Senate Approves US Spending Bill

Its a start. The prediction accurately shows the government working together and the individuals who would try and stop it. They even predicted the 40 votes and how ‘amnesty’ fits in with the prediction. The president is expected to pass the bill.

Predictions for 2014   The US government drastically alters.. the president ready to set a more positive tone..  compromise.. togetherness return.. unfortunately much of it due to the issues that face the nation.. later the US government becomes more blue, as the red dwindles.

Future of US Politics? -Notes on 11-6-14
Coalition .. 40
Number 1 go ahead, Number 2 go ahead, Number 3.. No
Obama, and Mitch (McConnell); To work with you mortal enemy really says something.
Yes to compromise and no to gridlock in the US. They do come together
It’s the radical right of the likes of Ted Cruz that dissolves good intentions.

The Facts 12-14-14: “The Senate approved a $1.1 trillion spending measure Saturday night funding most of the government through September, removing the threat of a shutdown for much of 2015.

The bipartisan 56-40 vote sends the bill to President Barack Obama, who is expected to sign it into law…

Passage closes a chapter of yet another fiscal battle on Capitol Hill. It came after attempts to delay the legislation by liberals who sought to strip out a policy provision that eases a Wall Street regulation and conservatives who tried to slow action on immigration.

In fact, the Senate would not have been in session this weekend if it hadn’t been for a small band of conservatives who sabotaged an agreement by Democratic Leader Harry Reid and Republican Leader Mitch McConnell, who wanted to vote on the bill Monday.

In a late Friday night procedural sneak attack, carried out after McConnell left the Capitol, the group led by Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, forced the Senate to stay. They also pressed to get a vote on a measure to declare the bill unconstitutional because it funds what they say is “illegal amnesty” included in the President’s recent executive orders on immigration.

The move by rank-and-file members to undermine an agreement between the Senate leaders is highly unusual and may reflect the difficulty incoming majority leader McConnell will face managing the Senate when the new Congress convenes next month.”

Cruz defended his actions.” Want to read more: Quoted News:

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  1. Jon Blue Avatar
    Jon Blue

    The economy will crash next year as its very shaky. There is no way it can be held up with another band-aid, as this makes two. We owe a significant amount of money to the Chinese (whose economy is slowing down) and to the Russians (whose economy is collapsing). At some point we have to pay them back or those countries will start slowly selling off their holdings of US Treasuries in foreign banks. A domino effect and a global depression. Big companies like oil, materials, and construction have begun laying off thousands of midlevel (middle class) Americans as the rich will do anything to hold on to their company’s money. This will be a very bumpy ride the next few years. Hold on, folks. Growing unrest in Europe and soon China as their economy slows. The ground is shaking beneath us. Leave it to Ted Cruz to be the corrupt one to sabotage an agreement between both sides. The irony is that Cruz’s father did not become a citizen until 2005 and was a fighter for Fidel Castro which he later apologized for. Guess he learned how to have a Coup d’etat from his father after all.

    “Whether the stone hits the pitcher or the pitcher hits the stone, its going to be bad for the pitcher”-Man of La Mancha

    1. Dave Avatar

      I asked Eric about the encomy collapse he said he didnt see it coming, i certainly hope not..

    2. jollymystic Avatar

      Jon, it defies all logic, and you are correct going from facts, but I see it being slightly positive for a while, too.

  2. lost faith in you Avatar
    lost faith in you

    Eric, I no longer have any faith in you I am not sure you are sincere or up and up to me a conspirator. If you were so psychic, you would have picked up on something ‘big’ that has engulfed an area of this country and destroyed a human life while the cops pimped that person out as bait to ‘find some of the players” I am not sue about you and it was that recent Portland shooting that changed things for you wrote about it the day before as if maybe YOU had prior knowledge of that event. If you were so ‘good’ at your craft and your informers were so talented you would have uncovered harm that has been done to one person, but you didn’t, as if that person’s plight was not important to your political agenda, and I do think you are political!

    1. kellyrosepalmer Avatar

      Are you serious?

      1. Jon Blue Avatar
        Jon Blue

        Sounds like someone needed to vent and they are venting at the wrong person. Eric sees what he sees but he can’t see it all. No one human with gifts can. God and Spirits only show you what they want to show you. And may share other information with others with similar gifts. Sadly, this person appears to rely too much on one individual. Its a collective, a community.

    2. Nessie Avatar

      Well to each their own I always say. But it seems to me you could be missing the point and don’t understand how Eric, Spirit and this site works. To be honest, I don’t fully understand how it works myself, but I do know that It’s impossible for one psychic to know all the events. It wouldn’t even be right for one person to be all knowing, so there is no way that this implies that someone is not sincere or has an agenda. It’s all about what is allowed to come through at that time for Eric to see and to convey to us in the community.

      The fact that an important event as you put it was missed could be because Spirit’s focus is on another time line which is connected to other predictions and the decision was made to follow up on that for the moment. There are so many things happening in the world and only so many spirits who can see what is going on, things happening on different levels, it’s just impossible to have an overview of every event that is going to happen or could happen. Also sometimes things happen that just cannot be foreseen.

      Oh and it could very well be that the person you speak of who was harmed, might have spirits working on that to help him as we speak. Even though spirits work together, they do not want to get in each other’s way, everybody has his or hers own task in this, no need for another to step in unless asked for.

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        Yes and they were very focused on the Philippines.

    3. Mary Avatar

      According to the person that stated ” I no longer have any faith in you”. Never thought of that and be careful who you have faith in any human being but God. I have great faith in God and totally believe in supernatural without explanation. I don’t fully understand why the 67 Spirits want to help by sending out messages to the flesh persons. There must be the reasons why are they doing this and for what is their purposes. However, everyone has a gift. I have a gift in dreams. The spirits are reaching out to human beings to help them understand on different levels. Its pretty deep and complicated subject.

      Eric, it just struck me when a person loses faith in you as stated. . I remember the dreams you saw that all are looking at you and it was quiet. You sat on the horse with the arrow and bow. Is that the signs from your previous prediction? Just a thought.

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        I don’t think so, but maybe.

  3. Dave Avatar

    my bible study teacher constantly brings up a worldwide economic collapse. but he also has mentioned the pope being the antichrist, how the catholics will introduce an alien savior and how muslims and gays are evil and that even though i’m a good person im going to hell because i’m not saved so….I have a lot to work with there

    1. Pn Avatar

      All I can say is that you have a radical bible school teacher 😄 – preaching hatred and damnation – so not what God asked – if anything a religious teacher is to teach is to leach Love – unconditional love.

      1. Pn Avatar

        Sorry teach not leach

      2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        I had no idea so many ministers preached fear and hate.

      3. Jon Blue Avatar
        Jon Blue

        You are so right, Pn. Hatred is filled in these churches. Especially right wing Christians. They are preaching hate and judgement (two things their Jesus was against). Jesus was also against killing anyone yet most extreme religions have caused wars for centuries killing innocent people. Dave, definitely find a different place to find your spirituality. Not in some maniac that calls everyone around him ‘Evil”. There is something this man is hiding to be so vitriol.

  4. kellyrosepalmer Avatar

    I know this is not related but there is a terrorist attack unfolding in Sydney Australia. A gunman took over a Lindt cafe in an area named Martin Place which id a major tourist, transportation, Parlament and business hub near the heart of Sydney. There seems to be a lone terrorist who had a black flag in the window of the cafe and apparently it was thought at first to be a ISIS flag but it was actually an Islamist flag often used by Jihadi groups as a battle banner. 5 hostages feed the store and there is thought to be less then 30 hostages. This hostage incident comes after police did anti terrorism raids in Sydney and after that was done police alledge that Islamic extremists planned to behead a person in Martin Place.

    This is so aweful….my heart is heavy please think of these hostages and pray they make it out of this situation ok…..

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Did they say how many hostages there was? How did the raid turn out?

  5. kellyrosepalmer Avatar

    5 hostages fled not feed the store

  6. kellyrosepalmer Avatar

    It seems like this was a lone wolf attack. I just heard that the police had stormed in and shots were fired. It did not say how many hostages there were yet but it appears that at least 3 people are dead and some critically injured. It did give the name of the gunman but did not say if he was killed or not.

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