Notes on 9-17-14

Spirit,will Scotland vote yes on Independence? I asked
“No, however it will ensure the voice of Scotland will be heard louder.”
I had a visual of individuals holding up new IDs.


I had a visual of words written on a computer. “Hurricane 926 DJ”
“It will propel north.” (It was implied to be in the orient perhaps China)

“Thursday night, Friday, Friday, Friday.. horrible.”

Eric’s Comments: Well lets hope I’m wrong with Scotland.


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  1. Hi Eric! I copied and pasted the info below from website regarding the China Hurricane threat…..hope this is useful:

    Sep 17, 2014

    What remains of Kalmaegi will continue to rain itself out over inland northern Vietnam, northern Laos and the provence of Yunnan in China today into Thursday. Widespread, extensive flooding and landslides are likely in some of these areas, especially in the higher terrain. Our attention then turns to a cluster of thunderstorms located to the east of the Philippines this morning, which has been upgraded to Tropical Depression 16W by the JMA and JTWC.

    This system is likely to develop into a tropical storm or even typhoon as it heads toward the northwest then eventually to the north, as it begins interacting with a potent trough swinging out of China. There remains some discontinuity in the numerical weather guidance as to when exactly the trough begins influencing the system and when the system eventually makes the northward turn, so at this point, areas from the northern Philippines to Taiwan and Japan remain inside a plausible threat region. In the Saturday to Monday timeframe, most forecast guidance models have a significant storm impacting much of Japan with flooding rain and high wind.

    By Meteorologist Anthony Sagliani

    1. Not sure on the three. I would not look into that much, they have a tendency to repeat themselves over and over, almost like someone who is concerned you can’t hear them. The odd part is that they almost presented it like it was a question that was being answered, even though I did not ask one.

  2. I think you are probably right about Scotland Eric. But hopefully if not now, it will happen in the not to distant future for them. Atleast it will be somewhat better anyway if they have more of a say on what is going to happen in their own country though. They probably feel how some do here in the States concerning the state laws and federal laws.
    Is friday concerning a prediction for a terrorist attack then? Also do you think any of the predictions previously could have to do with the Eric Frein man who ambushed the PA State Troopers and wants to commit a mass killing? I cant help but think about that Wolfsangel patch, with the three crescent moons that the German Nazis used. Here is an article that talks about him playing a German soldier in a film in 2007. ” He recently traveled to Europe. He belonged to a group of military simulation enthusiasts obsessed with Eastern Europe during the Cold War. He belonged to a group of military simulation enthusiasts obsessed with Eastern Europe during the Cold War. They make or obtain uniforms and study the history of that period, and I would liken it to almost a re-enactment.” I pray they find him quickly.

  3. what are you wishing for. yes or no on scotland. Does spirit confirm scotland wont seperate or will they seperate.

  4. you would say something like this. please direct Hurricane 926 DJ to the yellow sea holy father and go over north korea to provide drought relief then china which also needs drought relieve.Let it be written. Let it de done.

  5. Eric, perhaps it’s a reference to a particular climate weather model. If its the orient, it would be a cyclone or typhoon and named not numbered. the number spirit gave is very high and there are not that many storms per year. I do know there are multiple storm track models per storm. There are also many different organizations doing models. I’m guessing the Key could be the DJ at the end.

  6. lets try this. Oh glorious father. mind of my mind. soul of my soul. Bring storms starting in 7 days till end to california and make white to relieve the drought and replenish the soil.let it be written. let it be done.amen

  7. Reblogged this on melbrake and commented:
    I feel that they will vote, yes.
    Scottish independence is cooming!

    As we head into September 18th. @ 7:00 AM BST – 1:00 when the polls open in Scotland, the excitement is building
    A chart erected in my updates section is larger than the one below and set for 7:00 AM BST – 1:00 in Edinburgh

    has Virgo rising @ 25 degrees 55 minutes Virgo close to the Sun reflecting this historic YES vote
    and in a positive alignment with the moon in nationlistic Cancer in the 10th. house

    1. Melbrake, you are wrong yet again for the thousandth time. After reading your own blog about a month ago, I laughed. Today, I do laugh again. Don’t quit your day job. Congrats, Eric! I knew the Spirits would speak to you on this. My heart was pumping the entire time the votes were rolling in on BBC1 (I have ex-pat TV and a british laptop with a british IP address, so I don’t have to use BBC America). The interesting thing is there was this quick shot of a pub in Scotland that was a bunch of young people cheering. It reminded me of what you said. Almost exactly as I envisioned it in my head when you mentioned cheering. Down to the team jerseys from a rugby team also playing that day. I do believe, from my friend and families’ comments over there, that Scotland will have a greater voice from here on out and will be taken much more seriously within Parliament. This will be a great asset to Scotland’s better future. For that, I am excited for them and all of the UK. This bond with the UK will help with the coming ISIS threat and the eminent war ahead. Praying for you all.

    1. blessings much light and energy to our police force and government officials….may they always have insight and strategic awareness …australia is a tolerant nation but as all the world over we wish to defeat those who want to harm…it is so bewildering how these extemists enjoy our food ..sunshine and all in nature our country has given yet they seek to destroy rather than share and not realise how far humanity has come …if there idea was meant to be it would have been done already thousands of years ago…look how big the planet is how enormous the universe ..there is enough space and

  8. what im saying is very simple it is basic common sense ….if you want a simplistic view …running around killing people is not going to change heaven and earth it will all still be here when they and us are gone…i know the ideologies and the beliefs behind it all but when you strip it back to basics they have lost the plot big time…thanks eric ..spirit..and sight family love you all…

  9. rhona. you are being judged and just dont know it. But here is an article in regards to joan rivers.Have faith in god. Just becuase you dont see does not mean it is not happening. This article proves that.
    Sunday Joan came to me in a dream and said she wanted to come back, could I help her? I told her I couldn’t

    1. what in the heck are you talking about, Anthony????!!!! You seem to forget the fundamentals of the original teachings of Christ, Buddha and Mohammed. All saying judge not, or you shall be judged in greater return. Secondly, Joan coming to you in a dream is just a dream. I can guarantee she does not want to come back. I know for a FACT, as I know her daughter, Melissa very well. Joan was very ready should she die. She had everything lined up and realized she was old and having health problems. She knew she would get to meet God. In my experience in that I coded and went to heaven and had the whole “near death experience”. Most all of us veterans on Eric’s site know this story already. The one thing you don’t want to do is come back once you are there. When I was there, I wanted to stay because it was SO darn beautiful, amazing, more real than real. I was told I had to come back. That there were greater things for me to do. I remember brief sadness at that but also the light beings filled my soul with joy when that brief sadness entered. The biggest lie of religion is the judgment it places on others. God/The Universe/Yahweh is 100% Love. Anything less than that is where humanity finds confusions. Leave Rhona alone with your ridiculous judgement comment as if you are some oracle. I can definitely say you are not. You are also quoting an article from some non-reptutable source saying its “proof”??? The person who writes for that website has more grammatical errors than Joan had facelifts. (God, she would have loved this line.) Wow, just wow.

      1. Thank You Jon for responding for Rhona. She is such a beautiful old soul and giving person. I wasn’t sure exactly what to make of that remark of Anthony’s. Hopefully it was meant with good intentions, but most here on this site already know that Rhona “sees” perfectly well and is an inspiration to all! Peace and Blessings Your Way

    2. Anthony, I am not sure what you are implying about Rhona. She is one of the most loving and giving individuals I have been blessed with. Lifting others up with no thought of her own self/needs, expecting nothing in return for her beautiful giving words of love and faith in all aspects of life. The world would be a better place with many more such as herself. I am inspired by her faith in all things visible and in that which we can not see/touch with the naked eye, You/Me would do well to aspire to be more like her. Blessings

  10. Eric could the 926 be the barometric pressure of a hurricane? Though more likely a date of 9-26. Thought I’d put it out there just in case. I think the lower the pressure the stronger the hurricane.

  11. Scottish vote: exit polls: No: 54% YES: 46%. Maybe the number 55 in your notes above means NO will be 55%?

  12. investigations into rigged voting…there is even a video of vote counter putting yes ballots in the note XD bad bad bad

  13. john blue(BJ) i did wish to respond to anthony but i am recovering fom being in hospital from a severe allergic reaction coupled with the flu..yes the judgement piece was crude and unspirited ….non of us know the journey we have trecked and i too have had vision and serious communion with god and his angels i too have been on this path from a very young child…spirit daid to me…do not respond your spirit family will….i doubted after a couple of days…john i love you and i know i do becausemy heart tells me so…thank you .

    1. Hi Rhona, Sorry it took so long for me to respond to Anthony. I missed that comment somehow, and then, I wasn’t really sure what to make of it. (I don’t know, maybe lost in translation?) Hey though… You are one of the most awe inspiring and loving, pure of heart persons this site has been blessed with, and don’t let anyone tell you any different! Anyway, I hope you are recovering from this allergic reaction and flu you have had. I have a feeling that wont keep you down to long though… Peace, Love and Healing Always

      1. hi jules thank you so much for your words…i dont usually let a comment bother me but spirit must have known i needed to hear yours and johns words. maybe a tad meloncholy with the flu….judgement has always stuck a chord with me its my achillese heal…spelt it wrong…i hate it …with a passion…must deal with that issue ….anthony made a heady comment that has brought up the issue of separation whe

  14. ….when we as a whole are striving for union and reconciliation ….i do believe he meant the extemists are judging and separating but how apt they are both my most sensitive subjects from all my life that has been a battle but i developed a compassion and understanding of the people or persons judging are the ones in the most pain or confused a child i had much to fogive older siblings for but i loved the m and saw where they were coming from…im no pushover but i am gratful for my life and.this site …the opportunity for growth in all directions to know thyself and all of you …blessings

  15. Eric, update from election, May, 2015.,

    Scotland voice has gotten deafening …HUGE win..complete..

    “The Scottish nationalist landslide gutted Labour’s chances, reflecting a tectonic shift in sentiments there. Throughout the campaign, Scottish voters told pollsters and journalists they were tired of being taken for granted by Labour, and many had not been impressed when Miliband joined forces with Cameron to urge Scottish voters to reject independence in a September referendum. Scots whose families had for decades voted Labour turned away in droves.”

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