Notes on 3-8-14

I had a visual of a calculator sitting on a table, then the vision focus on the number 1 on the calculator, then turned to the number o, enlarging it as the vision continued.  Later that morning I simply had a vision of an exclamation mark. “!”

Eric’s Comments: Something big is about to happen. A message of calculation, a countdown to 0.  I would assume they are talking about the earthquake, it would fit with the numbers (3.8 3.9 1:12) perhaps there just dates.

But it could also be another major prediction, for instance we are still expecting an assassination of a world leader. Which they also implied was coming very soon.

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  1. What about Washington DC decriminalizing Marijuana? Any thoughts on that? It would be a Godsend for our many vets and cancer patients who are suffering needlessly, when god has provided a plant to relive the suffering. People are in jails and prisons that should not be there. It is costing taxpayers billions to support them. they are not a danger to anyone. Put the drunks on alcohol there instead,


  2. i know some psychics can really see the future in numbers or in their dreams but that doesn’t mean every time someone say something bad going to happen is right since bad things n people dying every single day around the world

  3. I was wondering also if these could just represent dates. Could the 1 then the 0 be for the 10th of March? And the 3.8 and 3.9 be like a countdown March 8, 9, 10 ! Also wondering if the earthquake that is far reaching, mean that it will be effecting other faults like Cascadia Subduction Zone and possibly cause a volcanic eruption for that area?

    1. That’s actually a really good point. I asked them a few days earlier to at least give me a message when the earthquake would happen with perhaps a countdown. In a way they are saying this is their “Calculation” so yes the 10th is possible. Its also possible, as earthquakes are, that they are predicting more than one quake. Two large ones? One followed by aftershocks in the next days? But keep in mind with all this going on, we were focused on the Assassination of a world leader, and the Volcano prior to this prediction.

    2. ‘Far reaching’ came up as I was determined to get a city of the west coast earthquake. They responded by saying it would be far reaching. The same happened in a Mexico earthquake prediction which was felt very far south Mexico all the way to Arizona, and because of that their location seemed more middle ground.
      “Summation of Prediction 9 – under major events predicted”

      1. Hi, here is some other info that tallies very close to your intuition. It looks like a 7, 8 and 9 magnitude with your 3.8, 3.9 insight. The solar flare and underwater volcanoes all fit in. Hope all people in the coast prepare with regard to emergency supplies and spread the word for a mass meditative prayer. Prayer can sometimes turn a difficult situation around and not be felt severely.

  4. Hope you are on the mend and feeling well now 🙂
    I read your messages often with much interest.

  5. Could the eq happen in Puerto Rico or Haiti? Lots of swarms there in the past few days.

    1. They have pointed to the west coast. It is possible for it to be North and South, like Mexico or Alaska, but they have always pointed to the west coast. FYI though Hurricane season over their is expected to be pretty bad.

  6. Hello have a wonderful website and what you are striving to do with spreading the messages is beautiful.. The above post of 1 then 0 then ! really struck me because of a very brief dream/vision I had a few months ago. As I was awaking from sleep, I distinctly saw 9.5 (black numbers on a white board) then 10+ then the word Taiwan. Again this was very distinct, but nothing else was given. I had the immediate feeling that this was for an earthquake, but I didn’t know that you could have a 10+. Much love and many blessings.

    1. Thanks JB, I am still not sure why they used a calculator? But the view of 0 was heavy. Others agree that it might not be a countdown, but the number 10.

    1. Its a new symbol, their calculation? So you might be right especially if it goes back to the Assassination. I will say several of you guys presented the 1 then 0 could be 10 and not a countdown might be right where I am wrong.

      1. Are you sure that this isn’t anything to do with the Malaysia situation? 3/8 3/9 – those were the dates. Pre-planned, I’m putting my money on it. Did the situation broadcast to the rest of the psychic community? I awoke at 2:30 am and experienced a four hour migraine.

        Also 1 and 0 are on and off in binary code.

        Get well soon!

  7. Approximately 10:18pm felt an earthquake here, north of Weed,CA
    West of Eureka,CA in the ocean was 2 quakes. 6.9 and a 7.

  8. 6.9 Earth quake in Eureka California minutes ago. Could this be the first of more to come?

  9. The link above the video has the details, that is what I was referring to with your intuition.

  10. …12 dead world bankers, suicide? I think not. …economy may take a nose dive April “1” … And the dollar will be worth “0”

    Global economic collapse will soon follow.

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