An Idea in Motion

In 1999, Macabe, the conductor, my teacher and confidant, came up with an idea:
When you get a personal reading, your interested in finding out what will happen in your relationships, money, job. Spirit on the other hand does readings with different motives, to warn you. It could be a trivial warning, or a life changing one. But their goal is to warn you of future tragedies, or warn you of what to avoid. Your reason for doing a reading is not theirs.
Macabe’s idea:
What if we can take the same ‘reading’ concept of warning people and serve the entire world? What if we can warn everyone of the tragedies on the horizon?  What if we can warn people of the next, earthquake, hurricane, massacre and even the next Hitler? Could we alter the outcome of events? Could lives be saved?
Would this grand idea change how seers use their gift of precognition in the future, use it more for the sake of serving humanity, add integrity and grace to the practice. Therefore changing the attitude of those on the receiving end.
Could we open people’s eyes to a Spiritual force that gives to the entire world without condition, not serving, black or white, Christian or Muslim, American or Chinese, but one race, one world, not a chosen few, but everyone. Could we open humanities eyes to a heaven  that is all welcoming, all encompassing, with open arms in their father’s home, their home. Remind the world that humanities purpose is the kind act of doing for others.
Could we bridge a gap between this Spiritual Realm and Humanity, pull back the curtain, and share the truth of the Spiritual Realm and all of its beauty.
Could we? Could we accomplish all of that under one banner that dictates we can alter the future through awareness.
Then we set out to do it. So understand it’s not about me,  or Macabe, or Spirit but this idea we all gathered around and believe its worth the fight.

So for the last 3 years we have been publishing our world predictions, and it has been riddled with flaws. But we are constantly adjusting, changing, like a musician tuning his guitar.
The process starts with the Scouts, these are Spirits that gather all the information and filter it. These Spirits are placed in different parts of the world, right now we cover about 80% of the world from one nation to another, region by region.  To give you an example we have recently placed 2 Scouts in Ireland, and 4 in China. The Scouts across the globe report back massive information. That information is discussed and filtered. We recently discussed Ireland, how Ireland would win championships, awards, how bankers would get away with their corrupt acts, and how Irish children would alter the outcome of climate change becoming the hero of tomorrow. (It’s a distant prediction in the making.)
Now keep in mind we are doing both current predictions and distant ones back to back. We have not published the distant ones at all so a lot of their work is not noticed or talked about here.
Once the Scouts share their information, then its given to the Watchers, from what I know these are ancient beings, that reside in the center of all, serve the creator directly. You could call them Angels, Deities, but for the sake of basic understanding the Spirits call them the Ancient Ones. They were the first created. Spirit has described it this way, if humanity are toddlers living in the vast empire of our creator, living on our small blue planet,  the ancient ones would be the grandfather and grandmother of that empire who hold the keys to the great massive galaxies and all the knowledge they have in it, they are old, ancient, wise and all knowing. Their job in our group here is to make the prediction by glaring into the future.  It’s from the heavens they can predict what is coming. Predicting the future requires two things, distance and space (gravity too). Without these two things you can’t predict the future.  Nothing allows for a better view of that, then the heavens.
The Watchers with their unique ability share what they have witnessed with the Auditors. There are four Auditiors, Spirits that talk directly to me, and really the only four I talk to. Even if another Spirit wants to talk to me it’s through them. They also edit, or funnel out information that is unnecessary, too cruel, or just mundane, thus their name. I know each one by name and consider all four very close friends.
Then there is me. Late at night I sit, with my hematite sphere in one hand, sometimes glaring into it, I close my eyes, stare into the black void of nothingness, thinking of absolutely nothing, remove all thought, suppress any feelings, and reach this point where time seems to stop, where all things are silent, and I feel so clear, so centered, then I hear this voice come down in a whisper that says “Are you ready Eric?”.. I answer.. Yes.
Then one of two things happen.
I hear a voice, it sounds muffled, like someone talking to you in a car driving by, starting low, then high, then low again. Or what you might hear in a radio without a good signal.  Sometimes, its hard to hear the voice. I listen intently because I know it will only be a second or two and then the connection is gone and I go back to meditating, it might be 2-4 hours before my next message.
I have a vision, or dream. I call it dream because it’s dream like, but I know it’s not a normal dream because it moves quickly, suddenly. I can also feel everything and have thoughts while I am having this dream. Here is an example:

“I had a vision I was standing on a beach, staring at the vast ocean, in the sky a massive rain cloud was coming in”

I can feel the sand, I can hear the whistling wind, I can smell the wet damp air, I can feel the warm breeze. I have thoughts racing through my head, where am I? Is this Florida? Am I in the future? I am in awe over how massive the storm looks. Then like that I am back sitting in my chair, and again start the process over again, having to wait another 2-4 hours for the next message.
Once I am exhausted or sometimes Spirit tells me their done, I go to sleep, and when I wake up, I post it, unedited.
This is Spirit, not one individual, but the entire group, surrounded by our one mission. This is our process we only have one missing piece.. you. Once we feel we are ready you will be invited to help us change that future, and then our process will become complete and the future of our world different.

Its time to share more. Share how the process works, the who, what happens behind the scenes, how it works, so every month expect to see a message however important or trivial about the Spirits I serve.

31 thoughts on “An Idea in Motion

  1. Ok…I see what you mean now about “visions” or “dreams”. We can have a lot of dreams….but vision dreams ARE very different. I have had several over the years….not very many….and some have been so true they are very disconcerting….one was a very, very nice one… ( :
    But I do not know where or who they are coming from.
    The thing is….had a very disturbing one a few months ago that I cannot get out of my mind….every detail is crystal clear….but…remain mystified by the meaning. All I know is that it is very disturbing and do not think it is specifically for me….but a warning of sorts.

    1. Look for the puns, look for the symbols. For instance I had a vision of slices of bread, then one fell to the ground. I know bread means money and most likely this is a message about my job, but the falling bread ended up being a pun of ‘drop it’. Another way of knowing its a message from Spirit is the understanding that its not your thought. When we let our mind go, its a constant flowing of information, like a stream of water with the same exact pace. Spirits message is more like a damn that opened up and water is crashing down.

      1. The thing is…I am an artist…have undersood relationships of colors and related to color …probably since birth …long before any other concept. And have a comparatively mild form of synesthesia…so…do not “see” numbers as colors…but “perceive” them as such. Learning math was terribly difficult for me as a child because if (for example) the number 2 is blue, then 2 plus 2.., or 2 x 2 ….well…they equal 2. Because blue is blue. I know. It is difficult to comprehend….and during the era when this was happening to me…synesthesia was relatively unknown…and was regarded as something that had to be hidden from others because they would think you were “strange” (to say the least). And…no patience with this at home…was met with anger because could not explain. But…if working with multiplication tables as a child…well…”9 x 8 = brown” did not “go over well” as an answer.

        All this stress led to a real physical issue at about age 14,mwhich I explained away publicly as a reaction to stress. point is…I learned to work around it…hide it…and have been hiding just about all of myself (except in my art work) all my life.

        I much admire your willingness to accept and share your special gift.

  2. I can sense people’s thoughts as they walk near me. I see some dreams talking about space or others. But I had all these visions after I had an organ transplant and 240 liters blood change from other people’s donations.

    1. Looks like Ireland Scotland is the place to be. Go back home. Born in scotland myself.

      1. Eric, in what way is Ireland projected to have an awesome future? My lineage is from there, and recently I feel drawn to visit Ireland.

        1. The overall picture of the country is something I would have to ask. But the children of Ireland will have a lot to say (and do) in fixing our planet, taking a different course, and that is a very very big deal.

    2. Wow that’s fascinating. Does it scare you or are you or are you happy to have a new gift?

      1. I am honored to serve them, I am in awe to serve them. I couldn’t have a cooler job. I always get emotional when I hear the drummer boy song during Christmas, because it reminds me of myself. A simple unimportant person who has been given the opportunity to play his drums for someone (in my case something) greater than he could ever imagine being. The flip side is being a witness to all the horror, especially when people do it to each other, watching it can make me feel very sad, helpless, and guilty. I know I am doing everything I can to help, it just doesn’t seem like enough.

      2. Another thing, I boast that I am like a Chris Columbus of Seers, this idea is new and unexplored, it begs the question, how much of the future can we really change, and will others follow in our footsteps. I can only hope that both lead to an abundance, but first we still need to master this gift, I am getting ahead of myself.

      3. Well said, Eric! I agreed. Everything you described yourself is accurate. I remember in your older post as you mentioned riding on the horse (I think) and pulling the arrow and all eyes were on you. We’ll find out the meaning of that eventually. 😉

  3. Above and below. So in this message above is below plus above. What is impossible is possible. How cool is that. Seeing is believing. Spirit and matter.above below

  4. Thank you for explaining this whole process, very informative. When others, that have your gift, are still playing “smoke and mirrors”, you just threw it all on the table and said “have at it”. It’s like going rogue and saying “if no one else will drive this thing, I’ll take the reigns”. A cavalier approach, I love it. Thank you so much for the hard work, and all you do… Bravo!!!

  5. Thanks Eric for willing humbled to share from the other side of this world with us. Really appreciate that and helping me understand little better about the Ancient Ones and others as how they operate in their worlds. I’d love to be a team with the ancient ones or whatever they called themselves, working together for the planet and beyond to make it better for humanities. We are their “grandchildren” and need our assistance to make the difference for the little blue planet. Again, thanks for sharing and it’s very helpful with the information in details. My hat is off to you! Blessings!

    1. That’s right. It’s the Lion’s Gate opening. Not sure what that really means but it’s positive. I picked that from the Dutchsine network.

  6. So the watchers continue to do their job? I remember reading about the watchers in the book of Enoch. Do some still disobey and fall? Very interesting. Keep up the great work.

    1. The spirits are always excited to serve the father. This is their project, the only one who could go against the plan would be me, not that i would do that.

  7. Eric, is there something I can do to help you being the team with you and the Spirits?

  8. Spirit represent the group of Spirits I work for, the Conductor, the scouts, the watchers and the God they serve. I call them Spirits and not souls or people who have passed on because a lot of them have never even lived lives on this planet.. Fun fact they have on several occasions called me the ‘Guided one”

  9. Eric, now I understand, why you speak sometimes with the Royal “WE”,
    you mean… you and the spirits, thank you for your explanation, very helpfull
    and also thank for the reading, what gave me more that I expected and
    you where right about the medicines

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