Notes on 4-30-14

Tonight we officially switch the domain name to: I hope you continue to follow our work.

“In the next round, Arkansas, Alabama, Illinois.. quick.. beware.. be diligent.. tornado watch.” — Spirits Voice

I had a visual of 3 ‘zero’s’ boxed together with numbers above them. — Three different predictions are about to happen back to back.

“The miracle.. such an act of valor.. overwhelming kindness.. for the melancholy.. in the gym (or basketball court) a gift bringing a moment of happiness.” Eric’s Comment: Everyone seemed to be staying in the gym waiting like a safe zone during a natural disaster.

I had a vision of a man dressed in a suit walking into an elevator, the doors of the elevator opened, the man in the suit walked out and shot a man laying in a hospital gurney sitting in a hall. Then it switched and you saw the man drive away in a green car. “one.. man.. shot.. canary.. sorry you’re not going to make it.” Eric’s Comments: I was asking about the hospital shooting but this prediction paints a very different picture all together, the last part might be message that no matter how hard I look, we will fail to make a difference.
Nothing happened on the marked 28th. However now they are pointing to 3 different predictions are about to unfold back to back. 28 could mean something else entirely, but nothing has presented itself.





21 thoughts on “Notes on 4-30-14”

  1. Could the 3 0’s boxed together indicate a Mayday call? mayday calls are always made three times and 000 might indicate a Mayday call tomorrow – meaning we are at the 0 countdown.. Maybe I am reading too much into this, but worth a mention.

  2. Hi Eric. Congrats on the new domain name. I am sure everyone will be following your work over to the new site. Just wanted to mention that the gym/basketball safe zone area makes perfect sense! They started something in Arkansas called “The Tornado Shelter Initiative” after there were some horrible tornados that hit, Ft Smith and Van Buren, Arkansas in 1997, I believe it was. I lived in Ft Smith which is about 5 min from the OK border and very much in Tornado Alley. Well the elementary schools all had tornado shelters built onto the campuses which serve as shelters for the residence in the area also. The shelters also serve as a gymnasium for basketball etc. My daughter went to “Cook Elementary” and I can tell you I was very glad to know she was safe in that shelter when those sirens started blaring outside! I read an article just now on the recent tornado in Arkansas and how there were many people who rode out the tornado in one of their schools shelter and survived.

  3. The part about “no matter how hard we look, we will fail” reminds me of the fairytale of Sleeping Beauty. Even though the her father, the king, destroyed all the spinning wheels in the kingdom, there was one hidden away. Mother Nature is righting herself as more natural disasters destroy. We are overpopulated world and somehow mother nature must wish to quell the population to bring nature and humans in a perpetual balance. It just saddens me that each of us may lose friends and family in these ongoing natural disaster. What have we done to this fragile planet?

    1. We are not over populated. Everything that people agreed to before incarnating for this accession of this planet will happen, including those who decided to leave during the planets shifts, something to be celebrated, not sad

  4. Eric do you know what they are talking about when they say “canary”? I think of miners bringing canaries into mines in the old days so they know what the status of the air is around them and when it’s time to get out if the bird dies. Just curious.

    1. They said it and my response was exactly like you.. canary??? but I wrote it all the same. I believe its a word play, just like ‘where the beaver sits’ connecting to beaver creek Canada, or “where the cook is” becoming cooktown AU.

      1. You are probably right but I had just looked up canary and there is a Professor James Canary who teaches at NYU and recently has some collaborations with the NYU Medical Center. I thought that was strange seeing as the “Hippocrates Project ” does also. I guess time will tell though. I’ve just had these feelings about something really bad happening in NY lately. As in more than just one thing. I am praying it doesn’t. Will have to think more on this play on words bit. I’m not so good at that. Guess I need to think outside the box. LOL

  5. Canary has never meant anything good in my personal experience. My maiden name is Tweedy- got nothing but canary stuff as gifts for years. On that note, I never knew my dads side because he kept us away from them, the Tweedy clan is known for their aggressive and cruel behavior. Murder, rape, abuse, kidnapping. Tied up live cats and let dogs mutilate them. The Tweedy crest holds the motto “Thol and Think” – To Suffer and Think. I’m sure its completely unrelated to the prediction but I cant help but get chills reading it. Of all the words, “canary” is one of the few that strikes fear into my heart.

    1. Lehayla bless you sweetheart for sharing. Your farther integrity comes to my mind with determination and love. And you his daughter Benifited. I am humbled to be able ti even respond to your message …..eric thank you and spirit for this site…

  6. Eric, there was a shooting today in Ohio at a Veterans’ hospital. One man was injured and the shooter is in custody.

  7. Just a post script the cannery (cannery loft now) is only a short distance ftom the va medical. Maybe that and not canary unless he tweets alot. Love to you all.

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