Rioting in Mexico

This prediction continues, now more than ever the reality of their prediction has arrived. Any thoughts on the meaning of the last part of the prediction and the president? My heart goes out to all those in Mexico, especially the families of the missing students.
Some of you have pointed out that the large black sulfur could be the Volcano erupting in Mexico at the same time as the protests.

Notes on 11-3-14
In Mexico such a truly evil act
The bodies now found
Rage, protest ensues, corruption demanded to end
with protest violence follows. -Spirits Voice
I had a visual of a large black sulfur looking cloud blanket an area in Mexico where a mountain sat.
I had a visual of the President of Mexico, there was a locked gate behind him but now the gate would be completely open.

The Facts on 11-21-14: Rampaging riots in Mexico as President Peña Nieto sworn.

The Facts on 11-21-14: Mexico’s Colima volcano spouts ash and hot rock. The Colima volcano in western Mexico has erupted, sending a column of ash about 3 miles (5 kilometers) into the air. Quoted by Yahoo News.


4 thoughts on “Rioting in Mexico

  1. Eric this whole prediction was so amazing to me since you had got the prediction out on this as the events had already stared. This was easier to notice since we had already known of some of the prediction. Simply amazing. Keep up the excellent work Eric!!!

  2. Could the prediction about the president be literal? Maybe the people break in and take over the house, kind of like what happened with Ukraine’s leaders?

    • Thanks for that Luke, I don’t think so, it looked symbolic. I will say its more about the act of closing and opening the gate/fence. For instance I was asking questions a few months back about a specific prediction. The showed Spirit holding a bag, letting it out of there hands and the bag falling to the floor. They showed the vision several times. Its meaning?.. “Drop it.”


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