Jordan Strikes ISIS

A major correction on our part, this prediction has happened but the wrong country was mentioned. I apologize for the mistake, we seem to be making a lot of them recently. We will not mix up the happenings in Jordan again. But this prediction is talking about the epic battle Jordan has unleashed on ISIS. The US arriving late could be a reference to their failure to rescue pilots in a timely manner.  The video below is from Jordan, its not in english but one can see why the Spirits chose to call it epic.

Notes on 12-6-14   “Lebanon, Lebanon.. An epic massive battle is coming. The US arrives late. In Lebanon.. In Syria.. Wednesday”

Notes on 2-4-15  I had a visual of  Spirit holding a red pen. They showed the pen several times.


9 thoughts on “Jordan Strikes ISIS

  1. You may be right about Lebanon because there was something in the news recently about that pot being stirred up. I didn’t see a red pen in the Jordanian video but there was a red strap hanging from the planes. The writing on the bombs was made with white chalk.

    • I think the relation of the red pen is symbolic for “correction” — they are correcting their info they previously shared by symbolizing a red pen (which is used to mark up or correct school course work)

    • Sorry, I should have explained. in the US, using a red pen means your correcting something, an error, or in school grammar. So when you write something a teacher will use a red pen to circle your mistakes. Symbolically Spirit is correcting our mistake between Lebanon and Jordan. Clearly if you replace “Jordan” with Lebanon on notes 12-6-14 it would make far more sense with the news right now. They have made mistakes like this before but it was always cities.


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