Notes on 9-3-14

I had a visual of a reporter who published a story that would make his/her name. The story was about a white-collar crime on a massive scale. The culprit in the vision was a well established millionaire that had a compulsive disorder with cleanliness. While the reporter wrapped up his questions the FBI raid began to unfold from the outside.

I had a vision of a street sign that read ‘millionaire street’. There was Christmas lights in the background and a wedding being prepared.

“For all of you, your secrets are like Christmas presents that we will rip open and display to everyone.” Spirits Voice.

Eric’s Comments: I think the Christmas ties might also be a timeframe.

In other news I plan to ask for clarity on when the Washington storm and Netherlands attack will unfold. But we should be diligent Friday and Saturday.


5 thoughts on “Notes on 9-3-14

  1. I dont know if this could possibly be tied to recent posts… The news is focused on Islamists terrorists that captured 11 commercial jetliners missing from the main airport in Libya’s capital of Tripoli. This is raising fears that militants could use them in terrorist attacks to mark the 13th anniversary of 9/11. The world is in so much chaos but there has to be light (peace goodness) at the end of all this. I hope to read good the spirits predict a time of peace? I may be naive but goodness has to triumph over darkness. I thank you for what you do. Blessings.

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