Major Events Predicted – Updated

Major Events Predicted.

Which prediction do you feel is the most accurate work from Spirit?

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  1. Ada Avatar

    So far, for me, the most accurate prediction was the “Explosive Suspect Found”. “I had a visual of a man building a bomb, mixing ingredients “Oakla or Oakley”. I had a visual of a toll booth, then another visual of a bridge.” The suspect was captured at Crissy Field so close to the Golden Gate Bridge. That prediction was so accurate, it gave me chills.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks Ada.

  2. Ada Avatar

    I also felt that the prediction below had to do with members of the US armed forces personnel and/or FBI sent to help find the kidnapped Nigerian girls actually being the ones directly responsible for finding the girls. But I think this could probably be my wishful thinking that this would be the case. As a parent, I feel for these parents who are now bearing unimaginable pain, heartache and fear. God bless and protect all these girls until they are found safe and returned to their families: “NOTES ON 3/28/14: A US SPECIAL FORCES OPERATION IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN.. AN OVERALL WIN WIN FOR THE US.. ITS PLANS FOR THE GRAB ARE VERY SUCCESSFUL.. PRIDE FOR AMERICA.” — I HAD A VISUAL OF THE US FLAG WAVING UNDER THE GLEAMING SUN, WITH THE SONG “PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN” PLAYING IN THE BACKGROUND”

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      We have a question out to the Spirits asking about the kidnapped children, which should bring clarity. Also keep in mind there is another prediction that does talk about the girls briefly

  3. vicki makin Avatar

    1 girl 1 mind and an eye that sees things like a camera, changing the future and causing destruction upon the earth

  4. jules104 Avatar

    I feel the same as Ada. The explosive suspect found. It seemed as though they gave a lot of pretty accurate descriptions of things to come. Also the baby bibbers banging their spoons.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      The baby bibbers hit me too. Most people say that Hurricane Ingrid was the most accurate on locations, but the one everyone notes is the Meteor (or as I put it Asteroid) that hit Russia.

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