Notes on 6-15-15

“Look in.. Vermont”

I need to see what that means?

“In Europe.. money thrown on the table.. shocking.. they are lying to you.. such a massive scandal.”

I had a visual of the movie “the Firm”, but in the visual they were bankers not lawyers who served the most vile human beings, the biggest criminals, and their secret was about to come out. They also showed how they were lying to the regular customers as well, cheating them in some way. A mob of people were gathering outside demanding retribution.

If you haven’t seen the movie, the plot of the story is a group of lawyers that secretly work for the Mob and launder their money.

We failed to complete the list, Spirit has confirmed that this last message has already happened. An Australian band member of ‘5 Seconds’ burned his face and hair while on stage at a concert. I wish him a speedy recovery.

Notes on 6-10-15   I had a visual of a rock star screaming in a mic, his face was painted with the British flag.

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      1. Monica, I wonder how far is Vermont from New York? Heard about 2 escapees but didn’t realized it’s been 10 days. It’d be helpful if no one show up for work or haven’t heard from their relatives to check unto them just in case if they are held as hostages by 2 escapees. I am not from east so I don’t know the location. Just my thought what the Spirits meant Look in Vermont”. Hopefully no one is hurt and will be found sooner. One murderer has no conscious killing a person. He does it twice without remorseful.

      2. Just saw the map between the Clinton Correctional Facility where 2 escapees are likely to Vermont as their best hiding places. If they took by a vehicle and likely to take the country roads instead of main highways. Can be anywhere they find the abandoned place out into the woods and mountains to stay for temporary. Won’t last long without food. They will keep moving and could hostage anyone. Perhaps someone their escapees that know is helping them. The inmates probably will go separate ways on their own. This is a mess.

  1. Eric, a note, your comment that we missed about English Rockstar posting is incorrect..
    Note what twice blessed competed on and when..
    twiceblessed says:
    June 13, 2015 at 8:02 PM
    Eric, is this your rock star prediction? A member of the boy band 5 Second Summer was performing in London when his hair caught fire and his face got burnt from some pyrotechnics.

      1. Eric from this post…We failed to complete the list, Spirit has confirmed that this last message has already happened. An Australian band member of ‘5 Seconds’ burned his face and hair while on stage at a concert. I wish him a speedy recovery.”

        See. Post Twiceblessed. Commented on June 13 th, ,2015 at 8:02 pm..
        About the above 5 second member..

        So —-we ( someone from our community) did…

  2. Yes, look in Vermont most certainly is referring to the two prisoners who escaped from the prison in New York.

  3. Eric do you think the look in Vermont has anything to do with the two prisoners whom escaped a upstate New York prison? I believe they have now been on the run for 10 days now.

  4. Yes Vermont is right over the Lake (Champlain) were I live. I am smack near the hunt for the two prisoner’s…. I thought the same thing when you said to look in Vermont. One of the men has strong ties to the Mexican Mafia.

    1. I’d suggest to lock all the doors, windows. Closed the drapes and reduced the lights inside and have lights on outside the house. Get a dog from animal shelter if you don’t have one. They are alert to outside noise. Have a hand gun just in case and don’t shoot the wrong person. And pray for all is safe.

  5. There was news about some teenagers that where planning to shoot at their school but where caught before they did it. I think it was thanks to a school bus driver. But when I went back to get the link I could not find it. There was a prediction regarding something to happen at a campus or school.

  6. Could these two escapees be the “two small potatoes” visual from 1-28-15 Post? Looked up does Vermont grow potatoes and it actually does. It is in the top ten potato farming states for America. Hiding out on a large farm where you have food growing, water drips/irrigation systems seems likely to me.

      1. Thanks Eric. I want to call this in on their tip hotline soooo bad…LOL…but I’ll wait till tomorrow. Hoping they can catch them before they harm anyone.

      2. Jules, you have good eyes! I looked back the old posts and couldn’t find the connection with 2 escapees. Is Vermont related with potatoes? If so, that’d be another match. Cuz Vermont is not far from Clinton Correctional Facility. I’m guessing they may have pick up a vehicle and drive down to a wooden place where it’s abandoned. A place where is not many people live in. So, just wait and see for more clues.

      3. Jules, I read the post of 1-28-15. What about the “NJ prediction….arrested…dawn…”? What if they are on the run from Vermont to NJ? What’s your thought on that?

      4. Here is another clue if it’s related to NJ prediction of 1-28-15. If the 2 escapees stayed at the potatoes farm in Vermont then continue to drive south to NJ. But what is their plans in NJ? Were they heading for Mexico? Just a thought. One of the escapees is from Mexico.

        1. Hi Harvey. Not sure about NJ. Not even sure about the two potatoes. Maybe that’s not even related. Just thought it was interesting there are a lot of potato farms in Vermont though, and yeah it seems plausible hiding out on a large farm somewhere for a little while atleast. Hopefully Spirits can give Eric some more info so as to catch them before they can do more harm. Guess we will have to waite and see.

      5. Jules, I think you got this one right about the 2 small potatoes. However, I wonder what small meant. Wait! There are small sizes in potatoes. It’s all fit!

        I’m kinda scratching my head. First, the Spirits said “Look in…Vermont”. Secondly, the post of 1-28-15 stated “NJ…arrested. ..dawn”. So, what are these 2 posts have to do with together? I am hoping nothing bad will happen in Vermont then continue down the roads to NJ and get arrested by dawn? While they are heading for Mexico to escape. I’m anxious for new clues from Eric’s Spirits.

        A different note: I can’t believe that I’d never thought it’d be Dallas incident. I’ve read that posts and we tried to figure out what it meant. I remember saying perhaps the blue represents the cops or FBI. We didn’t see it coming. There is no way that could have been prevented cuz this guy was mentally ill and disturbed by the situation of losing his child by the cops and lost his job. His parents grieved over their lost son in shooting death. They tried to explained to him that they are doing their jobs in law enforcement. He became angry and wanted to hurt the police officers cuz he lost everything. Sad story when a person struggled to make a living and felt torn losing a child to CPS. So, the Spirits foresaw this to happen and how can we know who, what, when, where to prevent from this to happen like this situation? My first thought was the terrorists involved into this but this incident was based from the human’s story which it was unfortunate. If I’m not making any sense, please no worries. All I can say is that I didn’t see it coming and not enough clues to prevent it from happening. What Eric and the Spirits are doing are remarkable amazing but I don’t Know how we can prevent it with little clues.

      6. I just realized something else. It could have been a lot worst when the bombs goes off without the robot assist. I applaud to Dallas police officers with their quick thinking. One of them is my friend, the Dallas officer. My son and her son goes to same school together. That was scary for Dallas.

        1. Sorry pushed send to soon. But yes I’m just grateful the Police Officers or nobody else was harmed. That really is a blessing.

  7. Do you think the European banking situation has anything to do with Greece?

  8. There are many rumors of financial turnoil coming. One of them comes from Martin Armstrong who is predicting to happen on 2015.75, by end of september this year.

  9. I wondered if the bail out deal for Greece relates to this prediction, maybe they are being lied to about the repayments?

  10. Oh aware juno and pluto roman gods but the greeks always share these gods some same name others their counterpart….still gods right….

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