Notes on 6-9-14

I had a visual of a house lade to waste, buildings shredded and the debris scattered throughout the ground. It seemed like a tornado or cyclone.
Where? I had a visual of Spirit with a flashlight pointing at a small bush.

“10 then another 10”

“The president is very disgruntled.”

“Next.. Persia, large natural disaster… their will be massive flooding.. Germany flooding.. then Europe as a whole.. in several parts.. water everywhere.”

The Spirits have clarified that below is a message about the freed soldier now in the news. The meaning is still unclear,  but I would expect it to be a pun of some kind:

Notes on 5-19-14 I had a visual of a soldier laying face down in the sand.
The words “Finale”

Eric’s Comments: All the focus is on the location and timeframe of this very destructive tornado so that we can make efforts to warn those who might be affected.  Bush? The Bush family as if to represent Texas? Australia perhaps? The president prediction is vague and needs details, however with terrorism back in the news in Pakistan (10 perhaps), and the looming storms we might not get around to the details.

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      1. Eric do you get the sense the flooding is due to a natural diaster or the flooding is the natural diaster? I guess I am wondering what is the cause of this massive flooding?

        1. Yes I agree kind of confusing. I believe they are saying natural disaster in Persia (Iran/Iraq), flooding in Germany, and overall European flooding around the same timeframe. The question remains is the natural disaster in Persia, flooding or something else. I have an open ended question to what happens in Persia.

  1. Hi Eric. Could the small bush represent a small “Bush”? As in maybe Jeb Bush or another younger Bush relative/family member? Also could this be related in any way to the prediction about Florida and Miami being shredded? Or is this definitely a tornado/cyclone and not a hurricane.

    1. Great question they showed a view of the Florida flooding and the scene looked different, its possible this event could be Florida but the two predictions are separate.

      1. Eric, the Bush’s had a Florida White House and often came to Boca Grande Island.

  2. Eric, how can we inform Germany, to prepare for massive flooding?
    Or help prepare notification to the EU?

    1. Not much you can do there. However I do have several fans in Europe, that should help. There is a tendency from Spirit to ask us to ‘warn’ or ‘act’ when there is good opportunity to make a difference. Look for it, that’s when we should all work towards change.

  3. Eric – news from one hour ago about heavy storms in Germany (bbc news website). Could this relate to the flooding?

    1. Yes, they implied it would be the next. Please let us know what happens, thanks for the news, the bigger news is these European floods are expected to be huge.

    Article from BBC regarding flooding in England & Europe and how it isn’t perceived by the public as “real” a threat as heat problems such as droughts, even though the rate of flooding has increased and will continue to increase. There was very bad flooding in France, Belgium, Bosnia, and Serbia as well already this year. I have a feeling the flooding across Europe will be due to climate change and that may be the reason it is so severe. If people aren’t taking flooding seriously either, it increases the risks of harm to individuals who don’t heed warnings.

  5. I will try again on Reuters link

  6. hi eric wondering if it could be Light Bush or Bush point Light house in Washington State…love and mindfulness to all….

    1. Could be, and that is why I avoid claiming AU or Texas. I am reminded of the prediction about a massive storm, massive wind, that was presented as a tornado, that would greatly affect “Where the cook sits” I was sure that meant Cook county Illinois but it ended up a cyclone that hit Cooktown Australia in north Queensland.

      1. sumatra … the coast had a 6.6 14th …..cocos isles put on tsunmi report for several hours ….thats in same vicinity as the 2004 tsunami…it is also our next door neighour here in west aus…..keeping a watch on phillipines hurricane too. all is well jules blessings to you and yours..and all of us…

  7. Eric, Mudslides flooding another source —

  8. Eric, flooding Central Europe—

      1. Eric, they have helped me, many times! We are all wish is to be of service.

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