Notes on 5-12-15

“Foiled! A major attack will be foiled.” — Spirits Voice
I had a visual of a person unraveling a large roll of aluminum ‘foil’, as if implying the magnitude of the situation.

It was implied to either be a situation in the US or involve the US.

“Turkey.. corruption unveiled.. fallout.. fallout.. protest and upheaval follows” — Spirits Voice

I had a visual of the Mexican flag, then I saw a pig farm with a great number of crowded pigs. “The pigs will be poison.” — Spirits Voice

Could they be implying the swine flu or just a massive pork contamination?

In the coming days I am dead set on getting the details of this massive flood coming. In the new vision I saw everything under water with the exception of the roof of houses. In the previous prediction they mentioned Australia

Also, I should mentioned we had a neighborhood blackout over here, but without any ties to the east. This puts in question our previous blackout prediction.


31 thoughts on “Notes on 5-12-15

  1. Reason I ask is because of the issue of contaminated poultry….which seems to be getting worse….but also….I guess “fallout” would mean something related to war.

  2. Eric is it possible since they use puns that they don’t mean literally flooded or underwater?

    • So many injured helping to recover those who are less able though- sad that it happened, but wonderful to see everyone come together to help those in need despite their own injuries and fear. Definitely restores my faith in people in America in a time where it seems everyone is at war against each other.

      • I agree Lehayla. It is wonderful to see so many people come together to help and care for one another. That for me is the one good thing that comes out of disasters, people who step up to help and care for others/strangers with love and compassion for those in need.

  3. Eric, as for “turkey,” could it be the bird flu? Turkey farmers in Iowa and Minnesota are finding contamination on the farms. They’re having to destroy thousands and thousands of turkeys. Big losses.

  4. Eric, could this major attack being foiled be related to the past prediction of the bridge on the west coast being destroyed, an airplane, a body of water..April 28 2012 The Bridge Attack, all around the anniversary -25-, at the time you said sometimes they reverse the numbers so it could be May. Either way, it is wonderful news to hear of another foiled attack! On another note, could the gas planet be the Sun?

  5. Vatican is recognizing Palestine so a land treaty will be coming soon which will bring peace and prosperity to the region. Will do my part to make this happen. Everyone who is born from god returns to god. Sounds like spirit above is making this happen. I said in previous statement end of war is coming. 2 choices. Easy way or the hard way.

  6. Amtrak train was going twice the speed it should have been around the curve. And almost at the same time, a subway that shares the amtrak track was hit by an unidentified projectile object that shattered the conductors window only 3 miles away. I’m really hoping this was all just a horrible accident and coincidence… Some are wondering if this was a suicide attempt by the conductor or a terrorists plot.

    • Lehayla doesn’t that seem weird that another train was hit by a projectile around the same time the other one derailed? Hmmm…and the high speed. I hope they get to the bottom of it soon. Didn’t the conductor survive? Glad they have black boxes like planes do.

      • Yeah, he survived and is declining to give a statement to police. The train hit by an object stopped 20 minutes before the accident and was already under investigation when the other derailed.

    • There were some train related posts. I was looking them up last night but from what I saw they already happened. Maybe Eric can ask Spirit.

  7. I thought there was 2 trains collided in US. Maybe it was from a different psychic. I think Eric may have mentioned of train collide in past post.


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