Ebola – New Jersey Quarantine

It would be hard to deny the Spirits warning that fear dictates our actions on Ebola. Also the notes on 5-28 sounds very similar to the forced quarantine from New Jersey and the North east.

Notes on 7-23-14 “The virus.. yes to its deadly threat.. and it will pop up in other locations.. but the real threat comes in fear.. fear and a cold calculated response will be more damaging.. watch for it.. we had predicted it.. vaguely.. words of security.”

Notes on 5-28-14 “We question the security for the social order, social security.. for the group there is a social safety/security matter at hand.. bad decisions”

The facts: White House criticizes quarantine for West Africa aid workers

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  1. 1wanderingtruthseeker Avatar

    Who get to decide which people will be quarantined? Our government? What are the systems? Oh anyone that May Be sick. That means they can quarantine any and everyone.

    1. Isabelle Avatar

      Hi 1wanderingtruthseeker,
      In this case the governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie and the governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo decided that stricter guidelines were needed than what the federal guidelines deem.

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        Hi Isabelle, I believe in this case its based on state to state policy. Usually in the case of quarantines its up to what the state dictates as long as it does not infringe on our civil rights.

  2. anthony Avatar

    Whats really needed is support for current doctors and nurses who have died over there while trying to contain ebola. Need rich person to give min 5k per head for any doctor/nurse who are currently working. These doctors/nurses have been shunned by own government/famlies/landlords becuase they are fighting to contain the disease. They need to get their own shelter but kicked out from present landlords.Giving them money would help ease certain family burdens since they dont make much over there plus another bonus if they die to take care of their own family needs. Doctors and nurses should be quarantined there before coming back and put up in 5 star resort(island) with a big thank you.Help the doctors and nurses coming back into america by helping them pay their bills. How does one reward a selfless act. Make their life worse for helping.Now their questioning their own moral decisions in helping.I am greatfull for their help but added support is needed. Same problem in going to war. Send a soldier,gets wounded and we have to create charity to raise funds to help the soldiers. One thing america has is money.Some decisions thou you shake your head. Pool the money worldwide under the medical leader’s and its just another checkmark that has to be taken care of. Some medical leaders thou are stupid based upon thier own ego. Science based minds. They must meet in the middle. Balance. To far to the right or to far to the left nothing works. Biggest problem like any world problem.To many generals. Spirit is saying its going to spread. Better to be over prepared then under prepared. Cuba is doing a wonderfull job along with other members. Lets help all the doctors and nurses who are over there when they come back. Last thing they need when they come home is to be shunned by own family/friends.Give them a check to pay expenses so their not forced to rush back to work to provide for family.

    1. Annie Avatar

      I agree with everything you’ve said here, Anthony. It is disgusting the way those are treated whom risk life and limb for wars or aiding in disease conditions worldwide. Few among those I personally know could scarce afford the 21 day quarantine, or else bills do not get paid and the family suffers. Veterans should also not be suffering so needlessly. There is much wealth in the world but unfortunately it does not return to the economy, but much is hoarded by an elite few – who could never even spend it in their lifetimes. How does one reward a selfless act indeed.

  3. Pn Avatar

    correct me if I am wrong as I am not an American- but is not the American system pretty much skewed? Here you are punishing someone just because they went to help another country and probably does not carry the virus and yet you do nothing about your gun laws and guns which is probably going to kill more people in the states than Ebola ever will.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I think you have to understand the US culture. What country are you from? We see our constitution as sacred, under which we have the right of free speech, the right to bear arms (guns), the right to vote, etc. This is something given to us by the US founders to protect us from our own government. With these rights we believe we will never have an Al Assad or Saddam Hussein, because the power of the people would outweigh the power of the government. The fact that so many parts of the world have leaders that oppress their people, in some cases torture and kill them only validates our need for those rights. Now with that said, I have no idea why we can’t have certain restrictions, such as not giving a gun to someone who is mentally unstable, and its my opinion the NRA has way to much influence in government. It is debatable.

      1. Pn Avatar

        Hi Eric I am from Kenya. Not that I should comment on gun laws as we are pretty much an insecure country right now with almost daily threats from the Al Shabab as well as crime accelerating at an alarming pace. People here are debating whether our security guards should be given guns so that they can protect properties and themselves against robberies with violence.
        However what I was trying to say about your gun laws is this – there have been 33 school killings in America since Columbine- nowhere else in the world have we heard of such statistics – cannot your right to bear arms be changed. Why would anyone want to give or sell a gun to let’s say 14 – 18 years of age group. These are still growing minds and these minds are probably going to experiment with a lot of alternatives at their age.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Yep, I agree it is an issue, a problem that needs our attention. My only point is to share our point of view over here, to give you an understanding to what can be seen as just madness. I am a firm believer in the constitution of the US it keeps our government in check from becoming too corrupt or oppressive. That’s not something you can say for a multitude of different nations around the world. As for the laws its something that is decided state by state, so it depends on which one you are talking about. I have learned a lot about the world now that I do this, I think its important that we all seek out knowledge and the truth of those we don’t know or understand. Knowing your neighbor and his opinions sets a tone of equals.

        2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          PN, tell us something about Kenya, something awesome or unique, something we probably don’t know about.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I am open to other opinions on the subject. Be NICE while debating it.

      1. Pn Avatar

        Uniqueness of Kenya – gosh so much to say – where can I start.
        Capital city Nairobi- only capital in the world with a national park within its environs – where you can see lions, zebras, giraffes, roaming free.
        2nd largest mountain – snow peaked mount Kenya which you can climb and which is situated on the equator. William Holden built his ranch there and it is now the famous Mount Kenya Safari Hotel.
        There is also the Giraffe Manor a few km away from Nairobi where the giraffes visit you while you are having breakfast.
        The Rift Valley – one hours drive from Nairobi with lakes Elmentaita, naivasha and Nakuru – natural habitat for pink flamingos and site of mount longonot- now extinct.
        The Masai Mara – bordering Serengeti – during months of June to October you see the wilderbeest crossing the Mara river from Serengeti into Kenya – a perfect time to see the big 5- elephants, leopards, buffalo, lions and rhino as well as cheetahs, hyenas, hippos and crocodiles. Only shooting allowed is by cameras.
        Moving south – the Indian Ocean and the perfect beaches. I think ours are better than what you find in Goa.
        Also the capital city Nairobi is very cosmopolitan and if statistics are correct the 26th most expensive capital to live in the world. The UN hq for Africa are based in Nairobi.
        Also freedom to worship all religions.

        Gosh that is a lot going on in Kenya isn’t it.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Wow.. thanks.

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