Notes on 9-12-14

‘The Spider that involves a cave is coming now
2 minutes (2 days), 15
2 villains
We need to find out who.”

Previous prediction: Notes on 9-2-14   ‘N e t h e r l a n d s’ was spelled out in red, however they spelled it wrong with two tt s instead of an H. There was a feeling of a threat.
I had a visual of an airplane on the tarmac
I had a visual of a large spider slamming through a mountain tunnel and racing down a highway.
“One.. One.. Rage”
I had a visual the Spirits were circling the last two days at the end of the calendar week, which if you looked at a calendar would be Friday and Saturday.

“The earthquake is coming soon, the bird location is more simplified.”

“Another earthquake is coming in Indonesia, a large one.”
“12.. Chile”

“The elephant will take the Senate.”

I heard the horn of a large ship, and saw ships in the ocean. “The ship will sink.”

“Cuba, Cuba, the new leader will speak of liberty and democracy and deliver tyranny.
The youth will back him
Later he will be horribly ruthless.”

“The old car, like that of a model T doesn’t have any registration, no vin, its fake, a complete fraud, it just does not exist.”

“No matter how much you mame, hurt, destroy, hate and violate.. our father will always be there at the end to provide compassion to all, so grand our father is.”
A large mist like hand from the clouds plucked and grew flowers where flowers could not grow.

Eric’s Comments: A prediction is expected today, perhaps the bombing of Syria, or the earthquake but we still have a few days to get the word out to everyone in Europe. about the terror attack. Our new focus will be ‘who’. 
As for the quake, a more simplified location, more obvious, perhaps Turkey. When solving one of their riddles the simplest answer is the most likely one.
Another earthquake is expected in Indonesia, they actually showed the exact location but I need to study the map and research where earthquakes are more common. Chile? Are they saying Chile will have an earthquake or does 12 represent a situation in Chile today?
The car was a shocker, I am not sure where they are going with that message.  At first my thought was something personal or a message for a personal reading but the Spirits talking usually do the world predictions.
We end with a beautiful thought,  I believe the mountains and flowers are an actual prediction and not just a beautiful message.

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  1. Eric, I admit this idea / connection may be far fetched but taking the Netterland reference as spelled it could refer to the Land of internet users. It’s a social networking community on twitter. i do not social network, but maybe someone who does can make a connection with your prediction. Did you get a definate sense the spirits were indicating a location with Netterland?

      1. Eric,
        the first time I was aware of the enemy using caves was during US battles, the sheer number and how extensive they were ,and how we were gaining intelligence from them.
        . I know there are caves worldwide-
        If I looking for the spider, I would look for friendly territory, where OBL hid for a time..brings to mind that region., Mountains of Afghanistan.

  2. Eric, on 7-29-14 you mentioned the lone wolf. The Green location
    Does this fit in this posting? the bus with tinted windows?…

    1. Star48 look at post on 5-8-14. That has 4 songs also along with lone wolf, ship horns etc. I was looking up the 4 songs because the house that was raided in Erie Colorado yesterday by FBI and Homeland Security is owned by a Chinese National with the last name of Song. His family owns a chemical plant in China. His house is in the Erie Airpark neighborhood attached to the airport with private hangars. They haven’t said what they seized etc yet. He also participates in the Rally America races. Wonder if he owns a Model T… I thought it was strange we both ended up looking at the same older posts basically and my “4 Songs” search landed on that Post.

  3. Eric, earthquake in Indonesia?
    hmm I don’t know about earthquake but recently a volcano had shown sign of “going to erupt soon”

      1. R.J. I believe I mentioned that they were moderate.. Can be precursors.
        However it fit the description, and is an active area.. Let’s wait and see..

  4. Problem is Eric, nothing you are predicting is anything other that isn’t meant to happen. Whether you like it or not any event including a terrorist attack are events that in spirit people have agreed to leave this world through, perhaps you just deal with low vibration spirits and aren’t that knowledgeable. When anyone I know looks at the work you are doing they see not knowledge going out, but waves of fear you are spreading. This has to stop and if necessary you connection with spirit will be stopped until you use your abilities to stop spreading fear and instead start using it to spread light and help with the shift in vibrations that are taking place. Warnings will soon be given to you about the direction you are heading through spirits higher than those you work with.

    1. RJ I’ve read your post a few times in order for me to reply to you in a way that hopefully makes sense to you. Even though you are correct that certain events are meant to happen, I know from my own personal experience that a lot of things aren’t and are caused by negative energies trying to disrupt the growth of light beings. What Eric and Spirit(s) are doing is providing some insight in things that may or may not happen in order to prevent this or at least give people a chance to prepare.

      Either way, their intentions are for the best and that is what matters. As for myself, I have never felt that this blog intends to spread fear, but merely wants to warn and help others. I’m sure the people you know who check this blog out are aligned with your energy and come to the same conclusion as you. However that doesn’t mean that this blog doesn’t have a positive function, it’s merely in the eye of the beholder what you make of it.
      I wonder why do you still come here if the vibrations are so low? There must be something inside you that makes you keep coming here. Could it be a lower vibrating energy of your own soul? Please take a long hard look at yourself why you feel the need to post these kind of things, it might set you free.

      Also, not you or anyone else is in a position to tell Eric and Spirits what to do or imply that their work is not helping. This blog apparently fills a need for a lot of people and therefore it has a function. Please do not threaten other light workers with warnings that they will be cut off from Spirit, because that sounds very condescending and personally reminds me of a someone who was very jealous of the gift certain people have to connect. Please respect others or let them be.

      1. nessie thank you for your comments that reflect our own…in most events spirit always aims to draw on compassion a very useful tool in raising humanity’s vibration…there is not one soul that leaves this planet that fails to draw compassion of some description out of humanity…therefor eric and spirit are enormous catalysts in the progression of our advancement.. no higher (so called) spirit would prevent the learning and heart that is being manifest in todays or tomorrows occurences…all is well with us….and so it is….

    2. Hi RJ – I do understand your point of view; I just read Natalie Sudman’s book, Application of Impossible Things in which she describes her Near Death Experience from a bomb that blew up the vehicle she was blown up in while traveling with military colleagues in Iraq. She writes in vivid detail about how she learned in spirit that she had “signed up” before her incarnation on earth to have this experience. She did also emphasize the importance of free will, and the metaphysical changes that occur when we make new choices. If we stay with your line of thinking, perhaps Eric “contracted” to communicate with spirit to write this blog before he incarnated. Maybe Eric and others here also contracted to lend our insights for the ultimate purpose of learning new lessons. Perhaps you also chose this role to help us think at a higher level of being. I do sense a shift in vibrations on our planet and would be interested in hearing what you think in that regard. I think you would not visit this site if there weren’t some value in what Eric is attempting to do for others. Peace to you. Read Paul Selig’s trilogy of books if you haven’t already. His writings are channeled from ascended masters who sound like you sometimes:)

  5. Start48 the mountains where they went to hide came quickly to my mind as wel and it did as well when spirits said “no matter how much you main hurt destroy hate or violate our Father will always be there at the end to provide compassion to all so grand are father is a large missed like hand from the clouds and flowers were flowers could not grow”

    1. Dtaf2378, I love the message also. I have found a visual for me to remember the touch of the father. Blessings to you

  6. Humans live in caves in china and turkey…but also at the start of the afghan invasion it was claimed al Qaeda and the Taliban were also


  8. Eric do the Spirits ever give you specific names? I’m not really sure how we would figure out the “who” otherwise. I have seen on the briansdreams website that he actually has four terrorist names for attacks in UK/US coming up soon and one has to do with a ball, and one with a tunnel and airplane/bus, and spreading Ebola. I don’t really know what to think of that but they seemed somewhat similar to yours so here they are anyway…Anseel Muthana, Michael Patterson, R. Wright, and Muhammad? At least two are supposed British citizens. Maybe Spirits could tell you if any of these names could be the who or are correct? I’m not sure how that all works. Figure it’s a try.
    On a better note, that is an absolute wonderful and beautiful prediction/message from the Spirits. Thank You. I hope it’s for humanity and our planet too.

  9. Eric and Jules104. i searched on Anseel Muthana because the other names are pretty common.
    the web says he’s British, 17 , and went to fight Jihad in Iraq. Hope this helps

  10. RSOE EDIS is saying a ferry just sank a couple of hours ago off the Philippines, 70 people are missing, praying they are found & rescued

  11. Eric, colleagues ,
    article about terrorist group “Rep. Adam Schiff, a member of the House Intelligence Committee, declined to name the group. But he described concerns among intelligence officials about “an unholy mix of people in Iraq and Syria right now – some who come from AQAP, some who come from Afghanistan and Pakistan, others from the Maghreb” in North Africa.”
    Also the”U.S. officials have identified some members of the Khorasan group, but would not disclose the individuals’ names because of concerns they would hide from intelligence-gathering.”

    See article more information.,

  12. This sounds almost too simple but…. There is a Sea Bird Island off the Vancouver BC Coast, approximately 75 miles from Vancouver. This is a very prone earthquake zone… ???

        1. Hmmm… Interesting. I keep thinking this earthquake and the Vancouver Tsunami prediction may perhaps be tied together??

  13. Funny that today when I was out and about I saw at least four old model T type cars on the road. One 1930s car right in front of me. Though it’s common around here, I haven’t seen any out for a months. They must have had a show somewhere. The whole car thing makes me wonder if someone is using that for a terrorist attack or shipping what they say is a model T but something else, the model T doesn’t exist? Also a prediction a ways back with “Mike Vick” and a flag laying down, honoring those with no name, we lost this one. A hill with flowers. Could that be referencing a NY Jets football game with a terrorist attack in the stadium? Or those could be the initials for a terrorist? M.V. ?

      1. Thanks Eric. That’s good news about no attack then. Fraud??…not good either but no lives lost at least…just money maybe.

  14. birds, comic, california?? kind of out there, but you never know
    Star City (comics) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Star City is a fictional city that appears in stories published by DC Comics, best …. Though the Atlas placed Star City on California’s Pacific Coast, north of San … In Birds of Prey # 119, Star City is depicted as being in the San Francisco Bay … manages to shut down one of the earthquake machines in time but unaware of the …

    Pacific City – DC Comics Database
    Pacific City is a major city located in Southern California. … Nearly two decades ago, Pacific City suffered a massive earthquake that claimed … All of these beings were manifestations of 1970s comic book characters envisioned by Titus Bird.

  15. Dreamt of earthquake in Seattle, but also seen a map of Europe before that dream…was interesting

  16. you are the spider Eric, spreading fear. you have not stopped one even you predict, you have not saved a single person, you twist news events until they fit your predictions. you are the spider spreading fear

    1. RJ. I can’t help but feel sorry for you. You sound so angry at the whole world. I will be saying a special prayer for you, as I am sure the others on Eric’s site will also. May you find peace and blessings always.

  17. Eric could the 2 villains, and the Model T that is a fake with no vin number have to do with the two prison escapees in NY?

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