Parliament Hill Shooting Ontario Canada

This prediction has happened. The prime minister has been evacuated.  As of yet its unclear what “Vin” means.

Notes on 8-10-14  “Ontario.. fugitive on loose.. man hunt.. possible evacuation.” — Spirits Voice
“Vin.. (Vincent?)

The facts on 10-22-14 by Yahoo Canada: “Ottawa police hunt for suspects after Parliament Hill, War Memorial shootings. As many as 50 shots fired in and around Parliament Hill in Ottawa has resulted in one soldier shot and one gunman confirmed dead. Police continue to scour the area for other suspects involved in the shootings.” Quoted by:

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  1. Eric “Vin”, reportedly the gunman was shot by the Sargent-of-Arms, Kevin (Vin?) Vicars. The Sargent in charge of security in the Parliament Building. Perhaps a nickname? They say it would have been much worse if he had not stopped him.

    1. prayers of thanks and heartfelt support in spirit and light for families of all involved. yes jules it seems to me that vin is the one spirit indicated…its difficult to say well done but the men and women in these services to protect us deserve all the praise and support we can give them the whole word over…special individuals all….

  2. The shooter’s original name was Michael Joseph Hall. When he recently converted to Islam he changed it to Michael Zehaf Bibeau, a 32-year-old Canadian. The PM is linking this and yesterday’s hit & run on a soldier by another convert, to IS, rather it is a homegrown problem of deranged wannabe’s.

  3. I haven’t been able to stop thinking of this all evening as I knew the vin or Vincent name connection sounded familiar. And then I recalled the hit and run accident that occurred 2 days prior to the Ottawa shooting in which another radicalized individual ran down 2 soldiers. One soldier, 53 year old Patrice Vincent, was killed.

  4. This is very tragic for my country and unfortunately I don’t feel it is over. Could Vin represent VIN which is the Vehicle Identification Number of the car the terrorist used being that it was parked on the street with no plates? Maybe if police would have seen the car unplated prior to reaching the memorial, this could have been avoided?

    1. The Spirits implied it was a name. In personal readings when a loved one wants to communicate its followed by a letter or a small set of letters, for instance a CH name could be Christian. Some of the other fans on the site believe its ‘Patrice Vincent’ who was a victim of the car incident that took place in Canada.

  5. School shooting in Washington, 4 officers shot by 2 armed men in Sacramento this morning, hatchet atack on officers in NYC yesterday. Its been a tragic 72 hours 🙁

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