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So many questions are out there in regards to the world predictions. I really want to share some of those questions and answers for you. So if there is a question about the blog, the spirits, the world, or me, please add your comment. We will revisit the answers in the coming weeks. Please do not ask personal questions, to set up a reading shoot me an email elppredictions@yahoo.com I don’t think it would be appropriate to talk about your personal life with such a large audience. Thanks.

Also.. my first retraction. In regards to the cyclone; Tim does not fit into the timeframe, my bad. Next time I will be more cautious. Ironically we were just talking about this very thing in our comment bantering.

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  1. ghostbusterbev Avatar

    What do you see happening with North Korea…can China afford to lose their ally (N. Korea) and side with the US despite the poor relationship between them? Is Obama able to mend and improve the US relationship with China (Kerry was over to China recently for talks) and get them onside along with Russia? Do you see any major crisis or shifts in weather, politics, or economics for Canada? I look forward to reading your response in future posts.

    1. Eric LP Avatar

      Hello I will have to get back to you with Canada, was there anything specific you are thinking of? They actually answered your question on North Korea. A missile is launched, then they skip over to say that the leader, Kim Jong-Un will fall, they imply there are internal issues we aren’t seeing. Finally the part that is disturbing is they say China actually takes over. I am not sure if that’s temporary or not. Check out the last couple of posts, there are some other obscure messages, in regards to North Korea, what really grabbed everyone was how they started talking about the missile before the news started too.

      1. ghostbusterbev Avatar

        As for Canada, I am questioning our political situation. The conservative government is currently in power with a majority but they are very secretive and do a lot of things without making the public aware of what’s going on. The Liberal Party just elected a new young leader who is quite popular (his father was a former Prime Minister and very popular, charismatic). I am wondering if he will return the Liberal Party to its former glory and possibly win the next election?

        1. Eric LP Avatar

          just to make my job easy when is the next election.

          1. ghostbusterbev Avatar
  2. Vero Avatar

    Hi, I have a question about spirits. Who are they? Do you always talk to the same ones? Thank you.

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