16: No Longer Scrapped

So, in the process of doing these predictions and when I solved the riddles myself, there are messages and predictions that we scrap or abandon. Usually they are to vague or to confusing to understand. Keep in mind its the longer messages they are focused on, footnotes (one line predictions) are more practice verses to improve our work.  But now that its more of a group activity in solving their messages I thought I would go ahead and share three messages that we originally scrapped.

  1. “At school a whole lot of students are cheaters”..”They have to be expelled”..”They can still go to another school”…”No more prestigious name” It’s a vague message and honestly not the most important of messages.
  2. “Sure lets see the photo”..”The photo will make it hard to deny”..”Strike one for the bogus family” Very vague message
  3. ‘A line of black cups as if on an assembly line, darting down a belt all gathered together at the end.’ In readings for individuals cups represent emotional state. A yellow, orange cup would be a more happy friendly character, brown grouchy or mean, black would be overly depressed and suicidal. If that’s the case the message implies a large group committing acts of suicide. Or you could look at it from a different angle and see it as a tainted poisonous water source or a drink that makes everyone deathly ill.

13 thoughts on “16: No Longer Scrapped

  1. Hi, I’ve been waiting for other people to make comments. I know I wrote that could we please have a bit of fun pondering on a few of your predictions. I know nothing about nothing and so here goes the ice breaker.

    In response to your number one: – Did you actually see it as a school or university? I’m having fun applying what I know that is going on around me in my own country. As you have said it is in the interperations – My first thought here was CEO’s and corporate greed they have reared their ugly heads, yep they are cheaters too and alot of people have lost their life savings.

    In response to your number two: Did you get a feeling that a was a famous family? Don’t want to say this bit but could it of been of a kidnapping of child many years ago and the identity of the child is in the photo.

    In response to your number three: I have put this down to the pope resigning. Cannot understand why such a large group would be so gathered like that. I am not catholic but I know the pope had 1.1 billion followers, that would to me suggest the assembly line. I have been reading about the Malachy predictions (which I knew nothing about a week ago) and somethings along the line of the Fatima predictions, this is where I getting large numbers of depressed people. On another angle could it be the severe flooding in the Phillippines. Last year many predicted that fresh drinking water would be more precious than gold due to many weather changes.

    Hope other people put comments up as well – just feeling like a bit silly. Maybe it is!
    Awaiting more responses this could be bloom’in fun.

    1. No need to feel that way. Most of the comments I receive actually come in emails, FB, and twitter. Right now everyone is a buzz to prediction 11. The first one, no truth is I saw nothing, just the voice of spirit. The second one had a feeling of scandal, gotcha moment, its just a feeling and emotions are left out of the prediction because they tend to be unreliable. The third part I do not think is about the Pope, black in these visions have a tendency to mean something evil or very dark situation. Again feeling was very grim. Thank you for your feedback always love to hear what others think, there have been several times that other individuals opinions are right and my guess is wrong so keep them coming.

      1. Thank you for replying back. Not too clever with twitter and FB still finding my feet with that. I went over and looked at your pages though, now I’m catching up. I have to note that I am at the bottom of the earth and so I miss out on some of the current affairs which you guys would know more. Thank you for correcting what you see and feel in my comments. Ummmmm, understood it is not about the pope for your third. I’ve just clicked, throwing it back onto myself the Malachy does seem to be dark and evil.

  2. Just to add. A few days before the pope announced his resignation I was youtubing (this came out of nowhere) links to click on Fatima popped up. I do believe circulation had became popular hence the links. Then the pope resigned. So then the Malachy reports started to circulate so I clicked on them too. This is how I started reading about the Fatima and Malachy. I had no inkling or knowledge to go into those areas. I am finding it very interesting.

  3. Okay I’m getting carried away here. But just thinking about number three. I LOVE TOM HANKS and I really liked the Da Vinci Code and I was thinking about what I wrote in response to number three. THE CUP – the church, everything.

  4. Could the first prediction be based on the Harvard cheating scandal. Hundreds of students are being investigated for cheating and the school’s reputation has been damaged because of this. The situation is currently ongoing.

    1. I did not know that. I will have to look into that, especially the outcome of it and whether expulsion is possible. Thanks

  5. Okay, I’m chuckling here. Just watching the movie Deep Impact it is half way through and the news is coming in about a meterorite shower has just hit central Russia. Did you have anything on the meterorite. I didn’t know where to put this one. Sorry.

  6. Bogus……is also a family name in Scottish heraldry……the name has variants as they were unable to have consistent spelling over the various years and time…..Borg, Boag, borag, bama…….I know it’s a stretch but the last name looked interesting and very close to Obama…..as they used to put the O before names in Kenya……it’s an angle……which maybe a hundred miles away from the prediction…..

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