Notes on 3-7-14

Sorry for my absence guys, I have been under the weather in the worst way.

The spirits continue to point to the earthquake, a large one. Our hope is to start a countdown so we can lift the fog on its timing, there are too many numbers floating around. A countdown seems the best possible solution. Here is all the numbers for those of you wanting to solve their message. Three is believed to be March because as you recall my assumption was that they meant December 3 2013, when I asked for them to verify that they said “3 is your number 3”

“3 is your number 3” – 1:12

4 with a circle around it.. 3 to 4.. 3.8.. 3.9.. last night.. take caution California.. 6.8.

I had a vision of a bridge from a distance, shots being fired, and then an explosion or fire hit one side. — Need better understanding of where, seems to be starting a new prediction.


25 thoughts on “Notes on 3-7-14

  1. Hi I just to add some thoughts – March 30 – new moon. “3 is your number”. A cross with a circle drawn around it looks like the number 4 with 3/4 of a circle to complete. The cardinal grand cross of April (the week of Apr 21 – 25) but apparently the formation is supposed to be exact on Apr 23 2014. Maybe Apr 3 (just after the new moon of March 30) or Apr 23 is significant.

  2. Three is your number three. The third digit is three. It could mean 3.13, 3.23, 3.29(the last digit is 9 which is the product of 3X3.
    Thanks for your predictions and hints. Love

  3. “3 is your number 3″ – 1:12
    4 with a circle around it.. 3 to 4.. 3.8.. 3.9.. last night.. take caution California.. 6.8.

    3 doubled is 6 and 4 doubled is 8… 6.8
    Or maybe 3 stands for March, the last night just before April (4) is the 31st and 3+1= 4
    Or 3 = 3 and 1:12 = 4; it could also mean 3 = 3 (March) and 1:12 = 1:3 (the 31st if reversed) then add 1 + 3 to get 4 (April)… I think it’s going to be March 31st into April 1st, around midnight, maybe lasting 1 minute past midnight, and it will be a 6.8 mag

  4. Sorry to hear you are under the weather Eric.

    I continue to pray, it’s all I can do when it comes to our world. -Peace

  5. So many visions you have? And all are coming true within few days??? Man, seems you are one step behind God! Open up some ministry or similar, and you can earn in millions.

    • Most of the time when we roll out a prediction there is a 3 month gap of time. Sometimes sooner. I have only one job to present what they say as it is, ministry? millions? I think that might take away from the message.

  6. I feel the 3 of your number 3, is 3 of 3 different major quakes in the states and overseas….it has been a bad year for illness. The flu hit my son hard this year, nothing like he ever had before. Hope you have recovered and are feel better.

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