China Arrests Ex-security Chief for Leaking Secrets

This prediction has happened.

Notes on 12-2-14  “China, treason, panic, panic, put to death.” — Spirits Voice
I had a visual of a large rat sitting up eating a piece of cheese, he had beady black eyes that looked disturbing.

The Facts on 12-5-14: “China arrests ex-security chief for corruption, leaking secrets.  Chinese authorities have arrested former domestic security chief Zhou Yongkang and expelled him from the ruling Communist Party, accusing him of crimes ranging from accepting bribes to leaking state secrets and setting the stage for his trial.
Zhou, 71, is by far the highest-profile figure caught up in President Xi Jinping‘s crackdown on corruption.” Quoted by

20 thoughts on “China Arrests Ex-security Chief for Leaking Secrets

  1. This prediction from yourself and Spirit is spot on Eric. It seemed as though it happened fairly quick to. Great job!

    1. Yes and on a not so nice note, the rat’s face kinda looks like the man, with beady eyes. More importantly is the ‘rat’ symbol which seems to be an un-loyal, slime ball. This man was taking bribes to determine how he would judge on a decision.

      1. Yes I agree, he looks rather like a rat. It’s terrible the things greed will cause a person to do. Glad they finally caught him.

  2. His story has been out and he ‘s been removed from his position and under investigation for about two years now, all Chinese know about that. Maybe American don’t know , but It’s not really a news to us.

  3. I just want to make a quick statement I want to thank you for what you do eric I hope that you keep up the good fight and we as brothers and sisters can come as one with the assistants of the spirits and the guidance and strength of higher power to make this world a better place bless everyone.

    1. Thanks Travis!! Yes I will celebrate that moment where it all comes together with all of your help. They have predicted that in that moment it will be you guys who break the ice of change, not me.

  4. Eric I totally agree with Jules104…..your prediction was spot on. I read an article on this today and my first thought was of your prediction. Your predictions are coming to fruition much quicker lately and have been so accurate. Keep up the great work and thank you for all you and the Spirits do!!!!

  5. Spot on, Eric! And yes, as others here say, your predictions are happening close to the prediction timeline! Great job.

  6. Nanny…..The news article that I read was very detailed into how long they have been watching him and taking down his associates and family. This information IS new and it’s taken from the local papers there. I would be very interested to see something that contradicts the news agencies there covering this event!

  7. Just read the birth of change Eric…I wasn’t a reader back then it was definitely a beautiful read and brings some light to your other writings to. It also brings to light the vision i had a while ago while reading your prediction, a vision of a male very smart very good with numbers studying your predictions .. Seeing him break everything down in his head and connection the dots maybe even photographic memory…maybe good with ancient numbers and history as well. He is a very quite person but so so smart. I was so excited when I read your post, verified completely what I had seen. I look forward to see you, his and everyone on here shine and break the code;)

  8. time for china to change their ways. Maybe instead of killing this man they send him to tibet under buddhism training camp Along with all the others that will eventually be found. ein sof

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