Notes on 1-16-15

“These attacks are about to start up again. another one..”

“Berlin.. Moscow.. the 19.. another attack.. guns, shots fired.. pain (or baine).. 11” — Spirits Voice

Whether related or not, I keep getting visuals of a mall attack as well.

Also about the New York / New Jersey attack expected around the 24, Spirit showed a sign on a building from the side, it read B E L, the word bellview seems to be apart of the building.

Eric’s Comments: The 19 I believe is a date, I am not sure about 11. The Bellview connection sounds like the hospital, but we need to verify with your help, any other locations with the actual name bellivew on the building.


63 thoughts on “Notes on 1-16-15

    • Hi Eric in one of the predictions spirit said something about someone working behind the seen. Did u get any more info from spirits about it. Hoping this one in NY is foil. Don’t want to see something like what happened on 9/11 again. Saw that in person and had nightmares for months.

    • Hey Anthony,
      Medium Thomas seems to get many things wrong and predictions WAY off. I recommend reading his summary for the last three years. He repeats predictions each year. For instance, Saying the same old person will die each year and they haven’t. Well one year he will be right but it won’t be because he predicted it every single year, it will be because the person is old and we all die at some point. Personally, I think he may be a charlatan.

      Out of the predictions for last year, I only found 5 out of 139 that came to pass, and they were very vague. Like train wreck in China. Well every year there are many train wrecks just like car wrecks. Just a thought. In my belief, someone who is frauding the public with a huge list of celebrity predictions among other things, is a sham (most of which, if you read past years did not come true those years). He is in no way like Eric.
      As I said I read 2013, 2014, 2015 predictions from Mr Thomas and very little was accurate, and if it was, it was very vague and unconvincing or he had repeated the same prediction three years running (or more). He touts himself as Millionaire Mahattan Medium. Something very gloating about that which doesn’t sit well with me.
      His prediction of Gold is hilarious. He predicts it will bottom out yet he predicts all these horrible world event. Gold goes up with fear. Always has, always will. Right now its very volatile because of the world crises.
      Just my humble opinion. I would stick with Eric’s page. He doesn’t repeat himself year after year.

  1. Eric, I’m wondering if some of the dates you give concerning the NY/NJ attacks are actually streets. East 27th Street is more like a big red brick walkway that runs perpendicular into the Bellevue Hospital. Bellevue is on the front of this hospital. There is also a Comedy club on 24th Street. Canopy, theatre, stage, etc and it is not far from the Bellevue hospital. Your 1-10-15 prediction may be a gunman at the comedy club. Bellevue is close. This could also be a two-stage attack where the 2nd stage would be a bomb at Bellevue as the injured arrive. Typical tactic in Afghanistan.

  2. Hey Erick there is a hotel in Carins Australia called Bellview but I don’t think it could be there what u think

  3. Reply
    • Now the lettering going vertically on the building is spooky in reference to the clue from Eric; I’ve never seen a building lettering quite like that before. Could it be that a patient or employee in the building is involved in the attack plot? Eric, is this the lettering you saw?

  4. Does it actually involve the name Bellevue…….there is a beautiful old building called Bell Laboratories building….which houses artists and a synagogue…. It also has 11 in it’s geographical coordinates.. Although it is in Manhattan…

    • I saw that, too. Interesting that the mall is called “Melbourne Square” I think. Isn’t there a Melbourne, Australia? The universe has a way of showing things… It’s been awfully busy lately.

      • Hi Lia, yes there is a Melbourne , Australia..
        There has also been a lot of activity in Canada… As well.. Mounties shot.. Shooter being hunted. Another cell arrested.
        There has been a suspicious incident ( Fire in truck on train) in tunnel between UK and France..
        Your right a lot of activity..

      • Jules104, the way things are manifesting..
        I think there will be more..
        Very similar to to what spirit has informed us.. Again multiple being the operative word..

      • Yes I agree. More to come. I think Eric and Spirits are doing a great job also. If I didn’t know any better I would say someone is starting to pay attention with all these foiled attacks. I pray it’s so.

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  6. I can’t help but wonder if these are distractions to keep us from being prepared for much bigger events. There are so many incidents around the world right now. I think our prayers and sending light to others is helping in the foiling of some of these events.

  7. Eric…I know how hard it is to see this stuff and I’m sure you have a lot being thrown at u because there are so many of these attacks in motion. I know our mission is to try and stop or prepare for what is going to happen but lately I’m trying to go bigger then that and try and sort out who is responsible. We know there is someone behind all of this…they put their poster boys out like they are the leaders of the group but we know there is someone bigger staying in the dark controlling all of this…I haven’t came up with anything yet but I am working on it. I was wondering if you have been given any info from spirits to whom is running the actual show. If we can focus on that person and expose them maybe it would lead to the end of all this. I know it’s like pulling a needle out of a hay stack but it might just be possible. I think about that message you personally got with the king coming out of the deck of cards….

      • Was thinking. In nj but around ny. Why would victims in nj be taken all the way to Bellevue in ny could it be the attackers are in nj but the attacks will be all around ny the hospital seems the logical bell view in the prediction.

      • Hi I was wondering if we can reply back to you.

        I have had psychic things happen to me since I was young, but in the past few years it has really ramped up. A couple of years ago I had my first actual vision where whom I call the nice lady came and told and showed me things, often in the form of graphs. The one 2 years ago was mostly about the future of medicine and how light will be used to cure all sorts of illnesses, physical and mental. It will work by beaming specific frequencies to corresponding parts of the body. I was also told autism is caused by ultrasound, but autism and Alzheimer’s and so many other conditions will be able to be corrected.

        It has happened again a few times since, and the information often has to do with physics and light.

        I’ve only told my close aunt and a couple of very good friends through the years, but I’ve never run across anyone else like me. I’m a fairly normal person otherwise, but I just wonder about all this and why it happens.

        I looked up psychics the other day and found your website. I noticed that it happens to you in a very similar way that it happens to me.

        I wonder if this is happening to more and more people, and what it all means.

        Since 1990 I have been feeling that the far East will become the new super power and the West will go into a steep decline. There will be a terrible war breaking out soon and many will die, however this new light technology will improve the new world and even be able to clean up environmental messes, even those involving radiation.

        I just wanted to contact someone else like me, I’m very glad to have found your website.


      • Diane, I find your insights gained about the future use of light in medicine to be very interesting. I once read somewhere online ( forget where) that a woman had a near death experience. In her posted story about the NDE, she said that she “understood” in heaven that autism is caused by ultrasounds. Was this you by any chance? It makes some sense to me. It would explain why autism is getting so prevalent these days. I can “see” light around people in the form of their aura. It makes much sense to me that light frequencies are the future of medicine. I think your post is very uplifting!

      • I have to apologize I’m not able to figure out the format of this forum, I initially meant to email Eric after finding his website because I’ve been concerned about what has been happening to me these past couple of years.

        That is very interesting that a lady had a NDE and saw that ultrasound causes autism! I didn’t have an NDE when that happened, I was laying down after cleaning some bulk baltic amber I had ordered, when it started to happen. I wasn’t asleep, yet it felt as if I was in another “place”. When I was told things, no matter how complicated, I understood immediately. A lot of what I was told/shown had to do with physics, and I never liked physics in school. After that happened though I’ve found that I’m able to understand certain concepts that I could never grasp before.

        It happened again this past Oct. and again on Christmas. During these I was shown how when people rage at others, it hurts the energy field of the person. They also told and showed me how it is very damaging to throw rage and anger at children because it will warp them in a very real way, and when they become adults, they will grow up to be a troubled version of who they were meant to develop into. So child abuse is a very real terrible thing that will cause the victims to suffer for most of their lives.

        I literally saw these energies, there is so much going on that our eyes simply do not pick up.

        I’m not sure why I’ve had so many of these incidents dealing with children, I never had any kids and I have had little interaction with them since I became an adult.

        When it happened on Christmas, the one I call the nice lady told me the abuse of children is a very serious problem now, and it’s the major source of suffering in this world. I also saw that when cats purr, they are beaming out an energy!

        There is so much more to it all, I’ve written down bits and pieces but I feel I should write it all down and put it all together.

        In the meantime hopefully I will get this website figured out!

  8. While Bellevue Hospital seems like a match for some of the specifics, others don’t seem to fit? But consider these clues–2nd floor, address the nation. The second floor of one of the United Nations buildings–houses the General Assembly where speeches are made. Possibly people living in that area may see something connected to the restaurant/bagels etc. I would consider the UN to be a target of terrorists. On Tuesday, January 27th, the UN commemorates the memory of Holocaust Victims.

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