Notes on 3-31-14

At a distance, I had a vision of military ship in the ocean and an explosion happening next to it. (It could be seen as a warning shot or missed attack)

I had a visual of a very large crack in the land going 4 different directions. “We miscalculated”

“Prism, US Prism.. they will downsize, shrink its budget and make the program smaller.. not really though, they are lying.”

Eric’s Comments: The spirits are wrong with March being a month where there would be a very large earthquake in the ‘west banks’  (unless its today) but that doesn’t seem to deter them from saying it’s still coming. I plan to keep one eye on the future earthquakes and do a countdown as it arrives closer.

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  1. I’m not very surprised to hear of the last one. The people are going to have to take down the NSA’s spying programs it seems.

  2. Hey, Eric,

    You don’t think the “west banks” earthquake was the fiver we had the other day, do you? I had the impression the west banks quake was going to be fairly large and a 5.1, while nothing to sneeze at, isn’t really all that bad. However, it would put us in the March timeframe.

    1. Unfortunately, even though we did not post this, they said a lot of individuals would be injured and several would pass away, this coming earthquake is expected to be bad. Bad enough that the area would be demolished, I think the exact words were the land would be shredded. But I don’t want to spread fear, we need the exact location and basic timeframe, they said March but it looks like that’s wrong.

    2. the magnitude of a quake doesn’t really mean much, PGA is more important, depth is more important. Take Christchurch for example, the 2010 earthquake was a 7.1 and the damage was minor. The February 2011 earthquake, at 6.3 with a depth of 5km’s had a PGA of 2.2g, that means it was 2.2 times the force of gravity, making it the second strongest recorded quake for PGA, only beaten by the Japan 2011 quake.

      For large earthquakes, I would be looking at the alpine fault South Island NZ, California, Japan, South America.

      1. Thanks RJ, that is also why the spirits are more geared towards presenting the amount of damage as the key to how big it was. I would add that some places are earthquake ready while others are less prepared.

  3. eric it is very hard, to make predictions, from the otherside, because earth time is so very different, and our thoughts, prayers, and energies, can change soo much! THANK YOU SO MUCH, for what you do.

  4. Eric news is just coming of a mag 8.0 earthquake of the coast of Chile. Depth appears to be 10Km.Tsunami warning issued. Thoughts and prayers with all the people in that area.

    1. The quake was on the West side of Chile in the Pacific Ocean – could this be the “west bank”?

      1. I was thinking the same about the earthquake in Chile. 8.0 is extremely huge. Maybe this is the one.

      2. Just like N says, Eric. “the west bank(s)”. With the s at the end would mean where small 3 to 5.0 earthquakes have been rattling Ferndale, CA; Iquique, Chile and a few other cities for months. I have been following them on my QUAKE FEED app on my iPhone since I was moving (and now am in Cali). In my original vision, I was in San Francisco. The city I originally wanted to move to. Then there was a massive earthquake, enough so, that my friend walked us down the shores of Cali. We had to go through checkpoints. They were in chinese. My friend is chinese and got us through. We skirted LA and my friend said we can’t go in there, it is destroyed and rioting. At that point in the vision is when my grandpa came and took my hand. He was in his 1940s navy uniform. He led me into the city of San Diego. I had never ever been there. He told me to crash in the park or if I wanted to skip all these steps to leave Chicago and go directly to San Diego and find a rental. So thats what I did. So the west banks could be Chile, then Ferndale, then LA. Its just a thought. Again, my vision may pertain to just me. A few things have also cropped up. I have never ever been here to San Diego until now. But places I saw in those visions exist to perfection. I can’t even explain it as its too good to be true. But I was guided here as if angels took my hands and led me here. Also if you get QUAKE FEED app on your iPhone, notice the quake clusters over the last month in Iquique, Chile and compare with other quake clusters such as Ferndale and La Habre/Brea/Rowland Height, CA…Also pay particular attention to the unmentioned news on the tons of quakes happening in Oklahoma and along the New Madrid Fault (the news seems to not talk about)..I still say its waking up as my grandma originally came to me in a dream and said RUN from Chicago and never go back. As I said before, I packed up my life there after 14 years and left three days later (good friends and all–that was extremely hard but I knew something bad was going to happen there.) Namaste. Keep us posted, my friends. And thank you thank you thank you Eric for this site. I don’t feel alone anymore, as my many good friends were understanding but didn’t understand or relate.

    2. Except there was relatively little damage, especially considering the size of the quake. I still feel like another one is coming.

  5. Yes, I too wondered if West Bank didn’t mean west coast of a continent. Now I wonder if crack going in four directions, means 4 different earthquake locations? Was this it or is there more to come?

    1. remember, the earth’s axis is shifting called pole shift. This started when the tsunami that hit Japan pushed the entire island back by 8 feet and made the earths axis move by 4 degrees. This is like moving a puzzle and puts pressure in places that is wasn’t before. It doesn’t help that climate change is melting the ice caps. When water disperses from the poles onto the rest of the planet, the weight of the planet shift. Weight and balance is key to a stable planet. Therefore bigger earthquakes and more of them will become more frequent. Each year there are about 10,000 more earthquakes than the previous year. Extreme weather will also play a key role. Mother nature is not very happy.

      1. what is happening is the planet is rebalancing herself as she raises her vibration up. Not sure why you think mothe nature isnt happy, I think that is more a hman perspective. It is actually an amazing time to be on this world. This planet knows exactly what she is doing, it is humans that for the most part are still ckosed to what is happening. The climate is returning to where it belongs

  6. Chile 8.3 west coast of south america.
    but i dont think this is the one spirits meant. More to come.

    1. I too can’t help but think West Banks is referring more to the Seattle Wa and Vancouver Canada area? I do know that the area is long overdue, and at least in Vancouver Canada they are not prepared for the BIG one! I can see a lot of devastation in these areas if a large earthquake does strike these areas???

  7. Eric,
    Israel 🇮🇱
    Ref::West Bank..
    Eric’s Comments: The spirits are wrong with March being a month where there would be a very large earthquake in the ‘west banks’ (unless its today) but that doesn’t seem to deter them from saying it’s still coming. I plan to keep one eye on the future earthquakes and do a countdown as it arrives closer.

    4.0 Mag earthquake …3km SSE of Eilabun,Israel
    On the West Bank..

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