Equadors Wolf Volcano

This prediction has happened.

Notes on 1-4-15    I had a visual of a map that pointed somewhere between Ecuador and Peru where a volcano will erupt. It is expected to be massive.

The facts: “Wolf volcano which sits at the top on of one of Ecuador’s Galapagos islands erupted in the early hours of Monday (May 25)”

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  1. rhona Avatar

    Spot in with that one eric…i am now wondering if just maybe the volcano eruption in this group of predictions 1-4-15 could be a time frame marker for the ohers and it could indicate they are about to happen ……just a thought…keep safe and sound everyone…

  2. laura bernieri Avatar

    Good call, Eric! Is there a way in which we your subscribers can focus our energy to prevent a catastrophic timeline? Are the teutonic plates – San Andreas, New Madrid – letting off steam or leading up to a Big One? Can we eleviate the pressure in some way?

    1. rhona Avatar

      Hello laura bernieri…i hope its ok to drop in on your question to eric…yes i believe we can ease the pressure by focus of believe it or not.by..sending light ,love and pure intention to the earth ….it helps hold the energy and eases the shift…we are all filled with electromagnetic energy and are thoughts possess great energy particularly when we focus our intent…we have a long way to go in
      understanding this but it is where we ..are headed and with practice it will… become easier…together we can create

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I think the key is sharing it, putting the accurate predictions out there for your own community of friends and family to see. Its through a large collective awareness that change is possible. More then that is the opportunity to be more aware. If only I could finish the Nepal earthquake, have a location, timeframe along with their warning of a massive quake coming. Imagine how better prepared they could be under those circumstances. That in my opinion is our first step in bringing change, then we can work on a collective positive thought.

  3. Harvey Avatar

    Eric, what about the Japan volcano…was this in your prediction as well? I think you may have mentioned it somewhere in your precious posts.

    I suspected there will be more coming up….felt strong for Alaska, Hawaii and NW of US volcano cuz there are more smaller quakes around there lately. I’m ready for a break from monitoring. Just for a little while.

    Take care and blessings to you!

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I don’t think I predicted Japan.

  4. Harvey Avatar


    Here’s the link that explained a lot of activity of earthquakes around the world. Several volcanoes have erupted lately. The earthquakes still going so it has not slow down, not yet. Maybe another volcano eruption coming up such as Mt. Hellen in NW of USA, Alaska or Hawaii, etc. Sigh.. It’s the craziest year for floodings, earthquakes and volcanoes. Japan volcano is underway without a doubt. I keep monitoring .


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