Miracle Baby

This Prediction has happened.

Notes on 5-29-14 “Homeless” – Spirits Voice.. I had a visual of a massive group of people who were destitute in a desert land and a beautiful light came down from the sky blanketing all of them. The visual switched and a child stood by two large doors that were opening up, once open a massive light came from the other side of the door. “The child is surrounded by the father… a message.. a miracle.. hope. — “World Predictions Glossary Reference: Father
“We are the authenticator..”
Eric’s Comments: It was a beautiful vision, perhaps related to Syria refugees. In the past homeless is used to describe ‘that without a home’ and not a message of poverty. They have used this message for individuals who lost their homes in fires. The child was at the center of this miracle. The doors could be a reference to death or the spiritual realm.




12 thoughts on “Miracle Baby

  1. Hi Eric. Usually you include a link when the prediction has happened referencing it. I don’t see one included here. Just curious what happened.

  2. I just finished reading an article on what happened to the mother and this baby being born by caesarian section. What a miracle that she was able to survive. And though the grandmother lost her daughter she will soon be able to hold her granddaughter.

    • Hi jules , sandy the baby’s name is Sharna, which means love, and gods grace….that is in our society …im sure it means something just as beautiful in her country….how amazing and sad my heart goes out to all of them..i wish her family and grandparents a long life…good luck little one….if both sides could see could just open their eyes and really see her and all the other children…..there future ….

  3. I just read that the little miracle baby has died, due to Israel cutting the electricity off to the hospital. Her incubator quit working and she has died. This breaks my heart.

  4. This war was predicted 2000 years ago. Israel and the Palestines have fought wars for at least that long. The Hamas put their weapons where they know children, women and wounded will be hoping that Israel won’t hit those locations. I don’t hear anyone saying anything about all the innocents killed by the suicide bombers who attack the civilian population. Why? They even blow up their own people. What kind of civilized people do that?. The ISIS, Hamas etc, according to the predictions will form a circle around Israel. It may not be this war, but it will happen. And that will be the end. Armageddon. The spirit voices will increase in volume as the time approaches. I figure we have max 10 years. I pray for for us all. But some things are just preordained and unchangeable as we all know. Pray for everyone. Sandy


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