British Columbia Earthquake

This prediction has happened. However it was an Earthquake not a Tsunami.

Notes on 4-15-14
“The partial Tsunami?.. where the beaver sits.. V.. U..”
Eric’s Comments: This Tsunami is sounding less likely in Chile and more likely in the US and Canada. British Columbia could relate to the British like flag, there is Beaver Creek in that same area, and ‘U’ could be seen as ‘you’ as if to say where I live here in California. Its sounding like that old Tsunami prediction from last year is still set to happen. Two old predictions are back in the spotlight.

The Facts: On Wednesday 4-23, A 6.7 earthquake rattled northern Vancouver Island.
“Beaver Creek is an unincorporated community in the Alberni Valley of central Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.” –Source:,_British_Columbia

15 thoughts on “British Columbia Earthquake

  1. Yes very good prediction Eric and Spirit. Wow you are really honing in on your accuracy in regards to location. Thank you.. Well done! I hope this is it for this prediction. There has been 4-5 aftershocks still occurring today which is normal….. But they too are relatively shallow so I pray the earth quiets down, we don’t want that tsunami!
    Thanks again Eric/Spirit… Really accurate informative prediction!

  2. Another small quake tonight not too far from last nights quake. This one in the Haida Gwaii aka: Queen Charlotte Islands area off BC’s northern coast. This quake is located in a different area from lady nights but still BC’s northern coast!

  3. My question is why do you think the Spirit tells you about quakes in an unincorporated area where very few people live and no one was injured and no reports of damage? Why does Spirit waste time on things that do not affect anyone like this particular earthquake? Why doesn’t Spirit focus on the ferry boat sinking or the 40 people shot over Easter Weekend in Chicago? This is just an honest, nonjudgmental question in which I am asking as if I were a journalist asking. Thanks bunches Eric!

    1. The boat sinking was a prediction.
      Aren’t you the same person that wanted to move away from all the negative doom and gloom?
      The rule of thumb for earthquake predictions is anything at all exceeding 5.0 magnitude. There are earthquakes that we trash when its in the ocean.

      1. no, eric. It wasn’t me that wanted to move away from the negative stuff the Spirit was showing you. That was the guy we were all arguing with that said he thought it was too much. I see similar things you see and know that it is the way the Spirits work. But I don’t get as many messages as you do. Mine are very big things. Yours incorporate much more. I was just curious as to why they wish to tell us about the things that have less impact.

        1. Earthquakes are touchy. We originally only did them if it was a major event, and had a large magnitude but then smaller earthquakes happened that did horrible damage. For instance the one in India and Pakistan. So there was a new focus on any type of quake that exceeded 5.0. But we will revisit that process. I know coming up soon is a huge focus on storms, so much so that other events take a more back seat.

      2. They dont really have less impact. The people who passed in the ferry did so because it was how they decided to pass, as will those who pass in the quakes, storms, etc. But those who dont pass need to take heed and be more prepared for these shifts

  4. Well, I like reading the predictions, and aren’t most earthquakes in the ring of fire? That is unless you live in Oklahoma like I do, where the increase in earthquakes is blamed, by some, on fracking.

  5. Hello…just a thought….Vanadium and Uranium
    are V..and..U.. Maybe sea monster with tenticles is
    nieth Korean bigger bomb mentioned. It could
    create a partial still going to
    send love and light there.

  6. Hello John your question is honest and seeks knowlege. Some of us believe the vibes of the earth can be lessoned by transmuting universal energy through the earth. Unlike human free will. Spirit can not interfere unless asked. These events greive me as well and maybe sooner than latter we can all live in compassion and harmony for each other. Some of these events are karmic some lessons some a soul incomprehensibly unbalanced creates
    extreme tradgedy for others when will we ever learn? Greater minds than ours have begged the question. We are the ones that need to change not spirit stepping in and preventing every bad act performed. We need to grow and learn it is not how to be……
    Until then live love learn and goid luck to you and yours.

  7. Ps thats lessened and knowledge. Typos make a bad speller of me. Anyway
    i hope that hellped a little jon.

    1. wonderful response Rhona. I just always know to ask questions and never pass judgements as I think we are all of the same mind on here. Just I have a very curious mind and thought process.

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