Typhoons Impact Fukushima Reactor

Even though we posted this before it continues to be an ongoing issue unfolding.

Notes on 7-19-13   “The barrier will hold when the storm rolls into Japan, but another storm looms and the barrier will not hold.”
Notes 7-12-14   “The shoreline grossly contaminated.. all life in the water is dead.. no sane man would swim in it.. a renewed demand to fix it.. the fat cat needs a diet.”

The Facts on 10-19-14:  Recent Japan Typhoons Impact Fukushima Reactors, Radiation Levels at All Time High.  Radiation levels of the waters at crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant have surged to an all-time high, monitoring tests revealed. According to state media outlet NHK, the back-to-back weather disturbance Typhoons VongFong and Phanfone had triggered the elevated radiation quantities at the plant. Samples taken by Tepco Electric Power Company (TEPCO) on Oct 8 and 9 had revealed the levels of radioactive isotope cesium, a cancer-causing agent, are now at 251,000 becquerels per litre, three times higher over the figures maintained in records. Quoted by: http://au.ibtimes.com/articles/569914/20141017/japan-typhoons-fukushima-reactors-radiation.htm#.VEQ9_WAtDIW



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