The Next War

There is no clear timeframe but they expect this situation to be the next major stain for the world. In previous predictions it was more positive news about the middle east, there was mention of how Libya and Egypt would not only calm down but begin to prosper.

“Afghanistan.. Pakistan.. will go to war and since no one is stepping in, it will be bloody.”


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  1. RJ Avatar

    hmmm. There shouldn’t be any wars. The vibrations are getting to high, but i guess there could be a last ditch effort to try and bring the vibration down. There was always talk that an evacuation of starseeds could take place but that should of passed by now.

  2. mimi Avatar

    war and fighting is a messure to clear negative energy, at least thats what i was told..and it seems logical to me… if u accumulate enough enegry you need to let it out……. so there propably will be more wars coming then this one… it is a logical consequence of the behaviour nothing more nothing less.. I know the internet is full of people like yourself talking bout channeling vibrations etc.. but by doing so totally ignoring the state of the world.. it feels more like fleeing which shouldnt be a judgment but in fact the poeple woh are in power are making their own experience, playing their own game. so i really dont see how you can say something so naive like there shouldnt be any war coming. I understand that for oneselfs health is good to not worry but still I dont think it is good to be ignorant. The starseed theory is just the internet version of the idea of the christians that some elites will be saved in armageddon, so u think like a chidl if u behave well your father will safe you, how bout growing up……. and teh idea of elites goes agaisnt my view of euality and freedom tahts how this universe works. If peopel would take responsibility they owudl find freedom and maybe understand teh quality of life more.

  3. mimi Avatar

    p.s. still i have a feeling taht everything will turn out well. But i also believe there will be a lot of more so called “disatser” as todays world is falleng apart

  4. Jess Avatar

    Maybe this is what that part of the world needs before they actually “get it.” It’s so unfortunate but they are constantly at war for nonsense religious reasons. Vibrations aren’t too high-they are too low. You are supposed to raise your vibration for a better connection to your higher self/source/the creator/God,,,however you wish to label who we are and where we come from, for a better understanding on life and it’s purpose, your purpose, our purpose. I sincerely pray for this part of the world and hope that this truly doesn’t happen or it can be stopped but it’s shameful the route they continue to take on stating there “piece” that is never peaceful in execution.

    1. RJ Avatar

      The planets vibration is much higher than most realise, not low. Most people focus on the lower vibrations and neve realise just how far this planet has rise

  5. Kate Friday Avatar

    MSM report that Putin was talking “peace” in Ukraine, with the Swiss Federation. He’s supposedly pulling his troops and fire power back. I truly pray he isn’t just pulling chains. *fingers-crossed*

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  7. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC, Preparation for war?
    Indian military sounds high alert on all airbases in Punjab following incursions over Kashmir Line of Control; evacuations continue in about 1,000 villages – PTI

  8. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    preparation for war?

    Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif says Pakistan ‘will defend our homeland against any aggression,’ calls series of meetings with parliamentary party heads, regional ministers – Dawn

  9. star48 Avatar

    Firing reported in Akhnoor area of Jammu and Kashmir, India; local Indian media reports Pakistani forces have violated ceasefire – ANI

  10. star48 Avatar

    Police say unspecified number of militants fired grenades and guns at Indian army camp in Indian portion of Kashmir – AP

  11. star48 Avatar

    Update: At least 6 killed, 19 wounded after 2 blasts hit passenger train in Pakistan’s Balochistan province, official says; attack claimed by Baloch Liberation Army – Al Jazeera

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