Earthquake hits Papua New Guinea

It looks like the Spirits intertwined the Nepal earthquake and this earthquake. Brita could represent New Britian, and one of the earthquakes took place on the 30th. The number 54 could represent the 4th-5th which is when the second earthquake took place.

Notes on 3-18-15 Earthquake Coming     Earthquake.. around 1907.. I had a visual of a clock that read ’54’ in red.
In about 54 days it will be March 19th. We are expecting a large quake ‘around’ that

We are having issues with the location. They showed a large bay city like San Francisco. They said the word “Brita” perhaps British Columbia, Vancouver? They also showed Spain/Portugal, but I believe that is a reference to a new prediction they want to roll out. Unfortunately for now “Brita” and the north-west coast is all we have to go on. I will continue to ask for clarity.

Notes on 4-11-15   Large earthquake?: I had a vision of the word earthquake, then there where crackers everywhere implying massive damage. “30” We are determined to figure out the location, something more clearer then just the word ‘Brita’.

The Facts:  On April 30th,  A 6.7 magnitude earthquake struck New Britain island off Papua New Guinea Thursday, 131 kilometres (81 miles) southwest of the town of Kokopo.

On May 5th, A powerful earthquake rattled the South Pacific island nation of Papua New Guinea on Tuesday, generating a small tsunami near the epicenter, bringing down power lines and cracking walls, but causing no widespread damage.


26 thoughts on “Earthquake hits Papua New Guinea

  1. Hi, Eric, so sad news. Don’t you think all this destruction around the world has anything to do with the CERN Hadron Collider? If I recall correctly, you said it a couple of years ago, didn’t you?
    Kind regards,
    Lili from Venezuela.

      • Fracking concerns me too, and definitely adds to the problem. but you really don’t think the CERN has anything to do with all these earthquakes and erupting volcanoes? (New one eruted in Hawaii, btw). Everytime they turn on the CERN, something horrible always happen, like last time with Haiti and Chile’s quakes.

    • CERN has zero to do with any destruction. PNG is in a seismic hot bed and EQ are nothing new to them. In fact the who area is EQ prone. Lets not blame CERN for anything. It is counter productive and does nothing but cause unsubstantiated fear in people.

      • Good to know, Lou. Within my ignorance, I always thought CERN had everything to do with it, since I don’t believe in coincidences. All of that energy brought to our earth, along with frackings, done by the human hand, somehow I think it’s bad news. Well, that’s what I think. I’m going to investigate more about it.

  2. Greetings eric and web family..sending stabalizing light and love energy to Bay area ….prayers are with you all as always…

  3. Eric, I was wondering if you have seen any predictions about Texas? I am a Texas resident and I am getting a little scared of what is to come in the future. ISIS has claimed the attack that happened in Garland, TX this past Sunday. They stated there is more to come. Have the spirits hinted on anything to do with Texas?

    • DezTaf,

      Do not worry. It’s only very small part of it. Garland is about 10 miles east of Dallas where I live. No panic but all is good and under control. Very, very small part of killing. Nothing major. Yes they are everywhere in US but everyone keep their eyes closely if anything out of odd.

  4. Eric … I truly believe you have a hit on the ‘BRITA’ EQ prediction.

    May 5, 2015 a 7.5 in the area of New Britian. As well the 1907 plays out in the fact that in 1907 there was a 7.5 quake in the Solomon Seas on May 4th.

    The ’54’ plays out as May 4.

    This area has always been a seismic hotbed and a casual search of USGS always reveals many interesting facts. Facts are much better than unsubstantiated conspiracy theories.

    Congratulations Eric! Another of your predictions proven by fact to be true.

  5. OK, I am done, remove me from your list, I have been reading this stuff for several months, and even a child knows you can twist things, or hunt until you find things that “Fit” your “Predictions”. glad you believe in yourself, and good luck to you, but I’ve read enough to know you are doing nothing but grabbing at straws, then trying to fit square pegs into round holes to make your predictions “Fit”. BTW….if you are so concerned about fracking, Did you mention that 10 years ago? 20? 30? After all they HAVE been using that method for over 70 years. *rme* Thought maybe your spirits would have told you that.

  6. Hmmm…bad day maybe? I have not known Eric to try to conveniently make an event fit his posted predictions. A good number of his viewers have attempted to stretch an event to fit one of Eric’s prediction but Eric has not done that.

    In fact, that is why I sometimes get just a bit snarky with some of the posters here because some of them do just that. Now, if you do look at the post I made above yours, you will see that he gave a prediction with clues and those clues did match up to the event. No stretching to that at all.

    You seem to be looking for the prediction that reads ” at 10:05 p.m. an Earthquake will strike the west coast of Japan causing severe damage to Russia and Japan. This will occur on 11 May, 2015 “. Well, it just generally does not work that way.

  7. As I learn more and more about about intuitiveness, I learn it is different for each person what they experience. Thus, we all interpret differently, as well, because our sources “customize” to each of us. Relaying that interpretation and getting others’ to help “decode” some of that enriches the community, too. I can’t speak for others because it can’t be exactly the same for them. This point of connection is for us all. So, Formyliberty, I say good luck and pray you will some day gain more perspective that you may share, too, whether here or somewhere else.

  8. What an amazing time we live in that we from all ealks of life and parts of the globe can even postulate what is causing earthquakes …never mind that in 1907 they simply accepted these things as mother nature and were at her mercy…i celebrate our differing opinions and say eric and this site is a magnificent pioneering tool for the future progess of humanity to pray compare differences and heal the planet and our selves ….blessings and may we all search for cause and effect succesfully


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