North Ireland House Fire

Has this prediction happened? Please pray for the victim of this tragedy.

Notes on 7-19-15
I had a visual of a very cruel man start a fire in a building.
“The man will burn the building.. and it will burn, burn.” — Spirits Voice

The Facts on 8-2:  A murder investigation has been launched after the body of a woman was found following a house fire on the outskirts of west Belfast Ireland:


13 thoughts on “North Ireland House Fire

  1. Have they ever explained to you why they show you what they do? For example, sometimes they appear to show you an event that is relatively small (the death of one or two people – while certainly a tragedy – doesn’t affect that many people. Or an earthquake that doesn’t cause any injuries or deaths) and yet something big happens and they don’t tell you. Are they prevented from warning you about something because it’s fate or are they trying to not overwhelm you with too much horror? I’ve always wondered how they choose what to present.

    • That is such a good question I was just wondering the exact thing I would love for Eric’s views on this 🙂

      • Hi eric it does seem to be the event spirit brought to you ( in my opnion) LL and Sam hi, im curious as well but im thinking it is confirmation that the other events are true and seeing as there can be multiple outcomes of larger more comlex involed events with many people and wills involved it requires more research and prayer to change the outcome..also i think spirit are implying no life no matter how minor it appears to us is not important to them and they see even the mist tiny diverse aspect of events in earth…well thats what i fugure but i do need Erics say on his spurits answer ..blessing and safe keeping ti yoy and yours.

    • Though I can’t answer your question, I do want to say, even the most miniscule event can change the world in ways we may not see. One person can sometimes speak louder than an entire group or can make a difference in the way things happen. Ie: the victim. Who knows what greatness she could of brought to our world (or has) or who she may have inspired or given birth to. No matter how small, every life is important and every event in this world should be considered significant 🙂 we’re all connected and a part of each other and it’s good to be reminded, because together as a whole we are far stronger and hold more hope for humanity and this earth.

  2. LL that is the best of the best question for little stuff as possibly sad as it could be is nothing compared to large events that is much more perverse that could easily be stopped. Wouldn’t it be in any law enforcements best to be given such knowledge to investigate and possibly stop a REAL TRAGEDY?

  3. Hi Eric, what was the prediction a while ago “it’s where the candy canes are” I can’t find it but do you think it could have something to do with all the people killed the other day when the tents at a fair collapsed because of severe storms?


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