Notes on 8-3-14

“Hamas.. violates homeland security.. Israel.. war now switching to the spiders of terrorism and their wicked acts.. a family violation.. and kidnaps.. cutting spraying.. death.. both sides now pouring blood all over their hands.. so sinister, while Palestine people did not know.” — Spirits Voice

“Texas.. a massive uncontrollable fire.. combustible..  down to the town (downtown?).” Spirits Voice

I had a visual of John Boehner with his hands covering his face as if upset. “The vice president.. calls on different people.. stand in opposition.. the balloon then deflates. You might not think it possible.. the US congress approval sinks even lower, making it historically the worst body ever in US history.” — Spirits Voice — Spirit implied they would do something that would infuriate the public.

“In 30 minutes, the horror arrives.” That puts it around the 2nd or 3rd.

Spirit also clarified that in their several messages about terror attacks there are two separate events, a situation in Norway and another in the Boston area, their timeframes are completely separate. However it is questionable whether I might have mixed up the timing.  We will continue to ask for clarity in the hopes of foiling these events.

Behind the scenes of the world predictions: The Conductor (World Prediction Glossary) has a new plan, along with our normal notes will be very specific predictions that are ‘complete’. Which means they will have the event, the location, the timeframe, and other important details. These will be hand-picked predictions that have the potential to change because of your efforts, or they are major world events. We are actually working on one right now which will probably be the next major Hurricane/Typhoon. We are still trying to figure out a way to separate them from the normal notes, in a way that makes them more important.. thoughts??

For my fans and clients: Starting September 1st the cost of a reading per hour will become $80. For now the price holds at $60. Also because email readings have become so popular the span of time needed to complete those readings will now be 10 days. Before it took me 7 days from the time you forwarded your questions to the time I answered them. In case you did not know, we have paypal now.


37 thoughts on “Notes on 8-3-14

  1. Eric-do you get anything on Boston area? I have seen things in dreams, but it’s hard to interpret. I have friends who live and work in the city.

  2. Eric do you get anything related to Lebanon’s situation? We have wars all around us, Syria, Iraq, Israel and Palestine! are we gonna be affected at all?

    1. Hi Gabriel900, with jihadists battling Lebanon’s military near the border which side are these jihadists on, Al Assad’s, the rebels against Al Assad, or something more like ISIS?

      1. Hi Eric, According to what we know its partly ISIS and partly a terrorist group called “Al Nusra” whom are theoretically against Assad’s regime. Although army got the upper hand , situation is still scary. Thank you in advance

  3. Eric, thinking about the need to focus on the important events.
    You could have them in a different larger font.? Like NORWAY ,BOSTON.
    .the actual words of spirit could be highlighted..
    This would distinguish “the headlines” from your comments..
    It would also make it simpler to focus on them.
    You have to read all through the postings many times to distinguish -predictions
    Possibly instead of only a review of 2013.
    You could have predictions for 2014 on its own tab?
    With spirit being so specific…you could have a symbol next to prediction, that spirit feels we could influence?
    I am sure there are others that have thoughts on suggestions for help in focusing.
    I want you to know, I am making these suggestions with a positive intent.
    If you make no changes.. That’s okay ! I appreciate what you and spirit are putting forward, to help mankind.. Blessings to you.,

    1. Hi star 48 good idea…and maybe headlines …EARTH..WIND..FIRE..WATER..for specific events relating to natural events of these elements. TERRORISM..SCIENCE.. Something along these lines.. Thanks eric for asking us…

      1. Eric could it be the Ebola Virus “arrives” via airplane across the Atlantic Ocean? Like a new terrorist type of attack, and they purposely try to spread it to the US?

  4. This doesn’t have to do with this post but, the man, James Brady, Ronald Reagan’s body guard who took the bullet meant for him and who the “Brady Bill” was written after, has died. It just made me think of the prediction for the “Iconic Nancy”, and “their service”. Just a thought.

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  6. Hello eric and all….i was thinking maybe headings with EARTH..WIND..FIRE..WATER.. for natural disasters or events specific to these elements with TERRORISM …HUMANITARIN…MEDICAL OR SCIENCE…Something along these lines..i like Star48 idea….For the last few weeks a single bee has been visiting me no matter where i am, even in the middle of the night…on my windscreen while driving and sitting on my back un beknown to me…i have decided it is spirit saying we are busy bees and have a long community of work together…blessings

  7. Eric I’ve been wondering about what the Spirits said, “While Palestine’s did not know”. Do you have any thoughts on what it is they don’t know? Could there be groups of ISIS within Gaza fighting with the Hamas since they both are of the Sunni tribe? I am just curious as to who is actually firing all of the rockets out of Gaza into Israel, which keep ending the Cease Fires, and in return end up getting more Palestinians killed. Do you think there is a possibility that this is what’s happening? They are sabotaging the Peace process on purpose?

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    1. Wow that sounds really close to the prediction. Good catch Star48. Makes me wonder what happened to the brakes on that fuel truck or if that was actually the case.

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