Notes on 4-23-15

I had a visual of  a large crack across a large land mass.

I had a visual of a portrait, of a man who sat on the throne, he had an aggressive posture and angry scowl.  The portrait was titled ‘Kenneth’. Spirit implied he would be a horrible tyrannical leader of the world.  The word Kenneth might be symbolic, or it could also be a message of something that sounds like Kenneth.

I had this visual of a horrible crash site. It looked like a space craft but could have been an airplane as well.

Spirit has presented multiple subjects, I need to revisit the messages and get the details.

I wanted to share this radical new idea we are considering. The idea is simple, create an exact duplicate of Spirits visual predictions in a YouTube video. But it would have to be the most accurate portrait of Spirits message. This means having very artistic visuals, a voice over that comes in and out, and the intense flashes of information they show. It would be a huge undertaking, and we would probably start with one video that shows 3 major events for that year.  We have some obstacles to overcome, starting with the cost, the need to be obsessively accurate, and how to present the video in a way that a newcomer would understand. Please give me your thoughts, if your knowledgeable of artistic like videos please share your ideas, and help give me an understanding of its costs.

Also in a more distant future there has been talk about creating a documentary of Spirit, my history with them, some cool stories about them, and how we came to make world predictions, a sort of ‘my ghost story’.

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  1. Eric, I think we should find someone with “motion picture/TV experience and quality..
    The visual world –is best understood from that perspective..
    Not the music video experience…
    It could possibly also position you with the documentarian for the future..

  2. Eric,i followed by typing prophecies by this page,please don’t do by youtube by which I will not understand

    Do not forsake this page,followed by typing prophecies in this page

  3. Hi, Eric,
    I would definitely support your Youtube idea! I’d love to see what I’ve always imagined reading thru this page. I don’t know anything about producing a show of any kind, but am fluent in Spanish, if this would help you in your new proyect, just let me know and I would gladly help you out ad honorem.
    At your service, sending you kind regards,
    Lili, from Venezuela.

    1. Also, I am deaf and preferred it’s subtitle or posted. If it’s oral then I won’t do any good for me. :/

  4. I work in the TV industry and can give you some pointers. If you know someone with basic video editing experience, or you have a Mac with iMovie or PC with basic video software, it’s not hard to put something simple together. One thing to keep in mind is that you can’t use footage unless you own it, have a license for it, get it from Creative Commons – be very careful about their restrictions – or the footage fell out of copyright and is proven to be in the public domain. YouTube will remove your content. Also be careful about the music. YouTube’s software can recognize copyrighted music and will remove your videos until you can provide them with copies of your contracts or document your rights to use the content. (We’ve had to provide contracts before and gone back to producers and had them switch out music they didn’t have the right to use).

    The easiest thing for you to do is use stock footage and music. Check out We use them, rather than paying a crew to shoot, which is very expensive. Videoblocks is $99 a year with unlimited downloads. If you’re looking for a great, affordable microphone for narration, RadioShack has the Blue Yeti on sale. I picked one up last weekend for $89, while they are $120 on Amazon. The quality is excellent for recording voice-overs, podcasts, Skype conferences, etc. They are USB mics, so just plug and play. (You might consider doing the predictions as a podcast on iTunes as well as having them on your site. It will broaden your audience.)

    Since you’re in Southern California, there are many video editors around. I’ve paid $30 an hour for editors who work at major studios, who want to pick up side work. You could also advertise at any of the local colleges that have film/digital video programs and offer to pay a student with basic experience $20/hour. You write the narration, record it, and have the editor lay the track over the video clips that illustrate the prediction with appropriate music.

    To save time with the editor, watch the clips, write down the time codes for the sections that you want to use, and give the editing notes and the video and music files to the editor to put together, using your instructions. Videoblocks also has royalty-free music tracks at their Audioblocks store. Whatever you do, stay away from anything cheesy. Nothing ruins credibility like bad packaging. I’ve seen videos on YouTube by psychics who might make great and worthy predictions, but if they use overly dramatic music and cheap-looking film clips, they lose the audience. Use the highest quality video and make it modern looking and I think you’ll do well.

    Good luck!

    1. L.L. It’s very kind of you to help give some tips on broadcasting the video. When I saw Eric, I had my suspicious but as time goes by and noticed Eric was right with his predictions. I like his style that keeps it simple and not gain for his attention. I think its best to keep his face not reveal as many would think it’s about himself as wanted to be famous celebrity. But he keeps his name humbled without any stimulation to grab for an attention. I like it how it is to keep his blog simple it’s fine with me as however Eric wants to do with his Web site. It’d be wise to have it as copy right as L.L. suggested for Eric’s protection. Just wanted to share from my experience as how Eric got my attention. Again, I like L.L. ideas and suggestions.

      1. Thanks, curious about the suspiciousness though?? I will continue to try and do this work with an air of humility. I have an obligation to represent Spirit, the spiritual realm, and one glaring difference between our small little planet and the massive spiritual realm is how humble they all coexist vs the human need for ego and oppressive acts.

      2. Thanks, Harvey. I’ve had two in-person readings with Eric so far, and both have been accurate. Eric impressed me as a very normal, down-to-earth guy. In no way have I ever had the impression that he wanted to be a media personality. In fact, we briefly discussed this in my last reading. His focus is on trying to make a difference in the world, rather than using his gifts to distract people from what’s important with celebrity gossip. I’d be happy to advise him on how to put the videos together if he’d like. I would also suggest that he take the audio tracks from his videos and repurpose them as podcasts on iTunes (which is very easy to do), and syndicate them on blogtalkradio (very affordable). This would also allow him to insert an audio player onto this site for people who prefer to listen, rather than read. It will expand the audience exponentially.

  5. Kenneth is a Celtic name that usually means “handsome.” But it also means “born of fire.” Could that be a reference to someone Satanic?

    1. Sounds like the uk elections. They are predicting minority but I’m guessing majority.

    2. They did not imply a demon, and they have referred to certain leaders as apart of ‘the darkness’. It seemed more like a pompous cruel idiot. Sort of Nixon like, but far more cruel.

  6. Ukip leader nigel farage. Looks like majority is coming and a lot of seats in uk elections right now.

  7. what a wonderful idea! you will reach so many more people, who only see pictures, but do not read words………..whatever you decide, everyone here, will stand behind you. but, keep believeing in yourself, a lot of energy changes are around us, so all of us have to ajust to them. thank you for all you do!

  8. Eric, like your idea about You-Tube, but hope you maintain written commentaries along with video.

    Also…regarding the “Earthquake” and “30” prediction….did I miss a notification or something? Just wondering because thought there was a recent earthquake in Chile….and Latitude of Chile as a country is general 30.

    “Kenneth” is Celtic in origin, but widely used as name in western Europe and USA. Defined generally as “handsome”, but traits also include love of grandiose ideas, can be authoritarian, and narcissistic.

    1. With the earthquake prediction, the one consistent message they made clear was massive destruction. Unfortunately now its come to pass with Nepal. We missed the moment of clarity on the location, very upsetting.

  9. When leaders lead by self and ego that’s when things become dicy. Majority of leaders around the world lead by self. If one makes a decision at the benefit of another then it is the wrong decision. He must reach middle ground for both sides and see both arguments. Which explains Ein sof or god. Nothing. You have nothing to gain in making your decision. That means from either party from the left or right. Those are the future leaders. Amazing how all these politicians end up working once finished for large business enterprises.

  10. New leader of Saudi Arabia. New rolls royce for the pilots that kill people in Yemen. If that’s not abuse of money and power hand in hand what is. People with money and power use people like sheep and intice them to do their evil with gifts of wealth for their own personal gain and security. If everyone stopped selling to those that kill and opress the world would be in much saver hands. That means Iran and Saudi Arabia. Hitler from Germany was defeated becuase he thought Germany was superior to everyone else. Shows what happens when a dictator or one person is in control. It’s only after upon reflection when looking back that you can realize the mistakes that were made. The seeds of destruction such as weapons sold by various countries have a history of coming back and biting them in their own ass. then they are called someone should buy up all the companies that produce bullets and close them down. That’s an interesting way. Guns without bullets.

  11. More significant earthquakes off BC/OR/CA coast in the last 24hours than we’ve had in the last year. All on the Casc. Sub. Zone. Could be a good thing though. Smaller releases of pressure could help postpone/decrease intensity of the inevitable megathrust. Lots of bomb threats and shootings today too. Or maybe I’m just noticing them more or they just happen to be closer to home.

    The Kenneth prediction hits oddly close to home, especially after opening up about my father. That was his name, though he was a kind and loving person. He did however hate his name and went strictly by Ken (not sure why- my mom asked me not to name my baby after him because he hated it. I’m sure it was related to his family circumstances). He was an incredibly talented artist but hated his photo taken and never did or had any desire to do one of himself. I’m curious to see what part the name plays in the prediction and what they mean by it. Also- maybe the picture isnt titled Kenneth, but signed Kenneth- maybe the artist or photographer, or even a company or corporation involvement.

    A small airplane is missing in Washington since yesterday. They’re still searching for it.

    1. I believe the implication of Kenneth was the name or subject. Subject is a possible note. The showed a portrait once of Qaddafi and the portrait read revolute (revolution?). a few months later the Arab Spring started.

  12. Om gosh….just saw the earthquake lives. There was 5 earthquakes in Canada up to 6. 4 richter scales about 12 hrs ago, then TEN 19 earthquakes up to 2.4 Richter scales with in 2 hours in Hawaii about 8 hrs ago. HOW crazy! Did you say there is a large crack across the large land mass? If so, where? You also mentioned “30”? It’s just 5 days away.

    1. Corrected slight mistake. Actually up to 6.5 richter scales. All in Canada, one mentioned British Columbia, Canada. It’s “Brit” that you mentioned about 1 or 2 months ago. The earthquakes pattern is unusal today. just wait n see if that’s heading in that direction. Also I remember the large earthquake is expected in spring 2015. Don’t remember which predictor, maybe Nostradumas. Looking at similar or matching exchanged notes from few predictors and you are one of them that are right on the dot.

  13. Oops…correct my error. Its 10 earthquakes with 2 hrs in Hawaii about 8 hrs ago.

  14. Now I followed up WITH Eric’s ideas and suggestions. I think it’s a wonderful idea. Are you thinking about for television or just website? If you want to have either or both of them. I wonder how the Rhode Island Medium that got her films made and may want to ask her if she had a better deal? She became popular but not for long after 3 to 5 years. It became a little boring as it’s nothing new. But yours is different and unique as it involved with globally. That’s a thought but don’t want to make alot of people nervous or scared. It just a thought. I don’t want you to be responsible when things go chaotic. I have a question. I wonder what made you think about it for now and what’s the main purpose? If it’s okay that I asked.

    1. I actually didn’t, Spirit presented it to me as an idea. They are predicting the documentary as something that will happen. When is the question? The video is something both sides have chewed on for some time, but now they really are looking at it as something we need to start moving towards. Keep in mind we have had other ideas before that completely bombed.

      1. Wow…I’m surprised it’s the Spirits suggested. Thats new to me So I don’t see why not. I supposed the Spirits understand better as how the physical operates. That’s awesome.

      2. I think it’d be nice when someone volunteer to help you with video for a cause. Hopefully someone that lives close by you as it’s convenient. Pray for someone to help you.

  15. It doesn’t seem to have any correlation with 30. But it is the biggest one to hit Nepal since 1934. Many historic buildings have been destroyed. Death count has not yet been calculated.

    1. It also caused avalanche on Everest..- felt into other countries..
      Bangladesh, India, Pakistan

    2. Not sure if 30 is just an error or something we have not seen, but I believe this is the prediction they have repetitiously warned us about in regards to a major destructive quake happening, I deeply regret not being able to narrow down the location.

      1. Eric, please don’t regret it. You do all you can do and I don’t know how you do this. You do all you can do as just as much as the Spirits can do all they can, right? 😉 Blessings!

      1. Yes I agree. Though prays are wonderful there are/will be many basic needs for all of these people in the days to come. I know CNN has a page on their site called Impact Your World where you can go and donate to certain causes. I’m sure you can find many non profits online like Doctors Without Borders etc. by just googling. Just make sure they are legit. Everyone please give what you can.

  16. Just an idea.. Maybe have videos made of the ones that have already come to pass first, so you and others get a feel for it. Instead of the ones that haven’t come true, which leaves room for questioning on your part and viewers. Maybe film the things that came to pass how you saw it. Dunno. Something told me to say that.

    1. Sorry, by that I mean start there and then move on. Maybe 1-2 actual happenings to give people a sense of whag you’re seeing. Sorry, posted before I thought it through, seemed kinda urgent.

    2. I discussed a video like that, where we would show the sum of major events spirit predicted, but everyone told me there would be copyrights issues since we would undoubtedly need to use news footage to compare predictions to the facts of what happened. They also made it sound like that would add to its cost. Maybe there is away around it.

      1. for public domain pics/footage – for example, video would have you explaining/detailing message from Spirit. Then cut to image of event with date and event. So, for Nepal, detail prediction. Then stock image or short video from public domain with text overlay, “7.8 magnitude earthquake, Nepal, April 2015.”

        Please do this. Something is telling me it’s important that you expand, so something can be stopped. If you want help, I’ll do whatever I can.

  17. Sorry, I’m all out of sorts. My heart goes out to all of Nepal. I apologize if I seemed crass. Just wanted to get that to you, it seemed urgent, and I didn’t realize you’d already addressed it. Something was saying to do minimal (1-3) past accuracies but future focus. Something big, needing focus.

  18. I like your youtube idea. I’m a college art teacher,painting,drawing,sculpture. I have some of my drawings on my blog here that I’ve done for documentation of my visions but my art website is another site. I also make videos and perform, I can send you links to those as well. If you are interested in my help with your project email me and I’ll send you the links.

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