The Most Accurate Predictions

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This page has been updated. Please share it with everyone. This page simplifies what we are trying to achieve, and how accuracy has the potential to change, to alter the future events that are predicted.

4 responses to “The Most Accurate Predictions”

  1. lisse Avatar

    Eric I want to ask you, what you think about the suppossed asteroid hitting the earth in sep 22-28. What the spirt say.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      They have a prediction where a set of asteroids brush by earth, and a piece or meteor strikes two locations, one of which does great damage to a town. This is expected in October, but there is no mention of any type of end of world messages. Its very ugly but just for a town.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Notes on 5-24-15

  2. Harvey Avatar

    I agreed with Eric and his Spirits. I don’t understand why NASA doesn’t think so, or perhaps doesn’t want to alarm us as NASA may be under protected by the top secret government. The top secret government already have the under ground tunnels in just case if it ever occur to impact the earth whether it’s asteroid or nuclear bombing.

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