UPS Shooting

This prediction has happened. Its unclear why it was so cryptic.

Notes on 9-16-14  I asked: Is the terror attack happening soon, we are already wrong on our timing? I had a visual of people screaming while I looked at a mans name tag on a brown uniform. The tag showed 3 crescent moons back to back.

The Facts reported on 9-23-14 by CNN: A recently-fired employee opened fire at a UPS facility in Inglenook, Alabama, on Tuesday, killing two people before taking his own life, authorities said.
Responding to calls of an active shooter, officers with the Birmingham Police Department entered the building and found the three dead, including the gunman from what looked to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Quoted News:


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    1. Honestly Dave I am not sure. We were in a crescent moon cycle so they might be adding a message of now or very soon. I do have a rolling question to them why they made it so cryptic.

  1. Eric, I didn’t mean that comment as negative criticism. I respect and admire what you do with your gift. You put it out there for the world to see every day and no one else that I know who has this gift does that. I’m just trying to understand how the spirit world can be so specific one time and confusing the next. But that could very well be my problem and not theirs.Please keep up the good work. I look forward to your next reading.

    1. Hi Abe, there are over 67 spirits involved in these predictions, sometimes they speak as a whole which is when I say “Spirit” has a message (the group has a message), but sometimes they present predictions separately. Usually with the separate workings they have a tendency to be vague or cryptic. But this UPS prediction was overly cryptic. Usually ‘Spirit’ comes together to present predictions that they feel are most likely changeable or there is an urgency.

    2. Thank you Spirit world for trying to help. Good job listening Eric! Abe, Eric said it well. But I want to add that I think sometimes the Spirits (light beings, helpers, ancestors) speak specifically when we are well connected, well relaxed with pure hearts, minds and bodies. When it can be cryptic may also be that they do not want to just hand us all the answers as many things are not set in stone as humans (each of us) have the ability to change our minds at any given moment, which in turn has a ripple effect for the future. They want us to think, be mindful, and act with caution via Love and Respect. So many times the cryptic messages are their way of sharing information without upsetting the balance of the Universe’s Divine Mysteries. This also allows our human minds to expand and grow to become more in tune with Spirits, Nature and the world around us. Spirits do not treat us like trained animals, but as children who are growing and making decisions to better ourselves and the world around us. Namaste. (I only wish we could have informed UPS corporate before this happened and maybe we could have had more security at each facility–but we are learning).

      1. That is a good point, if I am out of sorts or tired that will affect the process. I agree to with the last part I don’t see angels as warriors of God but more like the grandpa and grandma of the universe and we are toddlers.

  2. Eric, Jon Blue,
    I agree with your assessment . I would like to put forward .—
    That the cryptic message brought Bioweapons up, in our musings.
    We had a lot of imput into the “meaning”. – Learning to work together with a host of “new” participants. Overall a great new chapter for the future. Blessings!

    1. Thanks, one other note is sometimes they are honestly not familiar with situations. This is a group that refers to the computer as the folding box, and typing as using yours hands to speak.

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