Predictions in Question

Have these predictions happened? It’s difficult to say I leave it for you to decide, where is the bird?

Notes on 9-20-14  I had a visual of a massive eruption.
“The volcano already active will explode violently, in such a massive display of fire.”
The Facts: NAGANO, Japan, Sept. 27 (UPI) — At least 40 hikers were injured in Japan Saturday when volcano Mount Ontake erupted. The eruption sent a dark plume of smoke into the air, ejecting rubble and covering the surrounding area in a thick layer of white ash. Witnesses reported a thunder-like boom as the volcano exploded.
Read more:

Notes on 9-14-14 I had a visual of one Sunkist placed on the table.
“The Hurricane will turn towards Florida
and strike it in the last weeks of September
The Facts on 9-24-14 by AP : ORLANDO, Fla. — Residents in Volusia and Flagler counties are dealing with the remnants of heavy overnight rains and flooding in central Florida.Persistent rains early Wednesday morning produced a record amount of rain in the Daytona Beach area. The National Weather Service said nearly eight inches of rain had fallen at Daytona Beach International Airport over a 24-hour period.The rainfall totals exceeded the record for the date of 4.22 inches in 1974. – See more at:

Notes on 9-10-14
“Earthquake coming by a coastline
right above the location sits the bird
where the land sticks out.”
I had a visual of a duck or goose cartoon character right above the area that was hit with a quake.
The Facts on 9-26: A 6.1 magnitude earthquake struck Alaska about 100 miles northwest of Anchorage, according to the USG






24 thoughts on “Predictions in Question

    • I believe only one of them has really happened because they said one of their predictions has happened. But I don’t think all three. I am presenting the three because I am not sure which one they are talking about.

  1. Hi Eric!
    I thought the volcano prediction happened in Iceland…. Didn’t it?
    The Hurricane perdiction hasn’t happened yet,
    The Earthquake? Not sure . Does the location of the earthquake, is it above where the land/duck thingy is? Is so, at the time, I suggested Puget Sound/geoducks(see my suggestion on 9-10 14 notes). If not? Then maybe? Anchorage is along the coast/near the coast of Alaska. Possible

    • The Iceland prediction was very clear, it said where the Danish live, they showed a picture of Iceland, and referred to it as a fountain, so to that there is not dispute. Separately is this prediction that came later. I assume its Alaska because the land sticks out, but your right no bird that I can see.

      • Ok, so maybe Japan, it happened very suddenly that it caught those poor hikers by surprise.

  2. I think that you have the wrong coast for the 9-10-14 earthquake prediction. If you look at the east coast where it juts out the most (Near Cape Hatteras), there is a town north of it called Duck, and above that the town of Corolla. Both areas use cartoon like drawings of water birds as their emblems: ducks for Duck, and Canadian geese for Corolla. These graphics are painted on all of their water towers. Check out;
    There is a mid-atlantic fault that if becomes active, it could cause a tidal wave that could wash out parts of these low-lying barrier lands. So it could still happen on December 9, or at the time 12:09 AM or PM?

    • Hi Eva ,
      I think you might be right. I remember the earthquake in 2011. We felt it here in PA even though the epicenter was in VA, which isn’t too far from Duck( i looked up both on the map) North Carolina. Geez, I hope it’s not as bad as Eric & Spirit is predicting.

    • Eva,
      So interesting you bring up Cape Hatteras. That is my hometown growing up. Well it is where my family had our summer home as we lived in the Triad area of North Carolina during the school year. It is very low lands. I could tell you lots of stories and folklore from the area. It was my passion as a child. I will say this, my grandpa was very specific about our old home (it still stands on the island). He said to me in one of my three dreams that the house and island would disappear into the ocean within my lifetime. He did not specify how but that I would probably not get to see it again. As you know, I live in Cali now. I think of my old home often. I had an amazing childhood there. But you are right, should a tidal wave hit via the North Atlantic Ridge Fault letting loose, it would be devastating. The fault has had some eruptions over the last few months. It is a thought to think about. My kitchen still has my childhood memories of sand from our beach in a glass jar, and several framed photos and grandma’s cross-stitch of the famed lighthouse that I looked out at every morning I woke. The lighthouse was moved to protect it some years ago as erosion was set to doom it to the sea. It was saved just in the nick of time. I know the town of Duck quite well. It is a quaint fishing town and tourists in the summer season.

  3. Eric, I still think the Icelandic Volcano – still has not finished. Right now the lava expelled is the most in 150 years., I noticed that the Calders is stil getting large earthquakes ..and is sinking..
    I think the Philippines ,Indonesia have been very active..lots of candidates..
    There have been a lot of movement in the core of the earth..many deep earthquakes 500-700 miles down. Near Fuji..and that area of Pacific Rim..
    I still think that the core of the earth is the reason the Activity is more pronounced .
    Edgar Cayce mentioned it in the late 1930’s..
    Time will tell, his spirit guides gave the first warning..


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