Peru Drug Bust

This prediction has happened, however this event has nothing to do with the US.

Notes 7-12-14  “Proud moment.. US.. Crack.. Cocaine.. we mean business.. restored faith with our neighbor.. justice now.. now.. threats made.” – Spirits Voice

The facts on 8-28 by MSN news: Peru’s interior ministry said today the final tally of a record cocaine seizure this week totalled 7.6 tonnes, valued at more than US$300 million (RM945 million). “This is the largest drug seizure ever in Peru. It’s historic,” said Interior Minister Daniel Urresti. Quoted by:

For those of you who are die hard fans; Spirit has implied there is a pattern of when the prediction was made and when it happens. I would encourage you to figure out that pattern if you can.  I have personally noticed that their predictions do seem to happen in clusters.

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  1. Pn Avatar

    This happened a few days ago in Mombasa Kenya. Don’t know if the ship and drugs were really sunk as we are always skeptic what our leaders say and do..

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