Notes on 6-3-14

“Vancouver, flooding, flooding it will be bad for British Columbia.”

Timeframe Spirit? — “July”

In other news the Spirits have an idea; “Lets master one subject, make it our greatest work, our specialty, here and now.” They implied that it would take a long time to master the perfect circle for most of the predictions posted. By perfect circle they are talking about accurately predicting an event, location, timeframe and added details all at once. They use the circle to show the cycle of their predictions; from the time they predicted their event to it circling around to the actual event unfolding. So instead lets focus on one subject at a time.   We debated what that first subject would be and loosely agreed on ‘earthquakes’. So expect there to be a huge focus on this one subject. We will be leaping forward and do expect missteps. But if we can master predicting earthquakes, creating a consistently high accuracy for all to see, we can then achieve our mission of changing the outcomes of these tragedies that much faster.

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  1. That sounds great Eric. Hopefully through trial and error we can get it done and change the outcomes somewhat for the better. Also, I saw in a previous prediction recently that the Spirits said, “We are the authenticator”, or something close to that. What did they mean by that? As in relation to how people look at their bible? I read it as in they will tell you if it’s the truth or not/ they are the true word etc. I didn’t see anyone else ask about it and felt like it should have some very important meaning to us. Like reading between the lines. Did I read to much into it?

    1. They have the utmost respect for all major religions, they have consistently mentioned their overwhelming respect and admiration for Jesus Christ, the Prophet Muhammad, Prince Siddhartha, Ganesha Their opinion of them is slightly different, with the most glaring difference being how united they are.
      As for the message, I believe it is connected to the Miracle, some will question whether it was a miracle. When it does happen it has the added prediction from spirit to authenticate that this was in fact a miracle of the Father.

    1. Every time they predict an earthquake it is presented with a rumbling under my feet, and its size is very connected to the feeling. It isn’t until I feel it, that I then switch to asking for the details the next night. Unfortunately that process for this type of prediction does not allow for much room to deviate. Perhaps after I master it I can ask about a specific location, but for now I am at the mercy of whatever they present.

  2. Eric – Interesting that you and spirit “debated” which topic to focus on first. What other topic/s did you consider with spirit before settling on “earthquakes?” Just curious since it appears you were on a roll in predicting accurately about recent events – all types of events. Perhaps your thread helped authorities in apprehending the man who perhaps planned to blow up a bomb below the Golden Gate Bridge, for instance.

    1. Good question. I don’t think our current trend will change, we will still be focusing on other predictions as we have been. But even the most accurate of predictions always miss a piece, whether it be a location or timeframe. To answer you question I need to give you a bit of background. Because they use ‘distance’ to predict events, predictions of mass size, large areas of land or sea like a hurricane or earthquake are easier to predict vs predictions where you have to zero in on a small location such as shooting or the actions of one person. The debate was whether we focus on the weaker elements that needed more attention or easier ones that we already did well, but then the debate switched to which subject would have the most optimal impact of change if we mastered it, that was narrowed down to earthquakes and super storms, which was also debated since super storms are coming in the next few months.

      1. One other thing, was they narrowed it down to superstorms and earthquakes, with you in mind. It would be easier for you to share the info with others in; tweeting, FB, email, talking, and any other social media that you might use. You could easily share past predictions and current ones all regarding earthquakes vs other long winded predictions. Your ability to get the word out to everyone was a key part of the debate.

  3. I think it’s great to focus on one specific thing and try to master it so others can benefit greatly from it. I’m sure many who visit this page will try to help you and Spirit where ever they can with this task.

    1. That’s pretty interesting Tim. Guess we will find out if he is correct or not about the July 12th one soon enough.

  4. Hi Eric. Are you able to ask the Spirits about other persons predictions? As if there is any truth in them or if they are correct? I don’t want to put any names to these but there is someone who has some dream predictions for very large earthquakes in California coming up. They are for Sep 14th and Sept 28th and are like 8.9 and 9.2. For LA and San Fransisco I believe. Also I saw one for July 6th or 16th in LA I believe too. One prediction states, ” Get out of LA”. I would imagine that your Spirits could say if this were going to actually happen, especially since you live in San Diego and might be affected by ones that were so big. I feel kinda dumb asking but am also kinda worried about all of the persons who live there in California. As far as I can tell this person does get some predictions correct but doesn’t seem as well “grounded” as yourself.

    1. if it is a person who draws his predictions i’ve found his site to be rubbish. even down to the photo of the plane which i am certain is cropped from another well known photo.

      1. Eric it is hard to follow, as the boundaries for seismic monitoring is split up.
        I monitor –
        as well as the Utah faults, also Seperate..
        And of course the USGS too

      2. Did you see the 3.8 earthquake they had in Fairfield Bay, Arkansas? It’s north of Little Rock. I would think that must have to do with the New Madrid Fault. It seems like there are a lot of strange places earthquakes are happening lately.

  5. This is a really good article from 2012 talking about the stress build up from the Juan de Fuca plate subducting under the North American plate off the coast of BC and how eventually it will cause a large earthquake and tsunami. The First Nation has even started to relocate their Village to higher ground due to remembering what happened in the 1700s (recorded by the Japanese). I am just wondering if this could be what causes the flooding and if so can we predict it with some accuracy and minimize the loss of lives/damage. It also mentions how it could unzip all the way down to Northern California.

      1. That is interesting. I thought this was interesting also. The entire Cascadia Subduction Zone ruptured in 1700 unzipping and slipping from California up to BC or vice versa. The reason I was looking this stuff up was because I noticed there have been some recent large quakes in Haines, Alaska, I think it is, fairly close to Vancouver/BC. I don’t know if that is related to the Cascadia Subduction Zone though.

      1. Eric when you mentioned further north, I looked up where and how far away the, 1964, 9.2 Alaskan Mega Thrust Earthquake’s teletsunami, which originated in the Gulf of Alaska, near Anchorage, traveled to. It said, (besides Anchorage, Alaska), Vancouver, B.C., Washington, Oregon, N. California, and Hawaii. It seems like it caused flooding in all of the areas you mentioned previously. Had that prediction happened yet or was their something like a partial prediction/tsunami? It seems like they’d be tied together. Could another event like this be what the Spirits are warning us about for July? I hope not. I remember that 1964 earthquake even though I was only 2.5 at the time living in Kirkland, WA. That was one big earthquake!

  6. Eric did you check the link ANF . There are shoeing 10+ earthquakes in Canada and Alaska in 2 days. Also cluster of earthquakes in East Coast up into Canada. USGS does not show that detail.
    Also that ANF link shows depth of shows all movement. Not just anything over 2.5..

      1. Well the waves were definitely bad and various flooding in different parts of the Province, but not as bad as the above prediction. But I see this storm is now heading directly towards you in San Francisco Eric. Heavy rain and storm surge. Do take care, stay safe.

      1. Oh odd.. I clicked on it from your site and it brought me to the page… Strange. Anyhow I will try another link, if by chance this does not work just Google BC Flooding it’s quite widespread Eric… Click on any of the CBC sites there are so many stories on it. And the damage IS quite widespread… Perhaps this IS your prediction unfolding?

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