Notes 5-24-14

’31’ in red. It was presented in a square,  like a calendar.

“Vancouver, flooding, flooding it will be bad for British Columbia.”

A visual of beans being washed, beans being prepared. – “2 minutes (days) for the Volcano” – Beans in prior prediction represented Latin America where pinto beans are harvested.

“Frank is in trouble, Frank is in trouble.” — Spirit’s Voice

Eric’s Comments: The focus now turns to the next terror attack and the fat spider.





63 thoughts on “Notes 5-24-14

  1. Beans and Franks what in the world?! Sorry had to go there 😉 Hope for the best of course. This being my first post and enjoying your predictions for nearly a year, I would like to say “Thank you, Eric.” I am always checking for updates 🙂

      1. It was stated in the news that Pope Francis when touring the middle east will be in a UNCOVERED UNSECURED Pope mobile against security advice. He wants to be in the open closer to the people. He would not be protected by bullet proof glass.

  2. Eric, the pope Middle East trip is on the 25th. They have will have pictures displayed . They are setting up barriers (tolls?) they are planning a gathering in a stadium. He has a rabbi and an Arab with him. He is trying to be a bridge. So he is in trouble?

  3. Please dear world! Do not let it be THIS pope! He is the first pope to represent the meaning of being like Christ. Humble, loving of everyone, non judgmental, peaceful, kind. He is the only pope I have ever liked and the whole reason I found the Church again. I had been cast out because I was gay. Just because I love someone. Just because I hold love and honor as true. Please let word get out that the Pope needs extra protection. If I could get over there, I would volunteer my life to protect this pope. I never thought I would ever say that about anyone within a church setting as most hold hate and judgement in their hearts when if they looked themselves in the mirror, they would find many faults of their own. Yet those people brush their faults aside and accuse others of something else just so their faults look better. This pope has proven that NO MAN is given the right to judge another. We are to love and be the embodiment of love. I sincerely hope he is protected by the higher power. I have been to heaven once and know I am welcome there. I came back by grace. I shall meditate all night that Pope Francis is in safe hands as he continues to spread love and get rid of the bad within the catholic faith.

    1. jon blue, a beautiful loving person you are. yes i am non denominational but love spirit and this pope very much. i am joining you in your prayers and extra protection for him. light love and bravo to him. try not to worry.xx

    2. Jon – a friend of mine – her husband – had an afterlife experience a few months ago. Prior to this experience he did not believe in anything really regarding religion or faith. He came back from death telling my friend that he was lifted on an angel’s wing and flown to heaven where he spoke w/ God telepathically. He learned during this experience with God that Pope Francis is His chosen messenger and that the world needs this pope – not just Catholics. There were other messages relayed to my friend’s husband, too, but I found the message about Pope Francis to be very uplifting and unique. He also told my friend that gratitude is key. And, he said that God said that we are all perfect in our imperfections. So yes, Jon, if we are all already perfect, who are we to judge one another? Love is God, God is love. At essence, we are love manifesting in form.

      1. Thank you Rhona and Lianne for such beautiful and kind words. When I came back from heaven, I changed so much. It reinforced who I was and the beautiful world I want to live in without hate, war or judgement. That we all be and do and help one another. But most of all Love. This Pope has become a symbol of those things. I know he is only human but he is so inspiring. I will keep praying for him!

      2. Very well put. I have the privilege of being like your friend, very connected to the heavens, and what they truly represent. I totally agree with you, humility and gratitude are key, it what they have that we lack.

      1. Eric, could it be “Franc “as in the money in Switzerland? If the American dollar is not used by them and is substituted by another currency.. It could be a calamity for US

  4. Ugh! Updated my phone and just realized that I wasn’t getting anybodies comments via my email. Thought it was awful quiet, even for a holiday weekend! I will be praying for Pope Francis also. In general I think he is very humble and sincere in his mission to help humanity. And this world needs all the help it can get as long as they are coming from a place of love.

    Also on the news this am they were interviewing someone talking about the 59 year old man who fell 400-500 ft on Mt Hood into a fumurole cave where it vents the gases from the volcano. The man described it as him sliding into a “sink hole” that kept going. Near Portland, sinkhole, volcano. Does that fit one of the recent predictions?

    1. Guys your jumping the gun, let me ask for clarity, its a possibility the Pope is Frank, but there are plenty of possibilities… It doesn’t fit with it being destructive. ‘minimal damage’ I am waiting to hear what caused the e coli in the water.

  5. with the greatest respect for all of you and your country……could frank have anything to do with your constitution……or Frankland in any way. just a thought..

    1. Franklin is what i meant to type .i was looking at places called frankland …perhaps frank verses the volcano….i do so want to help….

      1. yes i am aware that Ben Franklin did not write any of the constitution but the Great Compromise was his idea. its more i am picking up something or someone in congress with the name frank and some issue with the constitution. I am probably way off base.

        1. There is Barney Frank. A retired member of congress. First openly gay member. Also Franklin, Tennessee and Franklin, Texas

  6. Oops I’m German/Irish and didn’t realize the Franks were a Germanic Tribe from around the Rhine River. Later dividing up into the Germans and the French. Could it be some type of flooding or natural weather event in Germany coming up having to do with the Rhine? The did just have that weird earthquake recently also.

        1. In my opinion, these things they preach are not of God. God is Love and so much more, and this is full of hate. I use to be married to someone who became like this. They place themselves above others and play at being God. I almost feel sorry for them.

    1. Why the chills, the one that hit me hard was the American Soldier freed, that was extremely dead on. They did not say beans but showed beans being cleaned, washed, then said “Volcano will erupt, 2 minutes” Later they showed 31 in a box like a calendar.

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