Major Events Predicted – Updated

Major Events Predicted.

Which prediction do you feel is the most accurate work from Spirit?


7 thoughts on “Major Events Predicted – Updated

  1. So far, for me, the most accurate prediction was the “Explosive Suspect Found”. “I had a visual of a man building a bomb, mixing ingredients “Oakla or Oakley”. I had a visual of a toll booth, then another visual of a bridge.” The suspect was captured at Crissy Field so close to the Golden Gate Bridge. That prediction was so accurate, it gave me chills.

  2. I also felt that the prediction below had to do with members of the US armed forces personnel and/or FBI sent to help find the kidnapped Nigerian girls actually being the ones directly responsible for finding the girls. But I think this could probably be my wishful thinking that this would be the case. As a parent, I feel for these parents who are now bearing unimaginable pain, heartache and fear. God bless and protect all these girls until they are found safe and returned to their families: “NOTES ON 3/28/14: A US SPECIAL FORCES OPERATION IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN.. AN OVERALL WIN WIN FOR THE US.. ITS PLANS FOR THE GRAB ARE VERY SUCCESSFUL.. PRIDE FOR AMERICA.” — I HAD A VISUAL OF THE US FLAG WAVING UNDER THE GLEAMING SUN, WITH THE SONG “PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN” PLAYING IN THE BACKGROUND”

    • We have a question out to the Spirits asking about the kidnapped children, which should bring clarity. Also keep in mind there is another prediction that does talk about the girls briefly

  3. 1 girl 1 mind and an eye that sees things like a camera, changing the future and causing destruction upon the earth

  4. I feel the same as Ada. The explosive suspect found. It seemed as though they gave a lot of pretty accurate descriptions of things to come. Also the baby bibbers banging their spoons.

    • The baby bibbers hit me too. Most people say that Hurricane Ingrid was the most accurate on locations, but the one everyone notes is the Meteor (or as I put it Asteroid) that hit Russia.


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