Chile Earthquake

This Prediction has happened. But the location is wrong. “West Banks” ? What does dirham represent?  The Prediction:

Notes on 3-22-14 – Major Earthquake
“Big one.. major earthquake.. this is going to be a bad one.. 24.. 23 to 24.. dirham.. at its tip or end.. the place shredded and mangled.”  – Spirits Voice

The Facts: A mighty 8.2-magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of northern Chile late Tuesday, triggering small landslides, cutting power and generating a tsunami. Quoted News:

The earthquake happened south of the city of Arica which is the northern ‘tip’ of Chile.



19 thoughts on “Chile Earthquake

  1. I remember a prediction you posted that said something to the effect , “What about Chile.” Do you remember that? Perhaps this recent eq was what they were referring to. Just a thought.

  2. Random thought… Could West Bank have anything to do with West Yellowstone? The quake swarms around there lately have been in the lake…. Food for thought.

  3. I agree with Ann and RJ, I still feel like another big quake is coming and not necessarily in the Ring of Fire.

  4. I live in California. I had a dream about a year ago of a very large earthquake that seemed to go on for several minutes – it woke me up as if it was actually happening. I felt my bed shaking and ‘saw’ the furniture in my bedroom shaking to the point that I got up and checked the USGS site to see if an earthquake had actually happened…it hadn’t. It scared me. I’m reluctant to share more here. I’m hoping that Eric has more insight.

  5. I have had several dreams that have come to be an actual event. My wife and my children are my only witnesses. I have never came forward to anyone because I can’t predict a date for the event and fear of being wrong and being marked as a nut case. I just know that they happen in about a 4 week range from the dream. It is always a weather event or a catastrophic accident. Hurricanes Fran, Katrina and Sandy. I dreamed of being in a massive storm with the wind pounding me with rain while I’m standing get in water. The cruise ship Concordia. I dreamed of being on a ship. I was walking through the ship and it was really dark.i walked through the bridge of the ship and it was totally lite on the other side of the ship. People were throwing ropes and lines over the side into the water. The Japan Tsunami . I was riding a bicycle down a beach. I looked to the ocean and the water was rising high enough that I could no lo get see the horizon . I was suddenly on a small boat and was looking at automobiles and houses below me under the water. I dreamed I was standing in my front yard looking north toward town. The sky was black and the wind was furious. 3 weeks later we had a tornado destroy homes just north of the town I live near. I remember the details of these dreams vividly. I dream normally as well but these dreams are always in color and very real. I wake with them stuck in my head and I carry them with me for a very long time. It’s like I can’t stop thinking of them once I see them. RECENTLY …. 4/16/2014. I dreamed of driving a car in the ccounty and was feeling a vibration. It stopped and I looked in my mirror at the car behind me. . Suddenly I was being shook around violently. It was like I could feel it all the way through to my bones. Gravel and sand was being pushed trough the car ks in the sidewalk. I stopped the car and the man in the car behind asked if it was an earthquake . I said I think so and he rushed off to get home to hi s family. Please help me put the word out. I feel that i am supposed to be warning others of the danger but i just don’t kn kw how to do it without sounding crazy. I don’t know when or were. I can only say very soon, there will be a violent earthquake. It will be in a area where there is a hilly landscape . It will happen in a few weeks or so. I truly hope I’m wrong. N please pay attention to this post and don’t discard it. Please reply with your input. Thank you.

    • Thank you for putting this info out for everyone to see. Try not to worry about what others think of you. Perhaps you can align yourself with like minded persons who don’t feel threatened by your gift and truly understand what a gift it is and how you are able to use it for the good of all. There will always be others who have their preconceived ideas of “how things should be”. I do believe God has given you a wonderful gift to help humanity. There are way to many people who put God in a box and, in my opinion, try to “Play God” themselves. God is Love. It’s really that simple. Keep up the good work and Thanks again.


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