There has been 3 different tragedies back to back involving ships. Perhaps Spirit is noting the surge of tragedies with this short prediction. My heart goes out to all that have lost loved ones in these horrible tragedies.

Notes on 9-12-14   I heard the horn of a large ship, and saw ships in the ocean. “The ship will sink.”

The Facts Reported on 9-16: Rome (AFP) – “As many as 500 migrants are feared to have drowned after traffickers reportedly rammed and sank their boat in what the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) described Monday as “the worst shipwreck in years”.

The Facts reported on 9-15: (BBC) “Many migrants have drowned while trying to reach Europe after their boat sank off Libya, the Libyan navy says. Navy spokesman Ayub Qassem said 36 people had been rescued after the vessel – which carried 250 – went down near Tajoura, east of Tripoli.”

The Facts reported on 9-14: (CNN) — “At least 29 people are missing after a ferry sank in the waters off the central Philippines in bad weather Saturday, the government’s civil defense office said.”

4 thoughts on “Shipwrecks

  1. May the lost souls find peace. Dear, oh dear. And so the predictions come into being. What a horrible outcome, many trying to find a new home but to be sunk by traffickers in the beautiful Mediterranean. What a cruel way for things to end.

  2. Eric, Since i believe events like this is how angry souls dont pass over, I am praying for peace for them.
    I don’t live that far from the Mediterranean maybe 250 miles max. May They be guided over by the guardians of the bridge, may they rest for eternity, may the souls find peace. For some reason i worry not all will do so and they will curse the water they drowned in, poisoning it for us all.

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