Chile Earthquake

This prediction has happened minutes after I posted the notes.

Notes on 6-10-15   I had a visual I looked down at a sidewalk, then the sidewalk had a crack. (Earthquake message):  I asked about the crack: I had a visual of several Japanese people dressed in radioactive wear checking on the Fukushima power plant. A moderate earthquake questions the security of the already dangerous power plant.

Also: I had a visual of scared people running out of buildings and houses. I heard a large bang. I then had a visual of a crack crossing one area to another. Then spirit showed a nation that had a thin strip of land.  “South West” that it implies Chile, or Baja California.

The Facts on 6-10: SANTIAGO, Chile (AP) –” A magnitude-6.0 earthquake struck northern Chile on Wednesday, but authorities said they had no reports of injuries or damage.
The U.S. Geological Survey said the quake, centered 35 miles (57 kilometers) north-northwest of San Pedro de Atacama, occurred at 10:52 a.m. local time (9:52 a.m. EDT; 1352 GMT).
“We felt a strong shake,” said Maria Jose Donoso, a saleswoman at Grado 10, a local travel agency. She said that tourists were not alarmed by the jolt and the city, which is one of Chile’s main tourist hubs, was functioning normally.” Quoted by:

If you use your mouse and brush by ‘June 10″ of the blog that reads “Notes on 6-10-15 Posted on

10 thoughts on “Chile Earthquake”

  1. The earthquake occurred in northern Chile and not in the SOUTHWEST…the spirits clearly mentioned the word SOUTHWEST .

    1. Hi Argentine. I believe that there is a difference in what most in the US would consider “South West”, and what Eric and his Spirits consider “South West”. The Spirits have different symbols and names which mean certain things between only Eric and his Spirits. I can confirm that during my reading last night on the 9th he specifically told me there was going to be an earthquake in Chili or Baja, Ca… before it actually was even posted today on the 10th. Blessings Always

  2. Hi Eric,
    My slightly doubtful personality had to check the USGS site for the time of the Chile earthquake, and I am impresssed. Also you mentioned Japan and Fukushima. I see just very recently today there was a 5.0 in Japan. Im wondering if you get any feelings about the Sears Tower and Chicago besides just a brief glimpse of it? Thanks for the information

    1. Thanks, Chicago could really just be a personal message as I lived there for a good time, but they mentioned it during our ‘world predictions’ conversations so I will be asking about it.

  3. I can confirm that Eric mentioned to me during a WONDERFUL reading last night on the 9th of June, around 9:00 pm MST, that Spirit implied there was going to be an earthquake in Chili or Baja, CA. Very impressive indeed. Great job Eric and Spirits!

  4. I’d say no. This is a very deep quake. Deep quakes can typically cause shallow larger quakes. so expect something else in that region

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