Notes on 7-1-14

“The enemy’s name is ‘Vicky'” — Spirits Voice

Here they are presenting a name of a person that more than likely sounds like the word Vicky. Perhaps related to the bombing during the fireworks. I also question, in a very small way, that this bombing might happen next year or relate to another fireworks event. It’s rare for Spirit to present so much details right before the event, normally its done several months before the situation.  Either way they mentioned yesterday; “This is happening.”

Another looming question is part of me believes that these two events might have accidentally been mixed up. Argentina might have the corrupt man and Kansas the disaster.

Notes on 6-25-14
Wichita Kansas?.. Kansas.. A leader with a foul smell, truly corrupt.. he thinks he is for real..  but such a fraud.. We are about to reveal his extensive lies.
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Argentina?.. A costly nightmare.. red lights everywhere.. mistake.. I heard the sound of what I can only describe as an explosion.
Previous Predictions: Notes on 6-24-14

House Majority leader, Senator Howard Baker died at the age of 88 last Thursday. This prediction however inaccurate in its wording might be a reference to him.  The fact that he was a Senator would explain the voting box.

Notes on 6-18-14
“Baker Won” – I had a visual of someone voting, putting their vote in a wooden ballot box.

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  1. Kim Avatar

    Hi Eric, this article made news in regards to South Carolina and lawmen in trouble with the law. Can’t be sure if it’s related in any way about the corrupt leader but maybe you could ask.

  2. Michele Avatar

    Vicky sounds like it could refer to a ‘named’ storm. A hurricane or perhaps a snow storm.

    1. Annie Avatar

      “Vicky” is one of the hurricane names listed to be used this year…though it is rather far down the list – so I expect it depends on how many occur this year.,0,7744004.story

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        Very interesting.

  3. rhona Avatar

    hi, small update from me..its 3am here and spirit woke me…i got up and heard the word sheldon…now i looked up your post to see what was happening and daw the name vicki…not putting the two names as one just remembering sheldon is the physics guy on the comedy tv show ,anyway physics is the key word i would think

    1. rhona Avatar

      Big Bang Theory thats it.. stay safe all of you..

      1. rhona Avatar

        i was just nudged to add the word chemistry. hope its a lead or helps…

      2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        Yeah note the name of the show.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      what show?

    3. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Was it just the one word.

    4. jules104 Avatar

      Hi Rhona. I just wanted to mention that there was a 19 year old girl named “Shannon”, very close to “Sheldon”, who was arrested at the Denver Int Airport today because she was leaving to join the group “Isis”, marry a terrorist and wage jihad. Thought that was strange since the names sort of sound alike.

      1. rhona Avatar

        Hi jules thank you …wow that’s a close one….often and i mean often i have found spirits messages to be multifaceted, its like lets put this one in because it will lead to this and this and that and you know,,they are right. They can see the links and connections and we dont have their lots of love and prayers to north carolina and keeping track of aurthur…x

        1. jules104 Avatar

          Hi Rhona. I hear you. This morning I was trying to figure out where the stadium with Fireworks and explosion/bomb could possibly be and I turned on the weather channel and they started showing Boston and South Boston right away. Like the Spirits were saying here! I think Eric is saying the Spirits want to move onto earthquakes now but I am holding my breath and praying for calm and peace on the 4th, and 5th now here in the US. Blessings to You and Yours.

          1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

            I am holding my breath too, I really hope nothing happens.

      2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        Could be.

  4. Ada Avatar

    Did you see this today? We need to pray for our country and the world.

  5. rhona Avatar

    morning here now..hi eric one word with a…. visual of a chemical bomb…i had no idea until.they said google vicky chemical….there was a vicky 2chemical war head came up that was used in syria i think…not saying it will be on usa soil but thats how i got it…my heart is with you all for many reasons…i know we are making a difference thanks guys.

    1. rhona Avatar

      just had another look at web…maybe you can make sense of this eric or anyone of you who knows more than i…i must mention also and this is 5pm last night i was driving to airport and the car in the lane next to me had to swerve to miss a man that jumped out wearind full chemical warfare gear mask and he continued to walk west on the side of the road…this is extremely bazzar for our city..spirit has manifested signs this way before for me though not often…thank heaven

      1. rhona Avatar

        I need to let you know i am a quite lucid grandmother and live a very active normal life but i have learned to accept these things and i am thankful for this site to be able to share this way.

    2. Lia Avatar

      Hi Rhona – yes, the universe does show us things if we pay attention. A woman once told me that and since then, I pay close attention. It’s not everyday that a man in a gas mask is running down the street – yikes! Hope you’re wrong, as I know you do, too.

      1. rhona Avatar

        Hi lia…he even had army clothing …im counting on that if it is a sign…its one in time to change or thwart the outcome…thinking of all of you with much love…

      2. Lia Avatar

        Hi Again Rhona and Eric and Colleagues: Just saw this story off of the CNN website and found a more obscure website with multiple images. Well, like Rhona believes, I think the universe shows us things. Look at this link about the lightning that hit NYC Trade Tower last evening:

        1. jules104 Avatar

          Now that’s amazing. Like the hand of God.

    3. jules104 Avatar

      Hi Rhona. Hope all is well with you. I also hope your wrong about the chemical weapon, but it sounds like you may actually be getting some good info from your Spirit Guides. I kept googling the name Vicky and terrorist and couldn’t really find anything except some terrorist who’s name was Vikram, so they called him Vicky. I hope we can foil their plans. I hope the higher ups monitor this site and are paying attention. Though Eric’s Spirits say “This is happening”. I always hope the outcomes can be changed for the better or stopped completely. I can’t even imagine what someone could be thinking to want to hurt or kill other people. Sending light and love into the world.

      1. rhona Avatar

        Hi jules , vicky chemical is what i googled. Your google response was interesting..the most important image for us is ti visual a benificial outcome. I always have an image of the world in the back of my mind and universal light flooding her and when an area/s need intense energy it is given. I believe we make a difference…At a young age an intense light came through my window at night and an image a women stood in the light and said “fear not” this was not meant to happen you will be safe we are always with you….i was 5…i topd no-one until my daughters grew up and i told them. Living and working with spirit is a double path in life that we here share….bless us all..keep the faith ..we may not always see the outcomes we desire nut we sure as hec will give it our best shot..

        1. Jules104 Avatar

          Thanks for the encouragement Rhona and for sharing your experience you had when you were five. That sounds amazing. I also try to envision a bright light surrounding people whom I feel need it at certain times. I’ve only begun to realize how much our planet needs that also. Just today I felt a need to ask the Spirits, Angels, Ancient Ones and All Beings of Light to protect us, all of humanity and our planet against the beings of darkness. It was kinda funny since I was walking on the treadmill at the time and closing my eyes to visualize/meditate. I will be praying and visualizing a wonderful 4th of July holiday for America and a 3rd of July for Boston! Sending light and love your way.

      2. rhona Avatar

        Oh jules im smiling ( tread lightly lol)

  6. Jon Blue Avatar

    Howard Baker’s spouse is NANCY!!!! Remember you referenced Nancy but maybe they were making it a clue toward Howard.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      That could be, sounds like they got their wording off.

  7. Lia Avatar

    The name Vicky has meaning for me as regards my first dream about Chicago. Jon Blue and I were discussing the Chicago hypothesis somewhere on here. At the beginning of my dream of nearly a year ago, whereby I had come across the aftermath of a major earthquake or attack of some sort in Chicago, I dreamt of a woman named ‘Vicky’ who is no longer in my life. I never had a dream with her in it before. To me, she is a neutral personality. But there she was.

    Maybe we should not have focussed so much on Boston based on my other dream at a college where there were explosions? I think Jon has more validity because of his grandfather’s specific guidance from spirit. Maybe we need to be vigilant about both possibilities? Confusing.

    Tropical Storm, or future Hurricane Arthur might save the day if plans are in place for Boston or the Northeast coast. I certainly hope so! Of course, the storm has its own destruction, too. Let’s send out light for all of us on July 4th.

    1. rhona Avatar

      I totally am with you and jon blue(hi jon) maybe as has been mentioned a co-ordinated attack and the storms as well…we seem to be getting an overlay of future montages some will be foiled others not..some are potentials and more easily altered …the darker less developed entities in this world are having a swan song…it will take time but vigilent awareness,trust and faith for the future will produce a more balanced world for the future..blessed are the new children of the world for they will not want this nonsense that is holding humanity captive

  8. jules104 Avatar

    Hi Eric. I saw this article about Gov Sam Brownbeck and his administration in Kansas. Something about “pay to play” and lobbyists and an FBI Investigation. Wasn’t sure if it could have anything to do with the Wichita, KS prediction or not. Also isn’t Argentina going to be playing Belgium or Germany in the World Cup soon? Maybe they have already? I’ll look that up. Was just thinking about the stadium there where they play.

  9. attack Avatar

    July 4th celebrations in Boston have been moved to the 3rd, this would explain the number 3. This also takes away the possibility of Arthur stopping the attack.

    1. Lia Avatar

      I heard that tonight, too. I thought the same… Hope all will be ok.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      That’s not good.

  10. jules104 Avatar

    Eric Argentina plays Belgium on Saturday the 5th. I vaguely remember some prediction with a blue and white flag. I think we thought it was Israel. I can’t find that previous prediction. But Argentina has a lite blue and white flag with a gold crest in the middle. I know you said those predictions may be mixed up but just a thought.

  11. Jon Blue Avatar

    another thought. The leader of the terror Islamist group is named Bakr. He is calling on all muslims to band together during Ramadan (the whole month of July) to have jihad. This is frightening!!!

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Hi Jon and Eric. Just clicked on your link you had here and then another from that link and noticed that the Russian equivalent to Facebook is “VKontakte”, with abbreviation they use , “VK”. It just stood out as “Vicky”, to me. Just a thought.

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        Thanks, I will check it out.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Why do they always have to bring god and religion into it?

      1. Jon Blue Avatar

        because fear is a way to control entire groups of people. What better way to control people than through the “heart”, “emotion” which are experienced through religion.

  12. jules104 Avatar

    Eric this is just a thought about “after the dance”. In 2012 the Spirits mentioned that they would “dance” while greeting “Nancy”, after she passes. I think they mentioned her being “91”. While Nancy Reagan is “93” this year, her Birthday is on July 6th. Also when I go back to look through previous predictions I wonder about some things like the “three burners”, the “crystal bridge”, etc. Maybe they were trying to show us things for a while but the attacks kept getting “put on ice”, and now are going forward??

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      One thing to keep in mind is the old predictions were set up to happen much later, in some cases years later. We are still waiting for the bridge prediction and Iraq to split in two. Now when we write predictions its set up to happen anywhere between 1-4 months. It seems to work better with a closer gap of time.

  13. jules104 Avatar

    Oh just thought about this. “Isis”, “Put on ice”?? I know they have a play on words sometimes.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Yes I have heard that, also several believe that the fat Spider is Isis, since its affecting ‘humanity’.

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