Pennsylvania School Stabbing

This prediction has happened. Even though it has been summarized before I believe the repetition of 4 might represent a repetitious act. I also believe the larger 4 could represent April.

Notes on 2-26-14
4 then 44, they showed a very large 4 with a small one in the background.
“Monster.. spider.. man.. slices his victims.. butcher.. redemption..” I saw a dark figure holding a large knife or machete over his head.

World Predictions Glossary : Spider: The spider is used to describe the worst type of violent sinister act. It has been used to describe both terror attacks and school shootings.

The Facts on 4-9-14: Four school stabbing victims in critical condition; teen suspect charged as adult. Murrysville, Pennsylvania (CNN) — A teenage boy wielding two kitchen knives went on a stabbing rampage at his high school in Murrysville, Pennsylvania, early Wednesday, before being tackled by an assistant principal, authorities said. Quoted News:

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  1. Jess Avatar

    Though these messages are meant to prevent and their purpose is wonderful, it is a shame that they are unable to narrow down the “where.” As that is what seems to be the most important.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Absolutely agree, and we are working on it, the goal is to have an event, basic timeframe, and location for the majority of the predictions. It will most likely start with weather predictions first, hurricanes, floods, etc, but we have made it part of the overall plan.

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