Dates Are Coming

For the past few months we have been aggressively working on a project that has had several successes and a few failures, dates.  Within the next few weeks we will be rolling out a new type of prediction. The prediction won’t have many details just the subject and a date. It’s meant to be a small footnote, not an entire prediction. But to avoid any confusion we are just adding as a regular prediction to our existing list of numbered predictions. We might or might not revisit these dated predictions with more details as its sequel and we are very much planning to revisit old predictions with dates to them. Be patient with me, this is new and we will make mistakes before perfecting the process. But with dates the impact of changing these horrible events will be far greater.

Within the next few days expect to see another prediction unfold. But they say, in small amount, so it lacks accuracy or is considered a small prediction. Still coming soon:

  • Iran war
  • The falling asteroid
  • Another banking scandal, AIG
  • Romneys success at his first debate
  • Something unfolding in the European ocean. The visual: Blinking lights by England but in the ocean, as if to present a need to draw attention to a problem or crisis in the European Ocean.
  • DATES!

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