Summary of Prediction 40

Prediction 40 has passed, the Huffington Post reported on September 17th:  “Typhoon Sanba 2012: 2 Korea’s Battered After Rains Drench Japan: A powerful typhoon lashed North and South Korea with strong wind and heavy rain Monday… Before reaching South Korea, the storm hit Japan. About 67,000 homes in southwestern Japan lost power and some areas flooded. A man drowned Sunday while swimming in high waves off the southern Japanese island of Ishigaki, according to the coast guard.”

Prediction 40 Flooding in Japan and  US Midwest, posted September 14 reads: In September, a massive flood will blanket Japan in the worst way.  In October or November another large flood hit pockets of the North Midwest (U.S.).  (Notes Below)

  • Visual: The flag of Japan, then I see a city where I cannot see the ground only water.
  • There was a Korean flag as well but I am not sure if it is related, but it seemed so.


Prediction ‘Whats Coming’ posted September 11 reads: Here is the new list of what we are working on right now. These subjects are the base and foundation of  each new prediction, it’s a vague preview of things to come

  • Flooding in Japan.

Though the original Post of this flooding was September 11th the actual prediction posted on the 14th is questionably late. The Typhoon has created flooding in Japan, Philippines, and both Korea’s.  We will revisit this prediction in November.

Both Original Posts and News reference:

What we are working on right now: Situation with famous Senator, Another Volcano erupts, Iran war.

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