Amato Avatar

      A few years ago, Australian government asked that an additional contingent of U.S. marines be stationed in Australia…and that has been done at their request.
      At the time, China expressed rage over the request, saying it was aimed at them.

      Australia is virtually the only other country (other than China and N. Korea) with significant deposits of rare earth elements and have recently opened about five mines. Some of these are rare earth minerals such as neodymium (which is used to make magnets that, if fully charged, are approximately 40 times more powerful than the same size ferrite magnets). These magnets are used in many applications….medical, auto, mining, and…yes…military.

      About 95% of the world supply of all magnets currently comes from China which has (since 2012) begun to severely restrict exports…and the costs have more than quadrupled.
      Concern for security of Australia and the new industry could be at the bottom of cooperation between Australia, the USA, and Canadian military forces.

      1. Jessica Avatar

        Hi Ann, I am in Australia and also work in the mining industry. I don’t know what you are referring to?? We have thousands of mines here that all mine minerals.

      2. anton2a Avatar

        Anne, My compliment, All what you write, I find it very interesting, I learn also from you, I know from Cern, but did not know from neodymium, so please go on, with your “lessons”, Thank you, very much. I do like it. I am also in Australia.

        Eric, also my compliment for all the “things” you do, it must be sometimes very tiring.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Thanks. I live a black and white life, I get to see such awesome splendor, and such terrifying horror.

  11. afistfullofsand Avatar

    looks like Canada and Australia are merging and going back to be peace keepers EH!

    1. Lou Avatar

      naaahhhh …. Canada will invade Australia and take their beer and women. 🙂

      1. Julia Avatar

        Canada has perfectly good beer and wonderful women!😊

      2. Micheal Avatar

        Ha-ha very good Lou.

        ‘Cause we are livin’ in a land down under
        Where women glow and men plunder
        Can’t you hear, can’t you hear the thunder?
        “You better run, you better take cover

  12. JMO312 Avatar

    Could this be the Alex in the prophecy?
    He is working to raise significant capital to warn everyone globally of the corruption by the cabal.

    Alex Jones Issues Big Announcement In The Infowar
    Check out this video on YouTube:

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I don’t think so.

  13. Lou Avatar

    Perhaps ‘Alex’ = Michael Fox?

  14. jules104 Avatar

    Eric is this prediction on the nicknamed “devil” also related to the 8-24-15 prediction about the black villain, pure evil, the chief then? Could the “he is the Chief”, be an actual police chief? And could this be related to what is happening in Thailand right now? They think it could be related to China also. Here is an article.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      That is the implication, but not entirely certain.

  15. anton2a Avatar

    I am also a little bit worried, because those “devils’ pop always up, when there is a part in the world, where the people are not happy, like in the past Hitler or other dictators and the time is very ripe, so that it can happen, to many people are on the run etc., to many people no work, to many people not happy with there situation.

  16. rhona Avatar

    Hi Jessica,Ann,and colleages…my husband has worked and still does in the west australian mining industry 40 years he always has his finger on the pulse and if there was a concern the area he would have mentioned it…our mining industry is very say he least…yes china has bought resources from us but our government and mining moguls Andrew Forrester and Gina Reinheart are two of the most passionate australian born citizens we have they adore the land and our country and any deals made would be well and truly hounourable to not only australia but the world …alsi our politicians keep close watch if what is occuring in the mining industry …i undestand your concerns but we are a progressive world concsious resposible compassionate country whose politians though may have oppositions work with one heart and adore our country…our home politics has its normal debates but all said and done we are very lucky in this continent compared to world standards….so dont worry about us im sure it will all be under the magnifying glass and visible…blessings

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