Ambush on Kenyan Bus

This Prediction has happened, its unclear what 71 represents.

Notes 7-12-14 “In the bushes.. shrub.. the bus.. the spider.. an attack.. 71″ Spirits Voice — I had a visual of a bus on the sidewalk sitting in large bushes, on the bus window was the number 71.

The Facts on July 18th: “Gunmen kill at least three in ambush on Kenyan bus. (Reuters) – Gunmen killed at least three people when they ambushed a bus along Kenya’s northern coast on Friday, a local official said. About 100 people have been killed in attacks on Kenya’s coast since mid-June.” Quoted News:


16 thoughts on “Ambush on Kenyan Bus

  1. @star 48. – it is not another attack. – it’s the same one Eric put up in his post – where 7 people were killed. I come from Kenya and we are going through real insecurity problems

    1. Pn may I ask how often does bus attacks happen in Kenya. I am not entirely convinced this exactly fits with the prediction. The number 71 was a major part of the prediction, and numbers have a tendency to match up with the prediction, like 17 and the airplane crash. This event has no mention of 71

      1. A few of them in the last 8 months since the mall attack on westgate. One happened 2 months ago in a different area where 2 buses were bombed simultaneously. This particular one, we are not even sure whether the attack was politically motivated or an al shabab attack. This particular area has been under attack since last 3 weeks and loads of innocents have died. As for 71 – the only thing that comes to mind is that this could be the bus route no – I can check and ask around but it’s not going to be that easy.
        God bless

    1. Star48 – just found out at the outside media portrays it as an al shabab attack . However through some sources I have , it’s being said that only one tribe ( we have 42 tribes) is being hit in these particular attacks. So pretty much political.

      1. Hi, Pn, that is a subtlety known only by someone on the spot.
        I have checked some other news sources and they are following the same script.
        As long as someone takes responsibility – that is what is reported as fact.
        Thank you for the in depth knowledge.,blessings to you and yours.

    1. Star48 – this happened about 2 weeks ago in the same area as where the bus was ambushed, with another attack a couple of days later. Again the people who were killed were from the same tribe. Yes Al Shabab is a nightmare and going to remain so in this part as our security is at it’s lowest and unfortunately we are one of the most corrupt countries so these guys can get in the country very easily .

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