Philippines Typhoon Damage

This prediction is now unfortunately complete. Spirit accurately predicted its timing, overall location, and the horrible tragedy it brought. My heart goes out to all the people of the Philippines and I hope for a speedy recovery.

Predictions on 10-25-14  I had a visual of  several crushed houses floating in water, nothing was left undamaged.
Between November and December, the worst natural disasters unfold as the year closes, Japan, Florida, and one of the absolute worst for the year in the Philippines
Oh people of the Philippines two years in a row you have suffered, such absolute horror, complete destruction, massive casualties,  so much death, people of the Philippines brace yourself for the worst, Poseidon shows no mercy.

Notes on 11-19-14   “Where the damage is on the western shores of Florida, so to will the damage of the eastern part of the Philippines be.”

The Facts on 12-9-14 by Reuters: “At least 21 people were reported dead, many of them drowned as flood waters rose in Borongan, the main town in Eastern Samar, where typhoon Hagupit made first landfall, the Philippine National Red Cross said on Monday.

The Philippines had evacuated more than a million people as the powerful typhoon approached the country from the Pacific, fearing a repeat of a super storm last year that left more than 7,000 dead or missing.”

5 responses to “Philippines Typhoon Damage”

  1. Jules104 Avatar

    I will be praying for all of them Eric. Especially those who have lost their loved ones. And though this is tragic, I am thankful that due to the evacuations by the government, there were not even more lives lost. Prayers and love sent their way.

    1. rhona Avatar

      Hi jules i am thankful the government was on to it as well…hope all is well with you and yours always in my prayers…as all the site family are…

  2. mutyangkagandahan Avatar

    “I had a visual of several crushed houses floating in water, nothing was left undamaged.”

    The prediction on hagupit didnt seem to be accurate. Please read the news.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      They pointed to the place, the timeframe, the event and there was plenty of damage. Not sure what your reading.

  3. roxiee Avatar

    You are right, Eric…. lots of damage especially the houses along the coastline.

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