Brazil’s Oil Ship Explosion

Has this prediction happened? Some of you have brought it to my attention, I leave it to you to decide.

Notes 2-3-15  I had a visual of a map showing the north-east portion of South America and the Caribbean.
I had a visual of a metal rod pumping into the ocean and then everything turned black. “It will be a big one.. millions.. 8″

The Facts: Explosion on Petrobras oil ship off Brazil coast.


5 thoughts on “Brazil’s Oil Ship Explosion

  1. I don’t know Eric. They are saying no oil has leaked into the ocean. So if the “millions” is meaning in terms of money maybe. Are you able to confirm with Spirit?

    • Everyone is on a small break while I am sick, so not right now. The black water could be the ‘death’. But your right does not all fit, however the location is very on.

      • Oh gosh sorry to hear that. I was wondering if you were feeling under the weather. I’ve been dealing with sick grandbabies and their Mom being sick also these past two weeks. I must be too old because I haven’t caught any of it yet….knock on wood! LOL. Well I hope you get feeling better real soon. I just got a bad feeling about a huge oil spill in that part of the ocean. I am so tired of the way humans are treating our planet. It’s so sad. Blessings Eric.

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