Nebraska Tornado

This prediction has happened. My heart goes out to the people of Nebraska. It’s unclear how the bush fits in with the message.

Notes on 6-9-14
I had a visual of a house lade to waste, buildings shredded and the debris scattered throughout the ground. It seemed like a tornado or cyclone.
Where? I had a visual of Spirit with a flashlight pointing at a small bush.

The Facts on 6-17-14 by AP: “A storm packing rare dual tornadoes tore through a tiny farming town in northeast Nebraska, killing a 5-year-old girl, leaving grain bins crumpled like discarded soda cans and flattening dozens of homes.

“More than half of the town is gone — absolutely gone,” Stanton County Commissioner Jerry Weatherholt said. “The co-op is gone, the grain bins are gone, and it looks like almost every house in town has some damage. It’s a complete mess.”

Emergency crews and residents spent the evening sifting through demolished homes and businesses in the town about 80 miles northwest of Omaha.” Quoted News:

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  1. my thoughts and prayers to Pilgar Sioux a small town heartbreaking…eric burning bush is a plant that grows in the area….or maybe spirit is saying the child the dear one a small bush and they had the light to shine on the little one. we know not the reasons we only feel the pain …

  2. My prayers are for those in Pilger. I had a hunch, so I looked up the state flowers/plants for Nebraska. The state plant is a grass called the little bluestem. When I looked at images of it, it sort of looked like a bush. I’m wondering if this is what Eric saw. If not, we’ll have to look somewhere else, but if it is similar, this could be a clue to help us narrow things down. I’m not sure how easy it will be because it would still be a lot of work, but if the spirits always use the same visual for every state, then we are at least down to 50 for here in the states.

  3. While I was reading Moosehead’s comment about Nebraska’s state plant, the Little Bluestem, I got curious about their state flower so I googled their state flower. It’s called “Goldenrod”. The Goldenrod is the state flower of Kentucky and Nebraska, the state wildflower of South Carolina, and the state herb of Delaware. (has an image of the Goldenrod flower).

    The nickname for Nebraska is the Cornhusker State. Here is a picture of a corn field in Nebraska

    Both pictures of the Goldenrod and fields of corn remind me of the part in the prediction about “Spirit pointing a flashlight on a small bush”. Also look at the picture of the tornados approaching Pilger, keep an eye on the field and you will see yellow flowers. I don’t know if these are Goldenrods. I just wonder about all this.

    Breaks my heart this little girl who passed and this small town.

    1. Thank you for so much information, that sounds like it was a lot of research, and yes I can see the symbolism with the flashlight. Lets all pray for a speedy recovery for all.

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