Portland Water Contamination

No earthquake, but it would be impossible not to mention the pot holding vision Spirit presented. Unless there was land damage that created this situation, I am unclear what this has to do with a ‘cracker’.  Do we know when this started, perhaps the 21st? Now the next time they present a small cooking pot we will know what it means. The Predictions:

Notes on 5-14-14
The 21st: I had a visual of the word ‘earthquake’ then I was holding a small cooking pot. — Perhaps a reference to Portland prediction.

Notes on 5-4-14
Spirit Spelled Portland or Poland
Cracks crossing a road, with a loud crackling sound. (something with that road part)
Crackers standing up. “Minimal Damage.. now”
The Facts on 5-23-14 reported by ABC news: “A citywide boil notice was issued for Portland after E. coli was detected in the water supply. The Portland Water Bureau said Friday that residents should boil all tap water used for drinking, food preparation, tooth brushing and ice for at least one minute. Ice or any beverages prepared with un-boiled tap water on or after Tuesday should be dumped.” Quoted News: http://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/coli-detected-portlanders-told-boil-water-23846608




9 thoughts on “Portland Water Contamination

  1. Maybe the cause of the contamination is a “crack” or break in a line somewhere. That would show why they were thinking cracker.

      • This happens at least 2 times a year (not always E.coli). Most of the water reservoirs are open and animals often contaminate them. Its something they will probably fox soon since they dumped a few million gallons last month after a kid owed in one. However cracked pipe is also possible, though I doubt the water would be cleared this fast if it was.

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